20 Facts You Need to Know For Emergencies

In a world full of uncertainties, being armed with life-saving knowledge can make all the difference. A recent social media thread saw users sharing crucial facts that could literally save your life. Let’s delve into the wisdom shared by the community and explore why these nuggets of information are more valuable than ever.

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#1 Dialing 911: No Bars, No Problem!

Female operator of call center with headset isolated on white background. Headset.
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“You should still attempt to dial 911 in an emergency even if you have no bars of signal.”

When the bars vanish, don’t panic—dial 911 anyway. In emergencies, your phone has a secret superhero move. It can bounce signals off any tower available, including military and first responder ones, ensuring help is on the way, even if your phone is feeling a bit antisocial.

#2 Lost Kids? Find the Closest Adult

Portrait Young Asian boy over white background, be upset. Kid / child who is angry.
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“Teach your kids that if they’re ever separated from you to find any closest adult (in emergencies).”

Parents, your little ones might wander off like aspiring explorers. Remind them that in times of separation, the closest adult is their ticket back to safety. The odds of meeting a kindly stranger far outweigh the worry of meeting a villain, making it a kid-friendly game of “find the friendly grown-up.”

#3 Bleach and Water Only, Please

Beautiful splash of water falling into the glass
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“Don’t mix bleach with anything but water.”

Mixing bleach is like hosting a chemistry party you never wanted. Stick to the solo act with water and avoid dangerous chemical reactions. It’s a simple rule: bleach is for cleaning, not for unexpected chemical reactions that turn your cleaning day into a disaster movie.

#4 Baking Soda: The Fire Extinguisher You Never Knew

Fire and flames close up
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“Baking soda will extinguish a fire, even grease and electrical fires.”

Baking soda isn’t just a kitchen sidekick; it’s a fire-fighting hero too. Whether it’s a rogue grease fire or a sizzling electrical mishap, this powdery ally can snuff out the flames. So, keep a box in your kitchen for scenarios where you don’t have your fire extinguisher handy.

#5 Wet Clothes: The Cold Culprit

Sick patient having online consultation with doctor on smartphone. Cold, chilly.
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“You lose heat 20 times faster when wet vs being dry. Shed wet clothes.”

Being wet is like wearing an icy cape. Shed those wet clothes like a superhero changing into their crime-fighting gear. Staying dry is the key to maintaining your body’s warmth—no capes required, just cozy dryness.

#6 Losing Weight: A Stealthy Signal for Help?

Young man holding cancer ribbon standing over isolated pink background annoyed and frustrated shouting with anger, crazy and yelling with raised hand, anger concept.
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“Losing weight without trying could very well be cancer.”

Unintentional weight loss might seem like a bonus, but some users hinted it could be a sneaky signal from your body. Pay attention, as it might be time for a check-up. Who knew shedding a few pounds could be a silent SOS?

#7 Puncture Wounds: Leave it to the Pros

Photo Of An Arm With Wound
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“Don’t pull a knife or anything else out of a puncture wound. The object may very well be keeping you from bleeding out.”

Getting stabbed isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time, but leave the impromptu knife accessory where it is. The object might be doing the vital job of keeping you from bleeding out. Only a trained medical professional should handle any such wounds.

#8 Ice-Cold Escapes: Spotting the Exit

The Frozen Surface of a Lake
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“If you fall through the ice… the dark spot is the way out.”

Frozen lakes turn into unintentional polar plunges sometimes. Swim towards a dark spot with all your strength to break free from the chilly cocoon. Just remember, it’s the dark side that leads to the light.

#9 Wilderness Wisdom: Stay Calm, Stay Put

Woods / forest
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“If you get lost in the wilderness, the best thing to do is to stay calm and stay put.”

Are wilderness adventures turning into a survival saga? Stay calm, channel your inner zen, and park yourself somewhere safe. Unless danger is breathing down your neck, sitting tight increases your chances of being found.

#10 Hide and Seek: Deadly Edition

Adorable happy kid / child with raised hands in mittens standing in snow. Winter.
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“If you can’t find your kid in your house, don’t search common places they would be. Search the most deadly places.”

Lost your mini-me at home? Forget the usual hide-and-seek spots. Check the danger zones first—pools, freezers, and even washing machines. Seconds matter, and while they might be giggling under the table, you’re on a mission to eliminate potential hide-and-seek hazards.

