17 Everyday American Luxuries That Europeans Are Jealous Of

In a recent social media thread, Europeans candidly shared their observations on the everyday luxuries Americans enjoy. From disability access to winter-fresh gum, these insights offer a unique perspective on what our friends across the pond find intriguing about life in the USA.

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#1 Accessible America

Cropped image of man using wheelchair on street
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“Disability access everywhere.”

Many users appreciate the widespread disability access in the United States. From theaters to offices, ramps and elevators are prevalent, providing confidence and ease of navigation for those using wheelchairs. This inclusivity stands out as a daily luxury, making public spaces more accessible for everyone.

#2 Climate Choices Across the Country

Aerial view of city of Miami flying in over city.
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“You can pretty much choose to live in any climate you like when you live in the USA and still be in the same country.”

Americans have the luxury of choosing their preferred climate within the vast expanse of the country. Whether craving four seasons in the Northeast, a humid climate in Seattle, or dry warmth in Los Angeles, the diversity of climates within the same country is a marvel that some Europeans envy.

#3 American Kitchens

Modern kitchen in luxury mansion
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“Big kitchens and big refrigerators/ freezers.”

The allure of spacious kitchens and large refrigerators isn’t lost on Europeans. Even student apartments boast decent-sized kitchens, prompting admiration from European visitors, who are used to living in much more cramped spaces. The sheer size of American fridges, in particular, leaves an impression.

#4 Massive Houses and Abundant Space

Interior Design Of A House - Living Room
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“The massive houses, a special room just for your massive washer and dryer units, 2 car garage, basically you have tons of space.”

The concept of detached homes, complete with special rooms for laundry and two-car garages, captures the imagination of many Europeans. The luxury of space, both indoors and outdoors, remains a notable difference that some find intriguing.

#5 Backyards for Vegetable Gardens

White and Gray Wooden House Near Grass Field and Trees
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“Backyards. I’d plant so many vegetables.”

The idea of having a backyard spacious enough to plant a variety of vegetables is a dream for some Europeans. The potential for home gardening is seen as a delightful luxury that many Americans enjoy.

#6 Free Refills

Cropped View African American Barista Apron Holding Coffee Cup While. Restaurant. Cafe.
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“Free refills at restaurants.”

The simple joy of free refills, often taken for granted in the U.S., is a luxury that caught the attention of Europeans, who usually pay even for water in restaurants.

#7 Huge National Parks

Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee, USA autumn landscape at dawn.
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“Extensive national parks.”

The vast and diverse national parks in the United States are a source of envy for many Europeans. The accessibility and beauty of these natural wonders provide an unparalleled opportunity for exploration and adventure.

#8 Remembering 24-Hour Convenience

Portrait Of Smiling Woman With Shopping Cart In Supermarket Buying Groceries Food Walking Along The Aisle And Shelves In Grocery Store. Female Buyer Choosing Healthy Products In Mall
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“Used to be 24-hour stores and restaurants. That went away with COVID.”

While the luxury of 24-hour stores and restaurants may have diminished due to the pandemic, Europeans still reminisce about the convenience and accessibility that characterized American cities before COVID-19 changed the landscape.

#9 Cool Summers with Air Conditioning

Freezed young woman in warm clothes having idea while holding air conditioner remote control at home
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“Air conditioning. Americans pump it all summer long.”

The commitment to air conditioning during the sweltering summer months is a luxury Europeans find fascinating. The widespread use of AC in the United States contrasts with some European countries where it’s not as prevalent.

#10 Schooling on a Grand Scale

Woman In White Laboratory Gown
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“Huge schools with labs and gyms and theaters.”

The scale of American schools, equipped with laboratories, gyms, and theaters, is another aspect that impresses Europeans. The abundance of resources for students is seen as a luxury that contributes to a well-rounded education.

#11 Public Restroom Perks

Asian senior elderly old lady woman patient open toilet bathroom by hand in nursing hospital ward, healthy strong medical concept.
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“Free use of bathrooms.”

The ease of accessing free bathrooms is a luxury that some Europeans admire about the U.S. The availability of public restrooms in various establishments adds to the convenience of daily life. In most European countries, public restrooms are pay-to-enter.

#12 The Freshness of Winter-Fresh Gum

Attractive girl with bubble of chewing gum. Bored.
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“Winter fresh chewing gum. Haven’t found a gum as good anywhere else.”

A seemingly trivial luxury that stands out is the availability of winter-fresh chewing gum. Europeans express a fondness for the unique freshness that this American gum provides, creating a nostalgic connection.

#13 Bathrooms Galore

Light blue modern bathroom interior with glass door shower and white cabinet with mirror. Bathroom.
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“Tons of bathrooms in homes. My three-bedroom apartment has just one of those.“

The surplus of bathrooms, even in regular apartments, is a luxury that some Europeans envy. The convenience of having multiple bathrooms adds a touch of comfort to daily living.

#14 Ice at the Touch of a Button

Stainless Steel Refrigerator Beside White Kitchen Cabinet
Image Credit: Pexels.

“Icemakers in the freezer.”

The commonality of icemakers in American freezers is a simple yet appreciated luxury for Europeans. The convenience of having ice readily available without the need for trays is a small but noteworthy detail.

#15 Supermarkets: A Willy Wonka Experience

Woman in White Long Sleeve Shirt Shopping
Image Credit: Pexels.

“Enormous supermarkets with abundant choice. I always feel like I’m in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory when I enter one.”

The vastness of American supermarkets is a luxury that never fails to amaze Europeans. The sheer abundance of choices and the grandeur of these shopping spaces leave a lasting impression.

#16 Cars: Affordable and Accessible

Young woman driving her car
Image Credit: minervastock /Depositphotos.com.

“How cheap cars are. A regular Honda Civic in my country costs more than a Mustang in the US.”

#17 Amazon Magic: Same-Day Delivery

Delivery Courier Placing Parcel in Box on Porch
Image Credit: Pexels.

“Same day or next day free delivery on almost any item on Amazon.”

The enchanting world of online shopping takes on an almost magical quality in the United States, where the convenience of same-day or next-day free delivery on Amazon has become an integral part of daily life. For Europeans, this phenomenon is nothing short of wizardry, as they witness the swift fulfillment of orders at the touch of a button.

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