12 Unforgettable Stories of BOTCHED Weddings

Weddings are typically joyous occasions filled with love and laughter, but every now and then, things take a bizarre turn. In a fascinating social media thread, users shared their experiences attending weddings that didn’t quite go as planned. These wedding stories are sure to leave you both cringing and chuckling. So, grab some popcorn (or cake) and let’s dive into the intriguing world of botched weddings!

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#1 The Rehearsal Dinner Food Poisoning Fiasco

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“Friend’s wedding. A bunch of people got food poisoning at the rehearsal dinner. Including the groom. He spent the night at the ER getting fluids and medication to stop puking. This was an awesome high-end wedding, and he almost canceled. He was a pale green color and basically sipped Gatorade all day and got through it. He married his HS sweetheart, and they have been married for 30+ years.”

Food poisoning at a wedding – that’s one way to guarantee your guests will never forget your special day. It just goes to show that even when love is in the air, a sudden urge to rush to the bathroom can’t be ignored. A true testament to the power of love – and maybe some strong stomachs!

#2 The Wedding Planner’s Wild Dance Floor Drama

Disheveled drunk or female high on drugs at a nightclub
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“My wife and I watched in horror as the wedding planner proceeded to get very sloppily drunk. It came crashing to an end when she started dancing/grinding on the father of the bride with his wife and the bride a few feet away staring in shock. Lots of shouting, and then the groomsmen not so kindly escorted her out.”

When your wedding planner becomes the life of the party in all the wrong ways, you know you’re in for some unforgettable entertainment. This wedding planner clearly misunderstood their job description, turning the dance floor into a spectacle that even the groomsmen couldn’t handle.

#3 A Life-and-Death Moment at the Wedding

Senior woman in hospital bed
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“Went to the wedding of one of my husband’s close friends, and everything was going wonderful until about 3 hours in when the bride’s grandma becomes unresponsive. We were sitting right next to that table when she falls to the floor not breathing. Our other friend (an EMT) ended up performing CPR on her until the paramedics came. He said he felt her ribs cracking under his hands. The wedding promptly ended as the bride and groom go to the hospital with grandma. She passed away in the hospital that night after an emergency surgery.”

A wedding is usually a day of joy and celebration, but sometimes life throws in a dramatic twist. This life-and-death moment turned the wedding into an unexpected medical drama. It’s a sobering reminder that life’s unpredictability can’t always be kept off the guest list.

#4 Cold Feet and Cold Weather

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“I attended an outdoor wedding in December. All the guests assumed there would be shelter/heating but nope – nothing was provided. All us guests were freezing cold. Some got drunk as fast as they could, and others kept asking the staff for cups of tea, not to drink but to hold the warm cups. It was awful.”

They say love can warm even the coldest of hearts, but this outdoor December wedding took that concept a bit too literally. Guests were left out in the cold without any heating or shelter, turning the celebration into a chilly affair. A hot cuppa and a warm heart – the best recipe for surviving a chilly ceremony!

#5 Two Gowns, No Heat, and Limited Food

Young women with wedding dress. Bride.
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“The bride was dead set on wearing not one but two designer gowns. To finance all of that, there was no heating at the lovely February wedding. They also provided only food and cake for a third of the guests. The food itself was two small patties, white sauce, about 100g (3oz) of cooked chicken. But she did love both her dresses.”

Who needs heating when you can have two designer gowns, right? This bride’s sartorial ambitions turned the February wedding into a frigid fashion statement. While some guests may have been left hungry, at least the bride was fashionably fed with her love for dresses.

#6 Wedding Venue Blues Turn Chaotic

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“I attended a wedding where they held the ceremony and reception at this renovated historic house. During the reception though, police were called because apparently the ‘venue’ wasn’t actually permitted to be a business. It was just some people’s house that they kept renting out to weddings to the immense annoyance of their neighbors (and subsequently the police). One of the house owners actually ended up being arrested because they had already been given a ‘last warning’ at the previous wedding the weekend before, and the dude was getting belligerent. Most of the reception was done by that point anyway, but it sure was chaotic as we were all shooed out, trying to call like 50 Ubers while the cops made sure we left.”

