12 Hilariously Dumb Workplace Moments That’ll Make Your Day

We’ve all had those moments at work when a co-worker does something so bafflingly ridiculous that it becomes legendary within the office walls. While the job might be serious, there’s always room for some workplace comedy. We’ve scoured the depths of a social media thread and found some real gems shared by users who’ve witnessed their co-workers take “dumb” to a whole new level. From unusual mishaps to eyebrow-raising choices, here are 12 stories that will leave you scratching your head and chuckling at the absurdity.

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#1 Duplicate Pizzas

Midsection of businesswoman using copy machine in office. Fax.
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“One dude once photocopied a slice of pizza. We found cheese and stuff inside the machine for weeks. Was pretty funny though.”

Photocopying a pizza slice – it’s an unexpected twist on office shenanigans. The aftermath, with cheese and pizza fragments lurking inside the photocopier, adds a whole new layer of absurdity. Clearly, this coworker decided to give the term “office pizza party” a whole new meaning, and their culinary foray will be remembered in the office folklore for years to come.

#2 The Tattooist’s Epic Fail

Tattooist posing in tatoo salon.
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“I saw a tattooist I worked with tattoo “Laugh now cry Ladder” across a guy’s chest…He was let go/ and a few years later a guy came in with “Warior” across his upper back in bold letters wanting it fixed. Same tattooist, lol.”

#3 An Unusual Perspective on Food Preparation

Waiter carrying plates with meat dish on some festive event, party or wedding reception
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“Telling the manager on duty, “I’m not the one eating it, so why should I care?” when the manager was trying to explain to her how to correctly prepare a customer’s food.”

Food safety is a top priority in the culinary world. And the story of this coworker who questioned why they should care about food preparation if they weren’t the ones eating it left everyone flabbergasted. This incident serves as a reminder that attention to detail and hygiene should be non-negotiable in the kitchen, no matter your personal dining preferences.

#4 The Sleeping Pill Mishap

A woman sitting on her bed in the morning, holding a glass of water.
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“Wally took a fistful of painkillers and fell into such a deep sleep, we thought he was dead. He was let go shortly thereafter.”

Wally’s impromptu nap, induced by a handful of painkillers, left coworkers concerned and bewildered. The incident led to Wally’s swift exit from the workplace. It’s a lesson in the importance of responsible medication use and the perils of turning the office into a makeshift slumber party.

#5 The Mop Bucket Mix-Up

Partial view of woman in superhero costume with mop
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My best friend, he took his mop bucket and poured it down a water fountain instead of using the closet with a sink that was literally right next to the water fountain. He got fired the next day.”

Mistaking a water fountain for a sink is a workplace blunder of epic proportions. Pouring a mop bucket into it takes the blunder to a whole new level. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the simplest tasks require careful consideration, and water fountains are best left untouched by mop water.

#6 The Accidental Skype Rant

Man using laptop. Shocked / surprised.
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He opened a Skype window (yes, this was ~10 years ago) and started messaging me to s***-talk a person who was in the same call as us. Except, he forgot he was sharing his screen.”

This coworker’s unintentional message sharing serves as a humorous lesson in the perils of digital venting. It’s also a reminder to always double-check your message recipients, especially in a professional setting.

#7 A Risky Vape Break

Smoke on black background
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“Taking out and using a vape pen in a clean room area that had an acid hood with butanol, nitric acid, and hydrofluoric acid in it. Suffice to say he wasn’t employed for long after that.”

Vaping in a room filled with hazardous chemicals is a recipe for disaster. This coworker’s choice led to an abrupt end to their employment. It’s a stark reminder that safety should always come first in the workplace, and vaping and volatile chemicals should never mix.

#8 The Bartender’s Haircut

Details of trimming. Cropped closeup of a barber trimming the back of the head to his client. Haircut.
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“Cutting his hair at the bar, he was the bartender…”

In a bar, you’d expect the bartender to mix drinks, not give haircuts. However, one co-worker defied expectations by cutting their hair right at the bar counter, leaving patrons and colleagues equally astonished. This unconventional haircut serves as a lesson in workplace professionalism and reminds us all that some things are better left for after your shift ends.

#9 The Unannounced Live Shooter Drill

Shocked young man covering mouth by hand. Surprised.
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“Office manager pitched the idea of having a live shooter drill, and not telling anyone in advance.”

A live shooter drill is essential for safety, but surprising your coworkers with one is not the way to go. This incident serves as a reminder that communication and preparation go hand in hand when it comes to workplace safety. Let’s hope this manager learned that a surprise drill is not the best approach.

#10 The Knife-Soapy Sink Disaster

Top view of different kitchen knives arranged on black marble surface
Image Credit: VadimVasenin /Depositphotos.com.

“Put a bunch of freshly sharpened knives in a sink that was full of soapy water and didn’t tell anyone. Another coworker got like 5 large cuts on his hand while reaching in to start cleaning dishes.”

Safety in the kitchen is paramount, and this coworker’s act of placing sharp knives in a soapy sink without warning led to unfortunate consequences. It’s a reminder that practicing caution and ensuring a safe work environment is essential in the food industry.

#11 A Texting Mishap at Daycare

Young woman holding her phone and looking at it in disbelief. upset / shocked.
Image Credit: VitalikRadko /Depositphotos.com.

“I work in a daycare. One of my coworkers decided to text our group chat a picture of a n unclothed child during a diaper change.”

Sending inappropriate pictures at a daycare is not only unprofessional but also a serious breach of trust. This coworker’s texting mishap underscores the importance of maintaining respect, privacy, and professionalism, especially in environments involving children.

#12 The Liquid Courage Offer

Handsome mechanics with tablet drinking beer at garage
Image Credit: VitalikRadko /Depositphotos.com.

“At an old warehouse job, on this dude’s first day he offered the general manager a cup of Hennessy he was drinking out of. Never seen someone get fired faster than that since.”

Offering your manager alcohol in the middle of a workday is a surefire way to exit a job at warp speed. This incident serves as a humorous reminder that office etiquette and timing matter. Keep the spirits for your post-work social gatherings – it’s a safer bet.

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