11 Disastrous Company Decisions That Ignited Public Backlash

In the fast-paced world of business, not all decisions are met with a round of applause. Join us for some prime examples of controversial company decisions that left the public raising eyebrows and shaking their heads in unison.

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#1 YikYak’s Anonymity U-Turn

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“YikYak Ending Anonymity – Instant Death.”

When YikYak, the once-popular anonymous messaging app, decided to put a stop to its anonymity feature, it sent shockwaves through its user base. Many users agree that this change was the final nail in the app’s coffin, leading to its eventual demise. The app lost its allure as it became just another social platform.

#2 Photobucket’s Shocking $400 Demand

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“When Photobucket decided to take the whole internet hostage by asking for 400$ a year for what was previously a free image storage solution. The move broke years of forums posting and erased a significant portion of the web collective knowledge.”

#3 JCPenney’s Upscale Gamble

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“JCPenny doing away with sales and trying to present as a more upscale store. Sales immediately plummeted, and they reversed course quickly.”

The public made it clear that they preferred deals over a snazzy facade.

#4 Game Dev Studios’ Unity Exodus

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“Probably unity, entire game dev studios dropping their software mid development to switch to other ones.”

Game development studios suddenly switching away from Unity was like changing a car’s tires while it’s still moving. The industry-wide move left many wondering if Unity was losing its charm in the game development world. It was a significant shakeup with ripple effects across the gaming landscape.

#5 Microsoft’s DRM Announcement

MUNICH, GERMANY - DECEMBER 26, 2018: Microsoft logo at the company office building located in Munich, Germany
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“Microsoft announcing that the X Box One would have DRM. They basically gave the market to PS4.”

Microsoft’s decision to announce DRM for the Xbox One caused a major stir in the gaming community. It was a pivotal moment where they realized how critical it is to align with the expectations and desires of their player base, ultimately giving a significant boost to their competitor, the PS4.

#6 Sonic’s Disturbing Dental Hygiene

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“Sonic having human teeth.”

Sonic the Hedgehog’s makeover with human teeth raised eyebrows across the internet. Many users found themselves wondering why a speedy blue hedgehog needed dental work in the first place. The decision sparked memes and jokes aplenty.

#7 Tumblr’s NSFW Dilemma

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“Tumblr removing p*** was not a sound decision.”

When Tumblr removed adult content from its platform, it left a void in the online space. Many users believed this was not a sound decision, as it led to a significant decrease in the platform’s user base, and its unique community was never quite the same.

#8 Kendall Jenner’s “Pepsi Solution”

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“Anyone remember the Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad when she solved police brutality?”

Kendall Jenner’s involvement in a controversial Pepsi ad that seemed to trivialize serious issues like police brutality left many people shaking their heads. It quickly became a case study of how not to address sensitive topics through advertising.

#9 Wizards of the Coast’s OGL Revocation

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“Wizards of the Coast trying to revoke the OGL.”

Wizards of the Coast’s attempt to revoke the Open Gaming License (OGL) didn’t sit well with many in the tabletop gaming community. It was a decision that left many fans of the game franchise feeling disheartened.

#10 Burger King’s “Women Belong in the Kitchen”

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“Burger King stating that Women Belong in the Kitchen. What they were trying to say was that they wanted more diversity. People didn’t see it that way, and in the end they had to issue an apology.”

Burger King’s attempt to promote diversity with the slogan “Women Belong in the Kitchen” didn’t land as intended. While they had good intentions, the public backlash showed that delivering a message effectively is as crucial as the message itself. An apology had to be swiftly issued to quell the uproar.

#11 Apple’s U2 Album Surprise

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“Apple deciding to automatically load an entire U2 album on every single iPhone users’ phone/iPod.”

Apple’s decision to automatically load an entire U2 album onto every iPhone and iPod was met with mixed reactions. Some found it intrusive, while others enjoyed the free music. It’s a case of a surprise that not everyone appreciates.

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