Editorial Policy

At Million Dollar Sense, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, well-researched, and accurate content to our readers. Our editorial policy ensures that every piece of content published on our blog site maintains the highest standards of integrity, credibility, and relevance. As a platform that employs multiple writers and editors, we follow a rigorous process to ensure consistency and excellence across all our publications.

Quality Control Through Multiple Rounds of Review:

Every piece of content undergoes a meticulous review process involving at least three rounds of human editing and revision. This ensures that all articles are thoroughly vetted for accuracy, clarity, grammar, and style before being published. Our team of editors works closely with writers to provide constructive feedback and ensure the final product meets our standards.

If any errors or inaccuracies are identified after publication, we promptly correct them as we find them. Still, our editors can make mistakes. They’re human, after all. We welcome feedback from our audience and are committed to addressing any concerns or questions they may have about our content.

Fact-Checking and Source Citation:

We prioritize accuracy in all our content. Our writers are required to fact-check information thoroughly and cite credible sources to support their claims.


We respect intellectual property rights and observe copyright laws. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited, and our editors do random checks to ensure the originality of our content. All photographs and images used are either owned by us or are properly credited.

No Sponsored Posts or Content:

We maintain editorial independence by strictly adhering to a policy of not accepting sponsored posts or content. This ensures that our readers can trust the integrity of the information we provide, free from any external influence or bias. Our content is driven solely by our commitment to delivering valuable insights and information to our audience.

Diverse and Relevant Content:

We strive to cover a wide range of lifestyle-related topics relevant to our American audience, including relationships, travel, retirement, self-improvement, faith, nostalgia, and history. Our content reflects the diverse interests and needs of our readers, offering interesting information, valuable insights, practical advice, and entertainment.


We believe in giving our writers freedom and holding them accountable for their writing process. Our writers and editors are independent contractors. Their views do not necessarily reflect the views of management.

Writers are responsible for fact-checking all pieces of content before they are published. Editors review each piece of content for style, format, language, and tone. Multiple writers and editors could work on each piece of content before it is published.


Million Dollar Sense’s ownership, affiliations, and any conflicts of interest are public record.

Ethics & Privacy:

Our content does not violate anyone’s privacy, nor do we publish anything that encourages hate speech or discrimination of any type.

By upholding these editorial standards, we aim to provide our readers with a trusted source of information and inspiration. At Million Dollar Sense, integrity, quality, and relevance are at the core of everything we do.