12 Companies That Will Likely Go Out of Business in The Next 10 Years

Delve into business predictions as social media users speculate on companies facing challenges in the next 10 years. Explore insights from vigilant individuals in the corporate landscape.

In the fast-paced world of business, companies rise and fall, each facing its unique set of challenges and opportunities. While predicting the future isn’t an exact science, social media threads are buzzing with speculations about which companies might find themselves on the chopping block in the next 10 years. These insights come from everyday individuals who have been keeping a close eye on the corporate landscape. Some are hopeful, others skeptical, but one thing’s for sure: these companies are on the radar. Join us as we explore the intriguing world of business predictions, as told by the wisdom of the online crowd.

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#1 The Dream of a Ticketmaster-Free World

3 october, 2010 - Moscow, Russia - American alternative metal band Limp Bizkit performing live at Olimpiysky stadium
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“I hope it’s Ticketmaster, never going to happen, but let a guy dream.”

Let’s kick off our list of companies that might be on the rocks with a bit of wishful thinking. One user hopes that Ticketmaster, the bane of many event-goers, will one day meet its demise. It might be a dream too good to be true, but hey, who hasn’t wished for cheaper concert tickets without those hefty service fees?

#2 Carvana – A Bumpy Road Ahead?

Aerial view of big parking lot with many cars
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“I’ve thought Carvana was on death’s door in the past, but there’s always some news or article that indicates a revival of sorts. And I hear their ads all the time. Is their downfall real this time?”

Carvana, an online platform for buying and selling cars, has had its ups and downs. Some users have pondered whether this time it’s for real. Despite past doubts, Carvana keeps reviving. Perhaps they’ve got more mileage left, or maybe it’s time for a new road to success.

#3 Redbox’s Fading Glow

New York, USA - November 25, 2022: Visitors browsing free DVD and VHS rentals at Kim's Video in Alamo Drafthouse Lower Manhattan. Kim’s Video is back in NYC after 12 years in Italy.
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Redbox, those ubiquitous DVD rental kiosks, might be nearing the end of their movie-renting days. With theaters and streaming services providing instant entertainment, the need to rent DVDs is dwindling. For Redbox, it seems the credits might be rolling soon.

#4 Boston Market – Roasting Troubles

Nachos with dip. Food.
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“This is so sad. They have the absolute best Mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, spinach dip, and chicken on demand. I used to go as a kid before my dad left and he’d get the chicken”

Boston Market, known for its rotisserie chicken and home style sides, is facing a slew of issues, including lawsuits and unpaid bills. The store closures and fines aren’t boding well for this once-popular chain.

#5 Rite Aid’s Ailing Health

Composition with dietary supplement capsules and containers. Variety of drug pills
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“They filed for bankruptcy last week. Will try to use that to wipe out some debt. That won’t be enough. They will get swooped up by Walgreens or CVS or go entirely out of business.”

Rite Aid, the neighborhood pharmacy, has been closing stores left and right. Some users speculate that in the next decade, they might disappear altogether. The prescription for their survival remains uncertain.

#6 Dickies BBQ – Not Smokin’ Anymore

Close view of fresh grilled steaks on bones cooking on grill. Food.
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If you found Dickies BBQ expensive 13 years ago, you’re not alone. Lately, it seems the stores have been going out of business, and for some, it’s no surprise. They might have needed more than just a good barbecue to keep the fire burning.

#7 Peloton – Riding on a Slim Thread

Close-up view of bicycle wheel with chain in workshop
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Peloton, the exercise bike sensation, might be in a spin if no one decides to buy them out. Some users wonder if they’ll pedal their way out of financial trouble. Will they find a way to keep the wheels turning?

#8 Guitar Center’s Musical Struggle

Selective focus of male musician playing on acoustic guitar. Music.
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Guitar Center has been the subject of much speculation in recent years. Despite predictions of its downfall, it’s still here, strumming along. Will the music store hit a sour note, or can they find the right chord for survival?

#9 Airbnb – A Room with a View of Trouble

Man playing with a video game console remote
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Airbnb might be the biggest player in the short-term rental game, but some users are less than thrilled with their customer service and policies. The second something better comes along, will Airbnb check out for good?

#10 Streaming Services – Too Many Channels to Surf?

Happy senior man relaxing at home and watching television, he is watching a comedy movie and laughing
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“It’s crazy how much we pay for subscriptions. My parents would’ve never. They refused to even get cable. They basically only paid for phone service and constantly acted like a long-distance call would destroy them financially.”

The explosion of streaming services has left many users drowning in a sea of subscriptions. It used to be Hulu and Netflix, but now there’s an overwhelming number of platforms. Users think that at least 50% of these services will get bought out or shut down.

#11 Crumbl Cookies – Will They Crumble?

Glass of milk and cookies on wooden table on brown background. Food.
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“As good as they are, which is only okay, they are so freaking expensive. I bought 10 for like $40-60 delivered. Insane to think it was a nice treat for my team.”

Crumbl Cookies has delighted sweet tooths with their unique cookie flavors. However, in the ever-competitive world of desserts, will they crumble under the pressure? Time will tell if they can satisfy our cookie cravings for years to come.

#12 ADT – On Guard or Off Duty?

Police officers with crossed arms looking at camera
Image Credit: ArturVerkhovetskiy /Depositphotos.com.

ADT, the home security company, is facing stiff competition from DIY security setups. With easy-to-install systems on the rise, will ADT remain the guardian of our homes, or will we take security matters into our own hands?

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