20 Pieces Of Advice Everyone Is Tired Of Hearing

When it comes to life advice, some nuggets of wisdom sound good on the surface but crumble under scrutiny. We took to social media to uncover the advice that many found to be more fiction than fact. From workplace mantras to personal growth clichés, the following points unravel the misconceptions lurking behind well-intentioned sayings.

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#1 Karma Chaos

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“What goes around comes around.”

Life isn’t always the karma-driven movie we hope for. The notion that bad deeds lead to misfortune and vice versa isn’t always accurate. The world can be a complex place where the worst people can also thrive, leaving the commenters questioning the fairness of life’s cosmic justice system.

#2 Bully Blindspot

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“Bullies? Just ignore them.”

Ignoring bullies may be a classic response, but as commenters emphasize, it’s not always the silver bullet to end torment. Ignoring bullies can sometimes exacerbate the situation, allowing them to persist unchecked. Victims may internalize feelings of isolation and powerlessness, leading to mental health issues. Ignoring can embolden bullies, reinforcing their behavior. Effective intervention and support systems are vital to address bullying and its harmful effects.

#3 Blame Game Breakdown

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“It doesn’t matter who started it.”

In the real world, the origins of conflicts matter. The advice to disregard who initiated a dispute is met with skepticism. Legally, it’s recognized that the concept of who did what first is crucial, challenging the simplistic idea that it doesn’t matter who started it.

#4 Faux Familial Fantasy

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“We are not a company, we are a family.”

While the sentiment of unity is heartwarming, the workplace-family analogy is often criticized. Commenters highlight the fundamental differences between professional and familial relationships. Unlike families, workplaces are transactional, and expecting the same level of loyalty may lead to disillusionment.

#5 Passion Pitfall

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“If you’re doing what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

The dreamy advice that doing what you love transforms work into perpetual bliss is dubious. While following your passion may bring some joy, it doesn’t necessarily negate the need for hard work and perseverance. In fact, the pursuit of one’s passion often involves facing obstacles and setbacks along the way. Moreover, the pressure to turn a passion into a career can introduce financial stressors that overshadow the enjoyment initially associated with the pursuit.

Unrealistic expectations may also arise, leading to disappointment if the reality of the situation fails to align with one’s aspirations. Therefore, it’s essential to strike a balance between following your passion and maintaining practicality, as well as prioritizing self-care to sustain long-term fulfillment.

#6 Survivor’s Conundrum

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“Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

The age-old adage suggests that adversity builds strength, but commenters are quick to challenge this notion. Not all challenges lead to personal growth, and some experiences can leave lasting scars. The idea that every trial results in increased resilience is viewed with a touch of skepticism in the face of life’s complexities.

#7 Superficial Simplicity

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“Looks don’t matter.”

While the emphasis on inner beauty is crucial, dismissing the significance of appearances entirely can be oversimplified. Commenters recognize the societal reality where looks often play a role in various aspects of life, challenging the blanket statement that “looks don’t matter.”

#8 Passive Patience Problem

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“Things will work themselves out.”

The notion that life’s challenges magically resolve themselves is met with skepticism. Commenters stress the importance of proactive effort and problem-solving rather than relying on the passive hope that things will miraculously fall into place. It’s a call to action in a world where waiting might mean missed opportunities.

#9 Reasonless Rationalization

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“Everything happens for a reason.”

This advice takes a poignant turn as commenters highlight the insensitivity of using it in the face of tragic loss. While finding meaning in difficult situations is a coping mechanism for some, imposing this belief on grieving individuals may unintentionally dismiss their pain and suffering.

#10 Customer Disservice

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“The customer is always right.”

Originally intended for matters of taste, this phrase has been co-opted into customer service culture. However, commenters shed light on the potential pitfalls of blindly adhering to this mantra. It may lead to unfair expectations,  and, at times, undermine the expertise of service providers.

#11 Divine Dilemma

Christian believer praying to God with rosary in hand
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“God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle.”

While intended to offer solace in challenging times, this saying is questioned when faced with extreme circumstances. Commenters point out the insensitivity of such advice, especially when dealing with victims of heinous crimes. It challenges the simplistic belief that everyone is handed only what they can bear.

#12 Patience Predicament

Man waiting, laying on chairs and looking at his watch.
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“Good things come to those who wait.”

The virtue of patience is extolled, but commenters argue that waiting passively may not always lead to positive outcomes. Opportunities, they note, are often seized by those who actively pursue them. The saying is met with skepticism in a world that values assertiveness and initiative.

#13 Hard Work Hurdle

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“You can have anything if you work hard enough.”

The belief that unwavering hard work guarantees success is worth scrutinizing. They acknowledge the role of privilege, systemic barriers, and luck in determining outcomes. While hard work is crucial, it’s not always the sole factor in achieving one’s aspirations.

#14 Parental Pressure

Tired mother holding an infant.
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“You’ll miss these years.”

The saying aimed at parents amid the challenges of raising children is met with a dose of reality. Commenters express that romanticizing the struggles of parenthood may overlook the real, difficult experiences some parents face. It’s a reminder that not everyone may cherish every moment when faced with personal battles.

#15 Self-Love Skepticism

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“You don’t need love from someone else, relationship or even friends. All you need is love from yourself.”

While self-love is crucial, commenters argue against the absoluteness of this saying. Human connections and relationships, they stress, play vital roles in emotional well-being. The idea that self-love alone can fulfill all emotional needs is met with skepticism in the context of complex human relationships.

#16 Verbal Vulnerability

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“Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words can never hurt you.”

Commenters challenge the age-old adage, emphasizing the emotional impact of words. Mental and emotional harm, they argue, can be as profound as physical injury. The saying’s oversimplification of the complexities of emotional pain is brought to light.

#17 Identity Imbalance

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“Just be yourself.”

While the encouragement to be authentic is essential, commenters highlight the complexities of self-presentation in various situations. Adhering blindly to this advice, they argue, may not always align with societal expectations or professional norms. The nuanced reality of navigating identity in different contexts challenges the simplicity of “just be yourself.”

#18 Anger Ambiguity

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“Never go to bed angry.”

The well-meaning advice to resolve conflicts before bedtime is questioned by commenters who acknowledge the importance of emotional space and time. They argue that forcing resolution may not always lead to genuine understanding and could escalate tensions. The saying’s practicality is met with skepticism in the realm of emotional complexities.

#19 Forgiveness Fallacy

Close up of bearded businessman sitting in armchair with praying hands 
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“You have to learn to forgive in order to move on.”

While forgiveness can be a powerful tool for healing, commenters emphasize that it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Some experiences may be too traumatic, and not everyone finds solace in forgiveness. The saying’s universality is challenged by the diverse and complex nature of human emotions.

#20 Temporal Triage

Business woman pointing and watch. Time.
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“Time heals all wounds.”

The belief in the inexorable healing power of time is met with mixed sentiments from commenters. While time can provide a buffer, it doesn’t guarantee emotional recovery. Some wounds may linger, and the saying’s sweeping assertion is questioned in the face of enduring emotional pain.

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