Do You Remember These 11 “Early Internet” Websites From the 90s?

In the fast-paced digital world of today, where TikTok and Instagram stories dominate our screens, the early days of the internet seem like a distant memory. But, if you dive into the comments of a recent social media thread, you’ll find a wave of nostalgia. Many users agree that they missed out on some incredible gems from the “early internet” that they wish were still around. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and explore the websites and online experiences they lament not having the chance to fully enjoy.

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#1 AOL Chat Rooms

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“I miss the AOL chat rooms. I would be on them all night long getting into discussions over any possible subject.”

AOL chat rooms were the go-to spots for users to have lively, late-night discussions on any imaginable subject. These digital meeting places were like bustling town squares where people from all walks of life gathered for spirited conversations. The nostalgic yearning is not just for the technology but for the sense of community and intellectual exchange that these chat rooms fostered.

#2 Pirate Bay

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“The uncouth version of Pirate Bay. Before the government understood what piracy was.”

In the early days of the internet, Pirate Bay was a digital treasure trove where users could access all sorts of content, often without realizing the legal ramifications. The reminiscence here isn’t necessarily about promoting piracy but reflects the Wild West spirit of the internet’s youth when many users operated in a gray area, pushing boundaries without fear.

#3 Geocities

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“Geocities is the very definition of the old Internet. Creativity was king. Your identity was irrelevant. You were both allowed and encouraged to be a total amateurish goof. You could refrain from posting for months or years on end, and if your content was good, people would still come back.”

Geocities was a pioneer in user-generated content and web design. Users didn’t just miss the platform but the freedom it represented. It was a place where you could be a creative amateur and get noticed. The nostalgia isn’t solely for Geocities but for an era when the internet valued and celebrated amateur creativity over polished professionalism.

#4 MSN Messenger

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“MSN Messenger. It’s obsolete by today’s standards but back then it was one of the first things you opened up when you got home and turned on your laptop/pc.”

MSN Messenger was one of the original digital hangout spot, and users remember it fondly. Young people loved it for the excitement of being able to have private conversation with friends and lovers without their parents listening in. The reminiscence isn’t just for the technology but for the sense of connection and real-time communication it provided. If you remember ICQ (predating MSN Messenger), then bonus points for you.

#5 Golden Days of DeviantArt

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“Old-school deviantArt.”

The early days of DeviantArt were like a bustling art gallery, and users who were there express a yearning for the rich and diverse artistic community it offered. They miss the opportunity to be part of a space where art was celebrated and showcased before social media platforms became the primary stage for creative expression.

#6 CandyStand

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“I was a fan of” was the ultimate digital candy store for games. The longing for it is not just about the games themselves but the simplicity and accessibility they represented. It’s a desire to experience the uncomplicated joys of online gaming before it evolved into a multi-billion-dollar industry.

#7 Addicting Games

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“” was a digital amusement park, and those who missed out lament not just the games but the carefree distraction it offered. The nostalgia is for a time when online gaming was pure, untethered fun, devoid of complex storylines and microtransactions.


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“ had a bubble wrap popper. Easily one of the best time wasters out there.”’s bubble wrap popper symbolizes a simpler era of online entertainment. Users miss the pure and oddly satisfying enjoyment of popping virtual bubbles. It’s a longing for uncomplicated digital pleasures, a far cry from the sophisticated virtual experiences of today.


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“The prime of” was the social media of its time, and it was huge, until suddenly it wasn’t. People pine for a period when online interaction was more personal, and self-expression was a central focus, not algorithmic timelines.

#10 Ask Jeeves

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“Does anyone remember ‘Ask Jeeves’?”

The mention of ‘Ask Jeeves’ is not just about the search engine itself but the quaint idea of having a virtual butler to help with your online queries. It’s a yearning for a more humanized internet experience, where technology aimed to be a helpful companion rather than an invisible force.

#11 YouTube Ad-Free Bliss

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“YouTube without the slightest thought of ads.”

The wistfulness for an ad-free YouTube isn’t solely about avoiding ads. It reflects a time when online platforms were less monetized and content consumption was uninterrupted. The reminiscence is for an era when the internet felt less like a marketplace and more like an open stage for creativity.

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