16 Biggest Flops Ever In Technology, Entertainment And Business

In the fast-paced realm of trends and innovations, there are moments when the collective excitement surrounding a new idea or product reaches astronomical heights, only to be met with a resounding thud of disappointment. Through the lens of social media threads, we’ve gathered insights from users who witnessed the rise, fall, and occasional crash-and-burn of hyped-up phenomena. Join us on a journey through the peaks and pitfalls as we explore instances where the buzz was loud, the anticipation was high, but the eventual outcome left users collectively shaking their heads.

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#1 Quibi

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“Quibi – $1.75 billion blown in six months on a streaming service no one wanted.”

Many users agree that Quibi takes the crown for one of the most spectacular flameouts in recent memory. This short-form streaming service fizzled out in just six months, leaving everyone wondering why they ever thought the world needed a platform for “quick bites.” Despite roping in A-list celebrities for exclusive content, Quibi’s demise highlighted the importance of understanding user preferences before launching an ambitious project.

#2 3D Televisions: A Three-Dimensional Flop

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“3D Televisions were presented as the next huge thing… It flopped when it launched due to the televisions being ridiculously expensive and being gimmicky once the appeal wore off for the people that bought them.”

Remember the days when 3D TVs were hailed as the next big thing? Some users suggested that the hype fell flat due to the exorbitant prices and lackluster technology. What started as a futuristic viewing experience turned out to be more gimmicky than groundbreaking, leaving early adopters with expensive, outdated gadgets. The lesson here: just because it’s three-dimensional doesn’t mean it’s three times as enjoyable.

#3 Google Plus: Lost in Digital Circles

Tula, Russia - April 08, 2021: Google logo on iPhone display.
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“What was that Google social media with circles, Google Plus?”

What started as Google’s attempt to compete with Facebook turned into a digital ghost town. Despite the tech giant’s efforts to create a social media giant with unique features like Circles, Google Plus failed to gain traction. Some users now jokingly refer to it as the forgotten social experiment, a cautionary tale for even the biggest players in the tech industry.

#4 Battlefield Earth: A Sci-Fi Fiasco

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“Before it became a punch line, people were worried that Battlefield Earth would be a dangerously effective recruiting tool for Scientology.”

Starring John Travolta and based on a novel by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, the movie was met with scathing reviews and failed to live up to the hype. It serves as a reminder that not every cinematic venture can transcend the controversy surrounding its source material.

#5 Geraldo Rivera And Capone’s Mysterious Vault

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“I’m showing my age, but the Geraldo Rivera special with Al Capone’s mysterious vault, which turned out to hold nothing.”

In a moment that left viewers scratching their heads, the hype surrounding Geraldo Rivera’s special on Al Capone’s mysterious vault reached a fever pitch. Many users vividly recall the anticipation, only to witness an anticlimactic revelation; there was nothing inside. The incident has become a cautionary tale for those expecting grand revelations from live television events.

#6 Facebook’s Metaverse

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“Zuckerberg’s weird avatar world.”

Facebook’s attempt to create a virtual reality space with avatars didn’t quite take off as expected. Some users found Zuckerberg’s foray into the metaverse more awkward than awe-inspiring. Despite the ambitious vision, the tech mogul’s avatar world failed to capture the imagination of users, leaving many wondering if the future of socializing was better left in reality.

#7 Target in Canada: A Maple Leaf Misstep

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“Target in Canada! Heard so many people addicted to the store in the US, everyone was excited to have it here, but it flopped, stores opened being half empty, more expensive than the stores they replaced, limited selections… they only lasted a few years.”

The excitement surrounding Target’s expansion into Canada quickly turned into disappointment. Many users lamented the higher prices, limited selections, and half-empty stores. Despite the retail giant’s success in the United States, its Canadian venture became a cautionary tale about understanding local markets and adapting to regional preferences.

#8 Segway: The Unfulfilled Promise of Modern Mobility

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“For those old enough to remember: Segway was MASSIVELY hyped for months. It was meant to change modern mobility forever.”

