16 Amazing Products From Other Countries That Americans Are Missing Out On

A social media thread unearthed hidden gems from different nations – unique products, traditions, and practices waiting for global acclaim. Users shared their astonishment at these undiscovered treasures, spanning innovative appliances, delightful treats, and rich cultural practices. Join us in exploring the diverse array of products that have captured local hearts but await wider global recognition.

Featured Image Credit: Pavel Danilyuk /Pexels.com.

#1: Finland’s Dish Drying Cabinet

Clean dishes in white and green tones in a drying cabinet. Cups, glasses, mugs, plates, bowls, saucers on metal shelves. Concept for kitchen interior, lifestyle, hygiene, everyday life. Side view.
Image Credit: AllUneed /Depositphotos.com.

“I’m a Finn living in the UK and yes, while it’s lovely to look into my garden while doing the dishes, it’s annoying to only be able to do a small amount at a time and then leave them to dry on the narrow counter where my cat can knock over the whole dinner set. In the cabinet, they would dry safely! Cause who has time to hand dry dishes in this economy.”

Many users expressed admiration for Finland’s ingenious dish-drying cabinet—a space-efficient solution for drying dishes. With its compact design and efficient functionality, the dish-drying cabinet has become a staple in Finnish kitchens. The world might be missing out on the joy of perfectly dried dishes without the need for cluttered countertops.

#2: Italy’s Tapparelle

Facade of building with shuttered windows in front of palms
Image Credit: AnnaNepaBO /Depositphotos.com.

“They’re essentially roll-up plastic blinds for the windows, but instead of simply being curtains they’re actually inserted in a crease in the wall so that no light can pass through when they’re down.”

In Italy, Tapparelle, roll-up plastic blinds, offer a unique take on window coverings. The distinctive design, with a flat vertical rope and a boxy structure, makes Italian home interiors easily recognizable. It seems the rest of the world has yet to embrace this practical and stylish window treatment.

#3: Bakfietsen from the Netherlands

Mother and children having a ride with cargo bike
Image Credit: pikselstock /Depositphotos.com.

Bakfietsen, bikes with a wheelbarrow-like front for carrying kids or groceries, have gained popularity in the Netherlands. While some have spotted them in the U.S., the lack of dedicated bike lanes raises concerns about their practicality elsewhere. The world might be missing out on a charming and eco-friendly way to transport goods and little ones.

#4: European-Style Kebab Joints

Image Credit: RDNE Stock project /Pexels.com.

“As an American who lived in France for a year in college, I am really surprised that late-night European-style kebab joints aren’t a thing that has taken off yet here.”

Late-night European-style kebab joints, a common sight across Europe, have yet to make a significant impact in the United States. Many users find it surprising that this quick and tasty option hasn’t become a widespread phenomenon in the U.S., especially considering the number of gyro or shawarma carts all over the place.

#5: Guaraná Antarctica from Brazil

Guaraná Antartica
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Guarana Antarctica is a popular Brazilian soft drink that features the guarana berry, a fruit native to the Amazon basin. The drink is known for its unique flavor and energizing properties attributed to guarana’s natural caffeine content.

Despite its popularity in Brazil and some international markets, Guarana Antarctica is not as well-known in the USA. This may be due to the dominance of established soft drink brands and a preference for more familiar flavors. Limited marketing efforts and distribution channels in the U.S. also contribute to its lower visibility, making it less competitive in a market saturated with other beverage options.

#6: Tablet from Scotland

Scottish Fudge
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

“It’s like fudge but more. So much more.”

Scotland’s “tablet,” a confection similar to fudge but with an extra dose of sweetness, hasn’t received the international recognition it deserves. With its irresistible taste and Scottish charm, tablet could be the next sweet sensation if it finds its way onto global dessert tables.

#7: American Biscuits

Biscuits and Gravy
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons.

“American biscuits! Not to be confused with English biscuits which are cookies.”

Let’s take a break and go deeper in our own country. The humorously distinct American biscuits, often causing confusion with their English counterparts (cookies), remain a local delight. Many users expressed surprise that these savory baked goods, perfect companions to a Southern breakfast, haven’t become a worldwide (or even nationwide) sensation.

