18 Society-Shattering Rules You’ll Want to Break ASAP

Explore rebellion against societal norms as a recent social media thread unveils the common rules people love to break. Witness the defiance that many proudly display.

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#1: Discussing Salary

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“Do not discuss salary with colleagues or people outside this company.”

In a world where discussing salary is often hushed, some users refuse to be silenced. This is a rule many break, as they believe transparency can lead to fairer compensation. Do you discuss salary with your friends and colleagues?

#2: Piracy Rules

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“Rules about pirating content that I am geographically restricted from streaming legally.”

Geographical restrictions be da**ed. Some users ignore rules about pirating content when legal streaming options are limited. The argument? Access to information should be universal, and if they can’t get it legally, they’ll find other means.

#3: Scientific Papers Liberation

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“If publishers really can’t make money without charging for reprints then they need to find a new business model or go out of business and the papers should all just get put up on a government-run website for free. I don’t care if Nature or Science are the premiere publications and therefore claim to have to charge for reprints to justify their existence. It’s total BS and I get it that tenure relies on having a mechanism for recognizing the most important papers, but that should not come at the expense of the taxpayer.”

Enter the world of scientific papers and the battle against paid access. Some users boldly challenge the status quo by getting pirated papers online, arguing that public-funded research should be freely accessible.

#4: Unconventional Breakfasts

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“I’ve had coworkers walk in on me eating steak and mashed potatoes with asparagus at 7 AM for breakfast. When questioned, I always respond with, “I don’t subscribe to societal norms of proper mealtime foods.”

While many adhere to the traditional notion of breakfast foods, some rebels break free from the expected cereal-and-milk routine. The rebellion lies in defying established norms about what is deemed appropriate for breakfast, embracing a more diverse and personalized approach to the first meal of the day.

#5: Finders Keepers

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“If I find cash on the ground, I’m not going to give it to the authorities.”

The rule of handing found cash to authorities? Not for everyone. Some users admit they’ll pocket the money, emphasizing a pragmatic approach to unexpected windfalls.

#6: Mismatched Socks

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“Do socks need to match, or is this just a bill of goods sold to us by Big Laundry?”

Questioning the age-old expectation that socks must match, rebels in the sock drawer rebellion challenge the very essence of conformity. The rebellion is not just about fashion; it’s a playful act of defiance against an unwritten rule imposed by the imaginary authority of tidy sock pairs. Rejecting the notion that socks must conform is a stride towards embracing individuality, sparking a revolution one sock at a time.

#7: 40-Hour Workweek Rebellion

Dissatisfied businesswoman holding megaphone. Coworkers.
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“I’m so sick of jobs trying to milk me when I work. I have a pretty good work ethic, but I don’t want to work 40 hours a week. I want to work 32 hours, but am always pushed to 45-50. I work hard so every manager wants to take advantage, leading to me burning out and needing a new job. I just want something comfortable long term.”

This resistance isn’t a disregard for hard work but rather a quest for balance. The desire to break free from the 40-hour standard stems from a longing for a more sustainable and comfortable work routine, challenging the pervasive notion that longer hours equate to greater dedication. The rebellion seeks not laziness but a work environment that values well-being over excessive demands.

#8: Mail Disregard

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“I throw away the mail of the people who lived in my apartment before me rather than taking it to the post office every. single. day. If they wanted their mail, they would have filled out a change of address form.”

This act of rebellion isn’t just about discarded letters; it symbolizes a stand against unwarranted responsibilities and sparks a conversation about redefining societal expectations around mail handling norms.

#9: Parental Drinking Age Rebellion

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“My state says I’m not allowed to provide alcohol to my own children until they are 21. I will not let them be carted off to a bar on their 21st birthday unless they are already very familiar with alcohol and how different ABV% affects their bodies. I do not care what the law says, their first drink will come from me in the safety of their own home.”

The rebellion hinges on the belief that understanding alcohol and its effects should begin at home, under parental guidance, rather than in a bar on the 21st birthday. It’s a parental stance that challenges legal constraints in favor of fostering a responsible and informed approach to alcohol consumption within the confines of family safety.