Before hoverboards and electric scooters, there was the Segway, touted as a revolutionary mode of transportation. Despite the massive hype, the self-balancing two-wheeler failed to become the game-changer many anticipated. Users now look back at the Segway’s rise and fall as a quirky moment in tech history, reminding us that not every innovation can reshape the future.

#9 American “Coupling”: The Unsuccessful NBC Comedy

TV remote
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“The American version of ‘Coupling,’ which was being hyped as the next big NBC sitcom after ‘Friends’ went off the air.”

Attempting to fill the sitcom void left by “Friends,” NBC hyped up the American version of “Coupling.” However, many users found the show lacking the charm and chemistry that made its British counterpart a hit. The failed attempt to recreate the magic of “Friends” served as a lesson that not every formula for success can be replicated.

#10 NFTs: Digital Hype or Artistic Bust?

NFT Word on a Paper
Image Credit: Pexels.

The recent frenzy around Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) had many users diving into the world of digital art ownership. However, some users now question the sustainability of this trend, with concerns about environmental impact and the fleeting nature of NFT values. As the hype settles, NFTs remain a divisive topic in the digital art world.

#11 Game of Thrones’ Final Season: A Controversial Conclusion

Side view of attractive woman sitting on sofa, holding remote controller and watching tv in apartment
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The epic fantasy series “Game of Thrones” built up immense anticipation for its final season. However, the conclusion left many fans divided, with debates over rushed plotlines and character arcs. Some users argue that the hype surrounding the series finale overshadowed the once-universal acclaim for the show.

#12 The End of the World in 2012: Apocalypse Deferred

Ruins of a city. Apocalyptic landscape.3d illustration concept
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“The end of the world in 2012.”

The Mayan calendar’s prediction of the world ending in 2012 had many users on edge. However, as the clock struck midnight on December 21, 2012, the apocalypse failed to materialize. The hype around doomsday scenarios quickly faded, leaving users with a sense of relief and a collective eye-roll at yet another apocalyptic prediction gone awry.

#13 Kim Kardashian’s Didn’t Break the Internet

Kim Kardashian
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“Kim Kardashian’s break the internet picture.”

Kim Kardashian attempted to “break the internet” with a revealing photo shoot, but the anticipated seismic impact turned out to be more of a crack than a break. While the photo-generated buzz, it didn’t quite live up to the apocalyptic internet-shattering event many expected. Some users found the hype surrounding the picture more amusing than the picture itself.

#14 Killer/Africanized Bees: Buzzing Fear in the 80s

Bees on Purple Flowers
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“Killer/Africanized Bees. Lots of fear-mongering over those in the 80s, over a lot of nothing.”

In the 1980s, fear of killer bees, particularly the Africanized variety, spread like wildfire. Despite the hype and sensationalism, the much-feared bee invasion didn’t materialize. Users now look back at the buzz-worthy scare as a prime example of fear-mongering over a threat that turned out to be largely unfounded.

#15 Windows Millennium Edition: An Unimpressive Upgrade

Portrait of shocked female freelancer amazed with online trouble during deadline distance job on laptop technology, unhappy woman feeling headache while solving problems with software update
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“Windows Millenium Edition.”

Windows Millennium Edition (ME) was hyped as the next step in Microsoft’s operating system evolution. However, users quickly discovered that the upgrade was plagued with issues, from instability to compatibility problems. Many users regretted the move, marking Windows ME as a cautionary tale in the realm of software upgrades.

#16 Threads: A Brief But Bumpy Journey

Melbourne, Australia - Jan 16, 2021: Close-up view of uninstalling Twitter app on a smartphone
Image Credit: ymgerman /Depositphotos.com.


Once hailed as Instagram’s attempt to shake up the social media scene, Threads entered with a bang, promising to be the Twitter killer. Many users eagerly signed up, fueled by the hype that this could be the next big thing. However, the excitement fizzled out faster than a poorly received tweet.

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