It might not have been a “botched” wedding in the traditional sense, but when the police show up to your elegant historic house party, things can get chaotic. The moral of the story? Always check if your wedding venue has a permit, or you might end up partying with the police!

#7 A Drunk Driver Derails the Wedding Party

Happy bride and groom in a wedding limousine
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“Not really the wedding itself per se, but the bride and groom hired a driver and a bus to transport the entire wedding party and a few guests from the wedding venue back to the hotel after the reception. Turns out the driver sat outside in the bus drinking beers the entire time the wedding was going on and then was too drunk to drive everyone to the hotel. We all had to take turns hiring the same Uber driver to take us back and forth because the wedding was in the middle of nowhere, and there was only one Uber driver available. Wedding reception ended at midnight, and some guests didn’t make it back to the hotel until 6 am.”

Hiring a designated driver for your wedding sounds like a smart move, right? Well, not if that driver decides to indulge in a bit too much pre-driving liquid courage. The result? Wedding guests playing musical Ubers to get back to the hotel in the wee hours.

#8 A Shocking Revelation at the Altar

Displeased bride making a stop hand gesture and looking at the camera isolated on white background
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“I didn’t get to see it, but my parents went to a wedding where the bride walked up the aisle, stood up front and calmly thanked her parents, his parents, and everyone for coming. Then thanked her maid of honor for sleeping with her fiancé last night. She then walked out of the church. My parents said some went to the reception because the parents of the bride and groom felt bad and wanted the people to at least eat. My parents just came home.”

Most wedding vows mention “forsaking all others,” but this bride decided to add an impromptu twist to hers. Thanking her maid of honor for some extra-curricular activities with the groom was a bold move. It’s a lesson in how not to handle pre-wedding jitters, and a story for the ages!

#9 The Unpredictable Wedding Guest Count

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“I worked at a wedding where the couple had sent out 100 invitations without RSVP. They had no clue how many people would show up, but they did tell the venue to prepare dinner for 150 guests. 35 people showed up. 25 kilos of prepared salmon filet got thrown out. The ‘party’ ended fairly early because the few guests that were there started leaving around 9:30. We were home early.”

This story just goes to show that weddings can be unpredictable, and sometimes, the most memorable moments are the ones you never saw coming! And hey, at least the staff got to clock out early!

#10 The Officiant Who Went Fishing

Small outdoor wedding in white and blue theme. Bride.
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“At my in-laws wedding. It was not until the actual ceremony, the groom standing at the altar, the bride in arm with her father… they then realized that the officiant had not shown up. Turns out he forgot about the wedding and had gone fishing with his son.”

Forgetting a wedding is one thing, but trading vows for trout is a story for the books. It’s like a bad romantic comedy script, and you can’t help but chuckle at the thought of the officiant angling for excuses.

#11 A Father and Brother’s Wedding Day Assault

Distressed bride holding her forehead.
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“A fight broke out between the father of the bride, brother of the bride, and some guy that just happened to be staying at the hotel. In reality, I don’t know how much of a ‘fight’ it was, more just the Dad and Brother assaulting some man. So anyway they were both arrested. Cut to the bride sobbing at breakfast because her Dad and Brother spent the evening of her wedding in jail and now face assault charges for what they did to this poor man.”

Family feuds can be dramatic, but this wedding took it to a whole new level. A word of advice: keep the wedding drama confined to the dance floor, not the courtroom.

#12 A Shotgun-Wielding Ex at the Wedding

portrait of the bride crying, sadness, streaks mascara wipes. Natural light
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“The bride’s ex came drunk/crying with a shotgun to stop the wedding. Very lucky that the groom’s very, very sweet old auntie talked him to put it down, and then he was tackled by a bunch of other family members. Wedding was postponed after the police arrived, but the food was amazing. They had a BBQ style buffet with unlimited brisket, bacon-wrapped scallops, and an open bar. 10/10 would risk my life again just to eat.”

The shotgun showdown at the wedding is like a scene straight out of an action-packed movie. While the situation could have turned catastrophic, the elderly aunt’s intervention, followed by a family effort, brought a touch of humor to an otherwise tense moment. And let’s not forget the silver lining – the sumptuous BBQ buffet.

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