#10: White After Labor Day

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“Oh, I always heard ‘Don’t wear white after Labor Day’ and figured it was something to do with Labor Day itself. Some big labor protests had happened that led to the formation of the day, and it was bad taste to wear white the day after for some reason. Had no idea it was specifying a seasonal stretch of time.”

This light-hearted rebellion unveils a humorous misunderstanding of the age-old fashion decree. This user believed it might be tied to a historical labor protest, making it taboo to wear white the day after. The realization that it specifies a seasonal timeframe adds a touch of irony to this fashion rebellion, challenging the assumption that fashion rules always follow straightforward logic.

#11: Dating at Work

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“You spend nearly a third of your waking hours at work. You learn about the people you work with over weeks, months, years, and have a much better idea of compatibility than with a random club or dating app meetup.”

“Never date where you work” is a rule some users gladly ignore. Spending a significant chunk of time at work, they argue, provides a better understanding of compatibility than chance encounters elsewhere.

#12: Anti-Iron Rebellion

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“I don’t iron my clothes. Why should I do something I don’t like to do?”

Ironing clothes? No thanks. Some users take a stand against a chore they despise, asking a simple question: Why do something you don’t enjoy?

#13: Tipping Selectively

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“Tipping everywhere. Not exactly a rule but I ain’t gonna tip where I haven’t received an actual service where someone has to go out of their way to do something for me. I don’t care if I get mean looks for it.”

Not tipping everywhere is a conscious choice for some users. The rebel doesn’t shy away from potential disapproval, highlighting a deliberate choice to challenge the expectation of tipping regardless of service quality. It’s a bold act of individuality that sparks a conversation about redefining customary practices in the realm of gratuities.

#14: Notebook Margins Ignore

Flat lay with blank notebook and pine cones arranged on wood table
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“I ignore margins in notebooks and write over them. Why waste space? I use the whole page.”

Notebook margins are meant to be ignored, at least for some users. This act of defiance challenges the conventional use of margins, advocating for maximum utilization of paper real estate. It’s a stand for the freedom to explore ideas without spatial constraints and a subtle rebellion against the standardized structure of note-taking.

#15: Talking Back to Bosses and Elders

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“Don’t talk back to your boss / respect your elders. Respect is earned and most of my elders haven’t earned it. I’m gonna stand up for whoever needs standing up for and don’t care if my boss or elders like it or not.”

This act of rebellion isn’t about outright disrespect but a bold assertion that respect should be reciprocal. The rebel stands firm, declaring an intention to speak up for what is right, even if it means challenging authority figures. It’s a rebellion against the notion that hierarchy alone should command respect, emphasizing the importance of earned admiration and standing up for principles rather than blindly adhering to traditional expectations.

#16: Unmade Beds

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“Why would I make my bed all neat if I’m just going to mess it up again at the soonest opportunity? As long as nothing is sliding off the bed then it’s fine.”

The ritual of making the bed is dismissed by users who question the logic of neatness. It’s a rebellion against the aesthetic expectations tied to bed-making, opting for practicality over conformity and sparking a conversation about redefining household norms.

#17: Talking to Strangers

Friends talking in bus
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“Don’t talk to strangers. Well, if I followed that, I’d never make new friends.”

This act of rebellion challenges the notion that all strangers should be avoided, emphasizing the missed opportunities for connection and friendship. It’s a bold stand against social norms, advocating for the potential richness that interactions with strangers can bring.

#18: Emotional Expression

A woman holding a mask
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“Not expressing emotions to appear “strong/tough”. I had a hard year last year and I couldn’t hold it in and opened up with 3 coworkers I trusted. We have since then developed a very strong friendship and even since we all left our last company, we became close friends. If more people normalized mental illness the world would be a much better place.”

This rebellion is a call to action, advocating for the normalization of discussions around mental health. One user passionately believes that a world where more people embrace and understand mental illness could be a significantly better place. It’s a brave stance against the societal expectation to mask struggles and a plea for a more compassionate and empathetic world where authenticity is valued.

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