10 Intriguing Conspiracy Theories That Might Hold More Than Meets the Eye

In this list, we explore conspiracies with substantial evidence backing them up. Let’s take a closer look at these captivating theories that make us question what we think we know.

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#1 The Steam Game Mystery

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“That these weird low-quality NSFW games that pop out in the Steam popular list until you turn NSFW content off are money laundering targets to cash in Steam gift cards obtained via various phone scams. Steam gets their 30% of the stolen money, so they don’t mind and ultimately it is super difficult to prove that real people do not buy the games since nobody would ever admit to buying them.”

This conspiracy theory about questionable NSFW games on Steam possibly being a front for money laundering certainly raises eyebrows. Users are rightly skeptical of the mysterious appearance of these games on the popular list, prompting questions about their legitimacy.

#2 Lusitania’s Suspect Sinking

The famous and mysterious Sapona Shipwreck in the Bermuda Triangle/
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“The British government deliberately put the RMS Lusitania in harm’s way to get her sunk to bring the USA into WW1. The fact the records have been resealed for another 100 years adds credence to this conspiracy.”

The conspiracy theory that the British government put the RMS Lusitania in harm’s way during WWI to involve the USA is a fascinating historical puzzle. The fact that documents related to this event remain sealed for an extended period only fuels intrigue. It serves as a reminder that history can be filled with concealed motives and decisions shrouded in secrecy.

#3 Sweet Shop Money Laundering

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“In the UK, there was a recent boom in American sweet shops that sold grossly overpriced import candy. They were suddenly everywhere after COVID, they didn’t sell much, but they were everywhere. Someone on TikTok theorized that they were all money laundering fronts, people started filming in the shops laughing at the prices, and staff always seemed to get really angry about it. Then it was announced last year (?) that there was an investigation started because the theory held water, and suddenly they all shut.”

#4 Putin’s Alleged Role in Apartment Bombings

Lukyanivka, Ukraine: 25 March 2022: destroyed russian military vehicle
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“Putin bombed apartments killing 307 of his own people to help him come to power.”

The theory that Vladimir Putin orchestrated bombings to solidify his power is a disturbing one. In 1999, entire apartment buildings were bombed and blamed on several different groups. Investigations were blocked by the government and many independent investigators were k****d. These claims are both shocking and unsettling, implying a level of political manipulation that raises serious questions.

#5 US Government and C*****e

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“US government involvement in the trafficking of c*****e.”

The conspiracy theory surrounding the US government’s alleged involvement in c*****e trafficking has been around for some time. During the 1980s Nicaraguan civil war, the US government supported the rebels with weapons, who helped finance themselves by engaging in the trafficking of c*****e. Allegedly, the CIA and the US government looked the other way and allowed these drugs to flow into the USA. Many theorists blame the American drug epidemic on this underhanded support of drug traffickers in the 80s.

#6 Modern Art Money Laundering

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“Modern art is just money laundering. Nobody pays $2.2 million for a blank canvas.”

The notion that the world of modern art serves as a cover for money laundering presents a unique perspective. While some art sales may raise eyebrows, it’s crucial to consider that the art world can be subjective, and value is often in the eye of the beholder.

#7 Redefining “Conspiracy”

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“The meta-conspiracy to convince dumb people that the word “conspiracy” means “a crazy person’s imagination.” Conspiracies happen every day. There’s a global conspiracy of adults to convince kids Santa is real – it’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s a conspiracy.”

This meta-conspiracy theory about the evolving definition of the word “conspiracy” highlights how language and perception can be manipulated. The idea that individuals in power can shape our understanding of certain terms adds a layer of complexity to the world of conspiracies.

#8 UFO Investigators and Disinformation

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“The government deliberately leaked false information to UFO investigators to discredit them because they were getting too close to the truth.”

The theory that governments leak false information to UFO investigators is a classic conspiracy. This narrative underscores the idea that governments may wish to maintain secrecy on certain topics. This theory gained momentum recently as a former US intelligence official, David Grusch, who analyzed unexplained anomalous phenomena (UAP) for the Department of Defense, asserted that the US has crafts of non-human origin. Grusch claims Congress is unlawfully denied information on these vehicles, and he faced retaliation for sharing classified details, prompting his exit from the government after a 14-year career.

#9 Bobby Kennedy and the Mafia

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“The theory that Bobby Kennedy was k****d by the Mafia.”

The theory connecting the Mafia to Bobby Kennedy’s assassination is a long-standing mystery. On June 5, 1968, Robert F. Kennedy was shot by a Palestinian man named Sirhan Sirhan at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. The apparent motive was Robert’s support for Israel, but many argue that Senator Kennedy’s war against the mob was the real reason he was k****d. This isn’t the only conspiracy theory surrounding Robert’s death though. Many others abound, including the existence of a second g**man, a woman in a polka dot dress claiming to have fired the shot, the CIA’s involvement, and many more.

#10 Property Acquisitions by BlackRock and Vanguard

Landslide caused by rains of hurricane destroyed expensive cottages and houses. Destroyed house, cottage, large cracks, chips, slabs. Broken asphalt shifted landslide after earthquake. View from drone
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“Blackrock and Vanguard are buying up all the residential property they can in order to get the majority of Americans renting from them. Estimates say by 2030 they will own 60% of residential property.”

The notion that major financial institutions like BlackRock and Vanguard are strategically purchasing residential properties sparks discussion about corporate influence. As with all financial conspiracy theories, it’s essential to conduct thorough research and ponder the potential implications of such actions.

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