16 Most Brainwashed Cults in the World

Exploring the world of alleged brainwashing, a recent social media thread unfolded the most brainwashed cults in the world. From Love Has Won to Zionists, the diverse perspectives shed light on groups that have left an indelible mark on their followers. Let’s delve into the intriguing comments that unravel the tales of alleged brainwashing.

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#1: Love Has Won

Red Heart
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“Love Has Won cult people are pretty crazy. The fact that the leader was professing it was all a scam and that she needed to go to a hospital in her last moments then the followers basically shrugged it off as her being delirious is proof of their brainwashing. If they weren’t still actively recruiting you could almost say things worked themselves out naturally.”

“Love Has Won” was a controversial spiritual group led by Amy Carlson, known as “Mother God.” Operating as a cult, it attracted followers with promises of enlightenment and salvation. However, former members described it as manipulative and abusive, with reports of coercion and isolation. The group faced scrutiny for its unconventional beliefs and practices, including Carlson’s claims of divinity and reincarnation. After Carlson’s death in 2021, authorities discovered her mummified body, leading to investigations into the group’s activities and treatment of members.

#2: Scientology’s Generational Echo Chamber

Scientology Cult
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“Scientology is running on its second, third, and now fourth generation raised exclusively within the cult itself – people’s whose entire world view is shaped in an echo chamber where they cannot know better because they aren’t given access to the information.”

Scientology, founded by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, operates on the belief in Thetans and auditing practices. The commenters highlighted the cult’s multi-generational influence, shaping worldviews within an echo chamber. Scientology’s secretive nature and the controversial reputation of its followers add to the intrigue surrounding this organization.

#3: The Sea Org Struggle

Ship Deck
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“The Sea Org members are the ones who have an almost impossible time leaving.”

A subsect of Scientology, the Sea Org is known for its rigorous commitment. Members sign a billion-year contract, dedicating themselves to Scientology across multiple lifetimes. Users emphasized the challenges faced by Sea Org members when attempting to leave, portraying a picture of intense dedication and potential struggles with freedom.

#4: Heaven’s Gate Tragedy

A picture of black hole engulfing nearby stars and distorting the space around it
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“Heaven’s Gate has always stood out to me because of this. Truly heartbreaking that people actually believed Applewhite’s bs.”

Heaven’s Gate was a cult led by Marshall Applewhite, convincing followers to believe in extraterrestrial salvation through a spaceship. The tragic end came in a mass suicide event in 1997. The commenters expressed sorrow for those who genuinely believed in Applewhite’s teachings, underlining the devastating consequences of extreme religious beliefs.

#5: Moonies – Stage Healings and Unconventional Practices

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“I was at their gathering once, decades ago, out of curiosity. The preacher healed fake disabled people on stage and it was hilarious.”

The Moonies, formally known as the Unification Church, believe in the messianic role of their leader Sun Myung Moon. One user recounted a gathering where the preacher allegedly staged healings. The blend of curiosity and hilarity showcased the unconventional practices within this religious movement.

#6: Flat Earthers – Accusations of Brainwashing

Flat earth
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“Flat Earthers; and they think WE ARE the ones that are being brainwashed.”

Flat Earthers, a group challenging the conventional understanding of Earth’s shape, ironically accuse others of being brainwashed. The Flat Earth belief is not a mainstream or scientific perspective, but rather a fringe and pseudoscientific view that asserts the Earth is flat instead of spherical. It is important to note that the overwhelming scientific evidence supports the idea that the Earth is an oblate spheroid. The Flat Earth belief has been debunked by centuries of scientific observations, experiments, and space exploration.

#7: QAnon – Modern Conspiracy Allegations

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QAnon, a modern conspiracy theory movement, alleges a deep state conspiracy against the U.S. president. Users expressed concern about its influence, pointing to the spread of misinformation. This modern-day phenomenon reflects the intersection of conspiracy theories, political beliefs, and potential brainwashing in the age of social media.