#8: Pålægschokolade from Denmark

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Denmark offers Pålægschokolade, thin sheets of dark or milk chocolate meant to be enjoyed on breakfast buns with a generous layer of butter. Despite its delightful combination, this Danish treat remains a local treasure, awaiting its global debut.

#9: Scottish Whisky Tradition

Image Credit: Wender Junior Souza Vieira/ Pexels.com.

“So if you order a whisky in Scotland, if the place is anywhere decent they will give you a wee jug of water so you can add a drop or two to open it up as required. I’ve not had that once anywhere else, and I’ve learned from experience to explicitly say “no ice” in the US.”

In Scotland, Scotch is religion. The best way to drink it is to open it up with a couple of drops of water and strictly no ice. Not many bars offer this treatment in the USA unless explicitly asked.

#10: Jufran Banana Sauce from the Philippines

Banana Ketchup
Image Credit: Pelageia Zelenina/ Pexels.com.

“It’s a ketchup made from bananas, for the spicy folks they do have a hot version of it. It’s from the Philippines.”

Hailing from the Philippines, Jufran Banana Sauce, a ketchup made from bananas, adds a unique twist to condiments. While it has gained popularity locally, its unconventional fruity flavor is yet to tantalize taste buds on a global scale. The world might be missing out on a tropical flavor sensation in the realm of sauces.

#11: Hurling from Ireland

Image Credit: Adrian/ Pexels.com.

The traditional Irish sport of hurling, with its combination of skill, speed, and physicality, hasn’t gained the global recognition many users feel it deserves. As an integral part of Irish culture, hurling remains a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by sports enthusiasts worldwide.

#12: Cardamom from India

Image Credit: Pranjall Kumar /Pexels.com.


“I know the spice is not exclusive to India, but I’m surprised it’s not used in more applications. I’ve had cardamom-infused cocktails in the past (mojitos, margs, etc.) and they are absolutely incredible. I’m surprised it hasn’t taken off in the world of mixology at the very least.”

India’s aromatic spice, cardamom, has made its mark in local cuisine, but its global applications remain somewhat limited. Users expressed surprise that this flavorful ingredient hasn’t taken off more in mixology worldwide. Cardamom-infused cocktails could potentially add a delightful twist to the global drink scene.

#13: Wampee Fruit Sauce from Southern China

Wampee Fruit
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

“In Southern China, there is a fruit called the wampee fruit, and you can buy a sauce made from that fruit. Wampee sauce is my go-to for eating many kinds of food in my hometown, but especially a must-have for rice noodle rolls. The sauce is sweet and sour, but neither tart nor astringent. It has a great fruity flavor that is also a bit savory. It would go great on many things, such as meats, steamed veggies, and maybe even dessert.

I cannot find them for sale anywhere outside of my hometown region. I have even thought about exporting it and promoting it myself overseas.” 

#14: Kaya from Malaysia/Singapore

Kaya Toast
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

“It’s a spread made of coconut milk, cream, sugar, brown sugar, eggs! It’s heaven. Usually, you have it on toast with butter. Ever since I left, I couldn’t find anyone else that even knows of it!”

Despite its popularity in its home region, Kaya remains a hidden gem for many around the world. The delightful combination of Kaya on toast with butter is a culinary secret waiting to be shared globally.

#15: The NHS from the UK

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

“Walk into a hospital, get fixed, and leave without worrying about paying, I’ve nothing more to say.”

Free health care for all citizens is something that us Americans can only dream about. Walk in, get treated, and leave without worrying about bills—a healthcare dream that many users find astounding. The world could use a bit more of the stress-free healthcare experience the UK and some other countries provide.

#16: Irish Butter and Cheese

Image Credit: Rene Asmussen /Pexels.com.

“Amazing Dairy over here, all fed on the natural green grass of Ireland.”

Ireland’s rich dairy tradition produces exceptional butter and cheese, thanks to cows grazing on natural green grass. While these dairy delights are cherished in Ireland, they’re yet to receive widespread acclaim internationally. The world might be missing out on the creamy goodness of Irish butter and cheese.

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