16 Christians Air Their Grievances About Fellow Believers

In the diverse landscape of Christian beliefs, some have taken to sharing their frustrations about certain practices within their own faith community. From judging others to questionable beliefs, these Christians are airing their grievances in a candid discussion. Join us as we explore the top 16 things that some Christians find irksome about their fellow believers.

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#1 Navigating Interfaith Friendships

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“(Some of my Christian friends) don’t realize that you can be friends with non-Christian people. I’m friends with plenty of atheists, I respect their views and they respect mine, it’s pretty simple.”

In the realm of interfaith friendships, users express frustration at the common misconception among some Christians who believe they can only be friends with those who share their religious beliefs. The sentiment underscores the need for a broader understanding that friendships can flourish beyond religious boundaries. The observation advocates for mutual respect, emphasizing the simplicity of coexisting and cherishing connections despite differing faith perspectives.

#2 The Irony of “Only God Can Judge Me”

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Users humorously highlight the irony when Christians proclaim, “Only God can judge me,” while engaging in judgmental behavior towards others. The observation playfully underscores the need for consistency in one’s actions, emphasizing the importance of aligning one’s behavior with the principles they profess. The humor in this contradiction prompts reflection on the gap between words and actions in daily life.

#3 Anti-Intellectualism

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“As a Christian, it really bothers me when other Christians are anti-intellectual. There’s no reason why you can’t be a Christian and be well educated.”

Some users express frustration with the phenomenon of anti-intellectualism within Christian communities. They emphasize the compatibility of faith and education, asserting that one can be both a Christian and well-educated. The observation reflects a concern that an aversion to intellectual pursuits within some Christian circles may hinder personal growth and the pursuit of knowledge. The sentiment underscores the importance of fostering an environment where faith and intellectual curiosity can coexist harmoniously.

#4 Discouraging Inquiry of Faith

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“I especially don’t get when some act like you shouldn’t question your faith and beliefs. You need to question them, otherwise you didn’t even have a strong faith, that would just be blindly following a religion.”

Users express frustration with the discouragement of questioning faith within some Christian circles. They argue that questioning is essential for developing a robust and genuine faith, emphasizing that blind adherence to religious doctrines may lack depth and sincerity. This sentiment highlights a desire for open dialogue and critical thinking within Christian communities, fostering a more thoughtful and introspective approach to one’s beliefs.

#5 Losing Sight of Core Christian Principles

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“Forget that in the end it all breaks down to: Love the Lord, Love people, and serve others. I also don’t like how certain theology has divided the Church. While yes, theology is important, we shouldn’t let it define us and make or break our faith. We should focus on the saving grace of Jesus – that’s why we’re called Christians after all.”

Users express frustration when fellow Christians forget the fundamental tenets of their faith, emphasizing love, service, and unity. The sentiment underscores a desire to prioritize the essential teachings of Christianity over theological differences, emphasizing the unifying aspect of the saving grace of Jesus Christ. This observation reflects a call for a more inclusive and compassionate approach within Christian communities.

#6 Blind Trust in Authority Figures

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“The one that bothers me the most is people blindly believing someone, such as a pastor, just because of his position. Before you accept something as true and as one of your own personal beliefs, it’s smart to make sure it first aligns with the Bible. Just accepting something as hard truth because of someone’s position is just dumb, even apart from Christianity.”

Users express concern about blind belief in authority figures within the Christian community, particularly pastors. The observation highlights the importance of critical thinking and aligning beliefs with Biblical teachings rather than unquestioningly accepting statements based on the authority’s position. This critique underscores the call for discernment and individual examination of religious teachings to foster a more thoughtful and informed faith.

#7 Exploitative Facebook Posts

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Users criticize the trend of posting photos of unfortunate individuals on Facebook with captions like “Don’t scroll down without commenting Amen/sharing.” This observation highlights the perceived exploitation of others’ misfortunes for social media engagement, sparking discussions about the ethics of sharing such content and the need for more compassionate online interactions.

#8 Church as a Judgment-Free Space

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“Not realizing that church is for sinners in the same way that a hospital is for the sick. Going to church doesn’t make you better than someone who doesn’t. We all sin and it’s not our place to judge.

Users express frustration with the misconception that church is exclusively for morally superior individuals. They highlight the essence of church as a sanctuary for those seeking spiritual growth and support, emphasizing the importance of humility and refraining from judgment. The observation prompts reflection on the inclusive nature of religious spaces.

#9 Over-Spiritualization to Avoid Humanity

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“A real Christian accepts his humanity and the power of God in themselves to overcome personal faults.”

Some users critique the tendency of certain Christians to over-spiritualize their lives, using spirituality as a shield to avoid acknowledging and addressing their humanity. They emphasize the importance of embracing one’s humanity while recognizing the transformative power of faith. This observation encourages a balanced perspective on spirituality and personal growth.

#10 Mediocre Christian Movies

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“Make and watch awful Christian movies. At some point, Christianity was the driving force of many of the great works of art and now our art is awful.”

Critics within the Christian community lament the production and consumption of subpar Christian movies, contrasting the current state with a time when Christianity inspired great works of art. The observation reflects a desire for higher standards in Christian creative endeavors and suggests a call for improvement in the quality of artistic expression within the faith.

#11 Hypocrisy Regarding Love and Acceptance

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“Claiming to believe Jesus is all about love and stuff, only to start hating on the gays because ‘It goes against Jesus’.”

A noted contradiction arises when individuals professing a belief in Jesus as a symbol of love exhibit hostility towards the LGBTQ+ community, citing religious reasons. This observed hypocrisy underscores the tension between the proclaimed ideals of love and the discriminatory attitudes expressed, prompting a critical examination of the congruence between Christian teachings and the treatment of marginalized groups.

#12 Neglecting Jesus’ Message of Kindness

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Expressing disappointment, users highlight the failure to adhere to Jesus’ teachings of kindness and compassion towards fellow humans. This observation underscores the perceived gap between the professed Christian values and the actual treatment of others, prompting reflection on the essence of Jesus’ teachings and their practical application.

#13 Mediocre Church Music

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Some users express frustration over the musical choices in church services, noting a preference for the rich tradition of composers like Howells, Bach, Durufle, and Stanford. The observation humorously critiques the inclusion of what is deemed as “cheesy 70s throwbacks” like Graham Kendrick. This lighthearted critique sheds light on the subjective nature of musical tastes within religious settings.

#14 Unhealthy Comparisons and Judgment Among Christians

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Some users express dissatisfaction with the tendency among Christians to compare themselves to others within their faith community. This habit often leads to judgments about who is considered “Christian enough” or conforms to a particular standard. The critique points out the divisive nature of such comparisons, referencing the metaphor of “separating the wheat from the chaff.”

#15 Actions Damaging Christianity

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“Thinking the Earth is 5000 years old; denying climate change; believing there is a war on Christmas; not making cakes for same-sex weddings; supporting Sarah Palin. All that stupid horse****.”

#16 Concerns About Tithing and Mega Churches

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“We fought hard so everyone can be entitled to their pay only for them to take a portion of it and give it to someone else. They just seem to be begging to be taken advantage of; I can’t wrap my head around it. Don’t they realize how corrupt mega churches can get?”

Users express concerns about the practice of tithing, highlighting the irony of working hard for personal income only to willingly give a portion of it to someone else. The skepticism revolves around the perceived potential for corruption within mega-churches, suggesting that individuals may be vulnerable to exploitation. The sentiment reflects a broader skepticism about financial practices within certain religious institutions.

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