10 Frustrating Beauty Standards Both Men And Women Face

Beauty standards can be a real puzzle, filled with arbitrary expectations that often leave us scratching our heads. Whether you’re male or female, the pressure to meet society’s ever-evolving standards of beauty can be both frustrating and confusing. To shed light on this complex topic, we’ve turned to a social media thread where users shared their thoughts on the most ridiculous beauty standards that irk them. Let’s dive into the top 10 beauty standards that leave many of us baffled.

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#1 Eternal Youth Obsession

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“You must look young, even if you’re 60.”

Many users can relate to this gripe about society’s obsession with youth. The pressure to maintain a youthful appearance is a struggle for both men and women. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel your best, it’s essential to remember that aging is a natural process. So, don’t be too hard on yourself; laugh lines are just a testament to a life well-lived.

#2 The Quest for Perfect Skin

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Perfectly clear, flawless, dewy skin. Everyone has blemishes, dry patches, redness here and there, some weird permanent little hump that won’t go. Everyone!

Clear, flawless, and dewy skin may be the stuff of beauty commercials, but for most of us, it’s a bit of a stretch. The truth is, skin has its imperfections, and it’s entirely normal to have blemishes and dry patches from time to time. While a good skincare routine can work wonders, it’s essential to embrace your skin’s natural imperfections. After all, who wants to look like a mannequin?

#3 The Bald Truth

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“I’ve got thinning hair, and I know I’ll be bald before I’m 30, probably before I’m 25, and it sucks to feel bad about that.”

Hair loss is a concern that many users share, and it’s no laughing matter for those going through it. The pressure to keep a full head of hair can be challenging, especially for young men. Still, it’s worth noting that baldness is incredibly common, affecting around two-thirds of men by the age of 35. Embracing your hair’s natural journey can be liberating, and who knows, maybe a shiny bald head is your future signature look.

#4 One-Size-Fits-All Weight Standard

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In Korea, girls are supposed to be a certain weight regardless of height, How does that make any logical sense?”

The beauty standard of a universal weight for all girls in South Korea is indeed a head-scratcher. Beauty should celebrate individuality, and forcing everyone into the same weight category defies common sense. In reality, a healthy weight varies for each person, depending on factors like height, body composition, and genetics. So, remember, you’re unique, and that’s something to celebrate, not conform to a number on a scale.

#5 The Grooming Grind

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“All the waxing and shaving and plucking. It is exhausting. I would never stop but also I hate it all.”

Ah, the eternal battle against unwanted hair! It’s like a never-ending game of hide and seek that leaves us feeling both triumphant and defeated. The irony is that, despite the exhaustion of waxing, shaving, and plucking, we often can’t resist the silky-smooth results. So, while it may be a love-hate relationship, remember that you’re not alone in this constant grooming struggle.

#6 Height Anxiety

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“I feel bad for guys that are insecure about their height because they’re not 6’0.”

Height, they say, is just a number, but for some guys, it’s a tall order to measure up to society’s lofty expectations. The truth is, the majority of men fall below the magical 6’0 mark, and that’s perfectly normal. While we can’t help but poke fun at the notion that all guys need to be towering giants, it’s essential to remember that self-worth doesn’t come with a height requirement.

#7 The Elusive Hourglass Figure

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“Having a tiny waist but a huge b*** and huge b***s. It‘s just not possible for most women without surgery. How is it possible to grow big b***s when some women have a body fat percentage of like 13 to be skinny?”

Achieving the classic hourglass figure can be quite the conundrum. It’s a bit like trying to solve a mathematical equation that doesn’t add up. In reality, body shapes are as unique as snowflakes, and genetics play a significant role in determining our proportions. So, while some folks may pull off the hourglass look effortlessly, for most, it’s more a product of Photoshop magic than reality.

#8 Haircut Hiccups

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“As a man, it’s impossible to get a haircut with my long hair because they refuse to treat it like they would a woman’s hair.”

Men with long hair can find themselves in quite the hairy situation when it comes to haircuts. It’s amusing how some hairdressers insist on treating long locks as a gender-specific issue. In reality, hair is hair, and a good cut should focus on what looks best for the individual, regardless of gender. So, if you want to rock your long locks, don’t let anyone clip your style.

#9 Lip Follies and Pout Plights

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“Lip fillings and buccal fat removal. It makes genuinely stunning women look like old m*** addicts.”

The pursuit of the ideal pout can occasionally lead to some rather unconventional results. It’s as if some folks have taken “duck face” to a whole new level. In the quest for full, plump lips, it’s essential to remember that moderation is key.

#10 Brow-raising Trends

closeup of a young caucasian man in the bathroom plucking his eyebrows with tweezers
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The eyebrow situation is spiraling out of control.

The recent obsession with eyebrows has raised some eyebrows, for sure. It’s like they’ve taken center stage, and some folks are rocking brows that are bold enough to have their own zip code. While well-groomed eyebrows can enhance your overall look, going overboard can result in a rather unconventional appearance. So, remember, eyebrows should be the supporting actors in your beauty story, not the stars of the show.

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