#11 Carbon Monoxide: The Silent Intruder

Breathing exercise Pranayama - Alternate nostril breathing, often performed for stress and anxiety relief. Calm. Woman.
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“Carbon monoxide is odorless. Get a detector.”

Carbon monoxide is the ultimate stealthy houseguest—it’s odorless and lethal. Many users urged fellow safety enthusiasts to welcome a carbon monoxide detector into their homes. Your everyday appliances can leak carbon monoxide and without a detector, you have no defense against it.

#12 River Rocks: Explosive Fire Pits?

A fall landscape of the rocky shore of the Tulpehocken Creek in Reading, PA with fall foliage and a red footbridge in the background
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“The rocks from a river absorb water. When rapidly heated it causes the absorbed water to boil much quicker than steam can escape the rock.”

Thinking of using river rocks for a cozy fire pit? Think again. These seemingly innocent rocks can turn explosive when heated rapidly. It’s like playing with Mother Nature’s own version of popcorn—only much hotter and way less tasty. Stick to safer fire-building materials and keep the outdoor adventures drama-free.

#13 Rip Currents: A Swim for Survival

Drowning man reaching for help in sea, closeup. Water.
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“If you get caught in a rip current, don’t fight it. When you can, swim parallel to the shore out of the rip and then diagonally back to shore.”

Caught in a rip current? Struggling will only get you tired; go with the flow instead. Swim parallel to the shore to escape the current’s clutches and then diagonally back to safety.

#14 Doorbell Dilemmas: Not All Guests Deserve an Answer

Person by the Door Holding Bell's Clapper
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“Just because someone rings your doorbell, doesn’t mean you have an obligation to answer.”

Ding-dong, dilemma! Not every doorbell chime deserves your immediate attention. Some users wisely suggested that your home is your castle, and you choose who enters. If you’re not expecting someone, don’t answer the door.

#15 Self-Checks Can Save Your Life

Partial view of woman holding breast cancer awareness pink ribbon
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“Check your breasts/testicles regularly for lumps.”

Self-checks are the superhero sidekick of preventive health. Regularly inspect the hills and valleys of your body for any unusual lumps. Early detection can make the difference between life or death.

#16 Choking Chronicles: Silence Speaks Volumes

Diseased man in warm scarf coughing in folded hands. Sick.
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“Choking is silent. If they’re coughing, they’re not actually choking. If someone goes silent and starts pointing to their neck, start the Heimlich maneuver.”

Choking isn’t a blockbuster movie; it’s a silent thriller. If someone is coughing, they’re not in the choking scene yet. But if the silence speaks louder than words and they point to their neck, it’s Heimlich time. Get ready to be the hero of the dining room, cape optional.

#17 Fishy Smells: Not the Catch of the Day

Firefighters rescued the survivors
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“A fishy smell in your house could mean there’s an electrical fire.”

If your home starts smelling like the catch of the day without a seafood feast in sight, beware. Some users warned that a fishy odor might be signaling an electrical fire. Don’t be fooled by the sea breeze; it’s time to call in the electrician before your home turns into a seaside barbecue.

#18 Car Breakdowns: Stay Safe, Stay Away

Highway, interchange, car, forest. Saint Petersburg, Russia
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“If your car is broken down, do not stand in front of it while waiting for help.”

Car troubles? Your vehicle is not a shield. Some users sadly shared the story of a friend who paid the price for standing in front of a broken-down car. Another car ran into his stalled vehicle and ended up crushing him. Stay on the safe side; wait off to the side, and let the professionals handle the rescue mission.

#19 Abduction Avoidance: Say No to Second Locations

Scared young girl with an adult man's hand covering her mouth
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“If someone comes at you with a weapon and tells you to go with them, DO NOT. Never go to the second location.”

If life feels like a suspenseful movie, remember this plot twist: never go to the second location. It’s a thriller 101 lesson from social media users—staying put could be your key to escaping the script of a dangerous encounter.

#20 Snowy Perils: Beware the “Tree Well” Trap

Beautiful mom and child / kid daughter having fun in the snow / winter.
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“Never walk/ski/snowboard near trees when there is heavy snow- there is something called a ‘tree well’ that sometimes forms under trees where if you fall in you will become impacted by snow, often upside down, and suffocate to death.”

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