#8: Falun Gong and the Epoch Times Connection – Political and Spiritual Nexus

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Falun Gong, rooted in spiritual teachings and qigong exercises, has faced controversy for its political activism. The concern voiced in the thread focused on the group’s media outlet, Epoch Times, influencing political landscapes. This intersection of belief systems and political ideologies adds a layer of complexity to Falun Gong’s alleged brainwashing influence.

#9: Mormons – Subtle Influence in Behavior

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“I barely knew anything about Mormons / Mormonism growing up. Not all that publicly known in my west Texas hometown. We had a ton of churches, but I only ever remember seeing one of them labeled for Latter Day Saints.

Anyhow, we had a new family with 4 kids, all one year apart move in across the street. Friendly family, reserved but not fully closed off. I babysat for them once. That’s when I found out they were Mormon. The only books & movies the kids had were LDS children’s stories. But holy, were they the most well-behaved children I ever babysat.”

Mormons, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, follow the teachings of Joseph Smith. One user shared a personal experience, highlighting the seemingly subtle yet impactful influence of Mormonism on a family. The comment unveiled how the children’s well-behaved demeanor was shaped by their exposure to LDS children’s stories, offering a glimpse into the unassuming nature of the Mormon influence.

#10: ISKCON – Hare Krishna’s Exclusive Worldview

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ISKCON, also known as the Hare Krishna Movement, believes in the chanting of the Hare Krishna mantra. Users noted their practice of calling everyone else demi-gods, emphasizing an exclusive worldview. This insight sheds light on the distinctive nature of ISKCON’s teachings, creating a unique perspective within the broader spectrum of religious beliefs.

#11: Putinism – Political Cult of Personality

Vladmir Putin
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“Putinism. This is really a cult here; people treat Putin like God and believe him as savior, trial, and protector.”

The thread took an international turn, delving into Putinism, where people reportedly treat Vladimir Putin as a savior and protector. This political phenomenon reflects a cult of personality, emphasizing the intense devotion to a political leader. The comment underscores how allegiance can extend beyond religious realms, seeping into the political landscape.

#12: Charles Manson’s Cult – A Dark Chapter in History

Charles Manson's House
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Charles Manson’s cult, infamous for the brutal Tate-LaBianca murders, had followers who believed in Manson’s apocalyptic vision. Users expressed the chilling impact of Manson’s manipulation on his followers, showcasing the darker side of brainwashing that led to tragic consequences. Manson’s ability to bend minds toward violence remains a haunting chapter in cult history.

#13: Evangelical Christians – Personal Impact on Preferences

Church of Evangelical Christians
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“Did not impact my life in a good way at all…once I heard the Beatles Strawberry Fields Forever/Penny Lane (it was then their current release), I decided I liked the Beatles more and would take a chance on going to Hell.”

Reflecting on personal experiences, one user recounted a shift in preferences influenced by Evangelical Christians. The comment hinted at negative impacts and a decisive shift, triggered by exposure to the Beatles’ music. This light-hearted mention highlights how personal convictions can be shaped by encounters with different belief systems, even in seemingly unrelated contexts.

#14: Herbalife – Alleged Brainwashing in Business Schemes

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Shifting focus to the business realm, Herbalife, a multi-level marketing company, made an appearance. Users discussed the alleged brainwashing within the context of schemes promising financial success. The controversy surrounding Herbalife highlights the potential manipulative tactics used in business settings to sway individuals into financial commitments.

#15: Apple Fanboys – Tech Devotion with a Twist

Apple mobile
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In a tech-centric twist, Apple fanboys were playfully added to the mix. The tongue-in-cheek comment suggests a form of devotion among Apple enthusiasts, drawing a parallel between brand loyalty and cult-like characteristics. This lighthearted approach underscores how even seemingly harmless interests can be subject to scrutiny.

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