14 Annoying Pieces of Advice That People Are Sick of Hearing

Tired of the same old repetitive comments and advice from well-meaning individuals? You’re not alone. In this list, we dive into the things people are sick of hearing. From age-related assumptions about health to unsolicited advice on personal matters, these constant refrains have worn thin on many. It’s time to explore the frustrating and often humorous aspects of life when everyone seems to have something to say. So, let’s take a closer look at what people are just done with hearing.

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#1 Too Young for Health Issues

Sick man sitting at the table with a keyboard, glass of water, and medication.
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“That I’m ‘too young’ to have so many health problems/chronic illnesses/etc. Yeah, obviously.”

Are you tired of hearing that you’re “too young” to be dealing with health issues? You’re not alone! Many users agree that age doesn’t discriminate when it comes to health problems. It’s frustrating when people act like youth should equal perfect health. Sometimes, life throws a curveball, and it’s essential for others to understand that age isn’t a shield against health challenges.

#2 Height Hurdles at 19

A girl pouting / looking bored. Woman.
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“That I need to eat more or exercise to grow taller. I’m 19, not 9. It’s not gonna work, buddy. I’m 4’11” for life.”

Being told you can still grow taller in your late teens? Some users have heard this advice way too many times. So, if you’re vertically challenged and happy with it, you don’t need any growth spurt interventions. Embrace your height and let the ‘tall tales’ fade away!

#3 Just Get Over Anxiety?

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“To just get over my anxiety or anxiety isn’t that bad.”

Anxiety is a real struggle for many, and some well-meaning folks just don’t get it. Some users suggested that it’s vital to understand that anxiety isn’t something you can merely “get over.” It’s a genuine issue that requires empathy and support. And yes, it can be pretty darn bad!

#4 Smile on Demand

Smiling customer service representative
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“You should smile more. I’m a fairly peppy, extrovert when I’m out in public, but I’m a female, working in retail, so the second I don’t smile, some j****** always has to say something.”

The constant demand to smile is something many users can relate to, especially in customer service. Sometimes, you’re just not in the mood to grin from ear to ear. But hey, who said customer service had to come with a permanent grin? It’s time for everyone to understand that smiles can’t be on-demand!

#5 Why So Quiet?

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“Why are you so quiet?”

Being asked why you’re quiet can be quite irksome, and some users have had their fill of this question. Introverts and extroverts alike agree that quiet moments are perfectly okay. It doesn’t mean something’s wrong, and sometimes, silence can be golden.

#6 Making a Scene

Young handsome man with beard playing golf holding club and ball annoyed and frustrated shouting with anger, yelling crazy with anger and hand raised
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“Sir, you are making a scene, I think you should leave.”

Some users who enjoy making a scene or having a blast in public might relate to this one. But come on, who hasn’t had a little too much fun occasionally? Just remember, not every “scene” is a bad thing. Sometimes, it’s just about spreading good vibes!

#7 Forever Young Looks

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“That I look like a child, I am over the legal drinking age in the US but have had 2 people think my ID is fake recently because I ‘looked 12’.”

Looking younger than your age can be a mixed bag. Some users have encountered the classic “you look like a child” comments, and it can get old quickly. But hey, in the future, when everyone else is getting carded, you’ll be the one reveling in your youthful appearance.

#8 “Candy and Diabetes”

Two tiny bowls with coated chocolates. Candy.
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“Not to eat candy because I’m diabetic. I take medications and insulin to reduce my blood sugar. Sometimes, it goes too low. Glucose tablets and gels taste like s***, so let me have my Snickers bar, please.”

Balancing diabetes is a daily challenge, and some users have heard it all when it comes to dietary advice. But when those blood sugar levels dip, the sweet relief of a Snickers is undeniable. So, next time someone questions your candy choice, remember, it’s all about that essential glucose boost.

#9 Newborn Baby Advice

Mother lying on bed with newborn son. Happy.
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“Newborn baby advice. People with easygoing babies don’t get it. Some babies are more difficult than others. Trust me, you can’t burp my child or calm him down at times. To my friends and family, just let me vent without giving me advice; we’ve tried it all.”

Parents will understand the frustration when everyone thinks they have the magic solution for your fussy baby. Some users have been there, done that, and have the onesies to prove it. So, when you just need to vent, let your friends and family know it’s advice-free zone.

#10 Unwanted Advice

Shocked young man covering mouth by hand. Surprised.
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“I hate when people tell me what to do or ‘What other people will think of me?'”

Are you fed up with unsolicited advice and the constant chatter about what others might think? You’re not alone! Some users have expressed their frustration at those who just can’t resist offering their two cents. After all, living life your way means not worrying about what everyone else thinks.

#11 Work Woes

Selective focus of upset girl sitting at workplace with clenched hands and closed eyes in modern office
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“No one wants to work.”

When you hear the complaint that “no one wants to work,” it can be a real eye-roller. Many users find this statement pretty tired. The reality is that most people do want to work, but job satisfaction, fair wages, and other factors often play a significant role in their overall job outlook.

#12 It Gets Better?

upset couple on the couch. Sad / not talking.
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“That it gets better. After 20 years it hasn’t gotten better.”

The “it gets better” mantra isn’t always comforting, as some users can attest. Despite countless reassurances, some situations simply don’t improve over time. This reminds us that while optimism is fantastic, sometimes a dose of realism is equally valuable.

#13 Weight-Related Remarks

Fat female unhappy with her mirror reflection, hardly got into favorite dress. Woman.
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“Bro, if you know I’m fat, I definitely know I am. I’m trying, so shut up.”

Weight-related comments can be especially irksome when coming from well-meaning friends or family. Many users empathize with this sentiment and understand that people are often working on their health and well-being. There’s no need to point out the obvious, as it usually just adds frustration.

#14 Respect Your Mother?

Mother Arguing With Teenage Son
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“You need to respect your mother no matter what!”

Respect is important, but some users have found that this statement is sometimes overused and not the whole picture. They argue that respect should be mutual and earned. After all, respect, like trust, is something that works both ways.

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