18 Bad Habits That a Shocking Amount of People Have

Ever wonder about those habits that make you shake your head in disbelief? A recent social media thread delved into the surprising and sometimes cringe-worthy behaviors that a shocking number of people share. From environmental faux pas to social slip-ups, here’s a revealing look at the bad habits that many users agree are more common than you might think.

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#1 Littering

Grey Beverage Bottle - Litter
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“Grown adults littering like 5th graders. Extra points for doing it out of a moving car with people behind you.”

In an age where environmental awareness is at its peak, many users express astonishment at witnessing grown adults reverting to littering habits reminiscent of a bygone era. The irony of littering from moving vehicles in a world advocating for eco-conscious choices adds a touch of disbelief.

#2 Shields Up

Angry young african american woman with crossed arms
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“Responding with defensiveness rather than curiosity to the unknown.”

Navigating the unknown with curiosity can be a transformative experience, yet many users lament the prevalence of defensive reactions. For instance, if a person dismisses a different cultural practice as “weird” or “wrong” without attempting to learn about its significance or context, they are demonstrating defensiveness rather than openness to new experiences.

#3 Poor Listening Skills

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“Waiting to talk instead of listening.”

Effective communication involves active listening, yet the pervasive habit of waiting to talk hinders meaningful exchanges, as people start preparing what they’re going to say before they’ve even heard what the conversation is about. Users point out this common misstep, highlighting the need for a balance between expressing oneself and genuinely absorbing others’ perspectives.

#4 Being Checked Out During Social Interactions

Smiling young friends looking at beautiful happy woman talking on smartphone
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As our lives become increasingly digital, the art of being present in face-to-face interactions is dwindling. Users express disappointment in the prevalence of people mentally checking out and glancing at their phones during conversations, emphasizing the need for genuine connection in an era dominated by screens.

#5 Playing Loud Music in Public Spaces

African woman covering ears with her hands, over a green background
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“Playing loud music or videos on their phone without earbuds in a community space like a library or a bus.”

Public spaces demand a level of shared consideration, but the blaring of loud audio disrupts this harmony. Users share their frustration with this habit, highlighting the importance of respecting communal environments.

#6 Scrolling And Posting

Person Holding Silver Smartphone - Facebook
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“Social media/phone addiction. How many of us do anything without our phones now? When’s the last time you left your house without it? The last time you forgot your phone or lost it, how anxious did you feel?”

The omnipresence of smartphones has given rise to a new kind of addiction. Users reflect on the impact of being tethered to their devices, exploring the anxiety that arises when separated from the digital realm.

#7 Materialism: The Pursuit of Stuff

Portrait of attractive stunned wavy-haired girl holding colorful shopping bags pout lips gifts isolated over bright green color background.
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“Materialism: buying stuff just for the sake of buying it, not because you need it.”

In a consumer-driven world, the tendency to accumulate possessions for the sake of it raises questions about the true value of material goods. Users ponder the implications of a society driven by the pursuit of possessions.

#8 Lying: The Unpleasant Reality of Adulting

Pretty long-haired young eastern woman chatting with guys on dating app via smartphone while hugging her boyfriend, home interior, copy space. Cheating, deception, dishonesty in relationships
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“Lying. Probably the biggest shock I got from the real world once I started adulting is how much people lie and try to manipulate. It’s disheartening.”

In a candid acknowledgment of the challenges faced in adulthood, users share their disillusionment with the prevalence of lies and manipulation. The sentiment reflects a sobering realization about the complexities of navigating the grown-up world.

#9 Lack of Manners in Customer Interactions

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“No manners and bitter behavior when they are a customer/client.”

Courtesy seems to be on the decline, especially in customer interactions. Users express frustration with the lack of manners and the bitterness exhibited by some customers, emphasizing the importance of respectful behavior.

#10 Absentmindedly Being in the Way

Cropped shot of young man using smartphone on street on cloudy day
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“Like just standing in a place or on the sidewalk without awareness of their surroundings.”

Navigating public spaces requires a level of awareness, but users lament the common occurrence of people being inadvertently in the way. This habit sparks a humorous yet genuine plea for increased spatial awareness.

#11 Nail Biting: A Painful Habit

Closeup portrait nervous woman with glasses biting her fingernails craving something, anxious isolated yellow background copy space. Negative human emotion facial expression body language perception
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“I bite my nails and cuticles until they bleed. So that’s up there.”

One user bravely confesses to a habit that many share but might not openly admit: nail-biting. The personal admission adds a touch of vulnerability to the list of common habits.

#12 Neglecting Hand Hygiene

Obsessive compulsive disorder concept. Woman obsessively washing her hands.
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“Not washing hands after going to the bathroom.”

How many times have you seen someone walk out of the bathroom without washing their hands? In an era where hygiene awareness is paramount, users express astonishment at the persistent neglect of a basic practice.

#13 Poor Posture: The Tech-Induced Slump

Closeup portrait anxious young girl looking at phone seeing bad news, photos with disgusting expression on face about to cry isolated outdoors city building on background. Mixed race model in glasses
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“Poor posture. Leaning down to read phones is killing our spines.”

Users draw attention to the potential health consequences of tech-induced slumping, emphasizing the need for mindfulness in our digital age.

#14 Tailgating Woes: The Traffic Tango

Close up on Hyundai Steering Wheel
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“Tailgating. Count out a 2-5 second following distance at highway speeds, folks.”

In the realm of driving etiquette, users voice their frustration with a common and potentially dangerous habit—tailgating. The plea for maintaining a safe following distance underscores the impact such behavior can have on accident rates.

#15 Unflushed Toilets: The Bathroom Blues

Bathroom with White Ceramic Toilet Bowl in a White Wall Tile
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“They don’t flush the toilet.”

The basic courtesy of flushing the toilet after use seems to be surprisingly uncommon, according to users. This seemingly small yet impactful habit highlights the importance of maintaining cleanliness and consideration in shared spaces.

#16 Accountability Struggles: Admitting Fault

Sorry - Scrabble Tiles on White Surface
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“Being unable to admit fault and take accountability”

Many expressed genuine frustration about how so many people avoid accountability. The struggle to admit fault is a relatable topic, underscoring the importance of humility in interpersonal relationships.

#17 Movie Etiquette

Smiling woman talking on smartphone while watching movie in cinema
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“Talking and being on the phone in movie halls.”

The age-old cinema etiquette of maintaining silence during a movie screening continues to be a challenge. Users express their disdain for how often people disrupt the peace by talking during a movie, emphasizing the need for a quiet and immersive movie-watching experience.

#18 Open-Mouthed Chewing

Man in stylish green velvet jacket eating meat cheburek at table
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“Chewing with their mouths open. I hate eating out in public because the sound of people smacking their food is all I can hear.”

In a lighthearted yet resonant observation, users cringe at the auditory experience of open-mouthed chewing in public spaces. This habit, often considered impolite, prompts a humorous expression of discomfort.

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