The 19 Most Blatant Examples of “Living in Denial”

Welcome to the Denial Diaries, where reality takes a backseat. From perplexing relationships to lifestyle choices, these captivating vignettes explore the consequences of denial.

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#1 Love or Deceit: The Endless Hookup Odyssey

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My friend has been “talking to” this man for 4 and a half years. They’ve hung out maybe 5 times and they usually just hook up and he leaves. He only texts her at certain hours of the day “because of his work schedule.” He never plans dates for them or when she does try to plan dates HE bails. I constantly ask her why she keeps talking to him and if she really believes they could be something more than once in a while (if even that) hookup buddies and she said she just really likes him and wants to be with him. I wholeheartedly believe he has a whole wife and kids.”

In this saga of love (or deception?), a friend’s persistent connection with a man for over four years, marked by sporadic hookups and constant excuses, raises eyebrows. Despite glaring signs, the friend clings to hope. It’s a modern-day mystery: is it true love, or just a tangled web of deceit?

#2 Family Betrayal: The Silent Guilt of Denial

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This is fresh because my (slimy) uncle just died. He was convicted of (abusing) my cousins. There were photos and videos of the crime, nothing showing his face. My grandma maintained until her death that my uncle was innocent. She favored him over my dad, who was actually a halfway decent person. My cousins tried to tell her. She shoved one away and told her she was “a sick little girl.” They eventually told a teacher.”

A dark family secret unfolds as the user reveals their recently deceased uncle’s conviction for heinous crimes. The denial doesn’t end there, with the grandmother staunchly believing in his innocence. It’s a chilling family drama where truth and denial clash, leaving scars that outlast even death.

#3 Vegas Reckoning: From Riches to Repeat Mistakes

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“Ex’s mom: moved to Vegas from Europe. Went broke gambling over 10 or so years, practically homeles. Then she got injured on a casino escalator and was compensated more than fairly with a life-changing amount of money. Guess who went broke again, pretty much exclusively at the same casino?”

The rollercoaster of an ex’s mom’s life takes a bizarre turn—from riches to rags and back again, all thanks to a gambling addiction. It’s a cautionary tale of gambling woes that seems almost scripted for Vegas.

#4 Fashion Follies: Glasses vs. Quirky Menus

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My mother (now deceased) refused to wear glasses because she hated how they looked on her. Instead, she insisted her eyesight was “not that bad” and the fact we had to read menus to her at restaurants was just a cute quirk.”

A departed mother’s stubborn refusal to wear glasses turns a functional accessory into a charming family quirk. With menus becoming a team effort, it’s a humorous take on prioritizing fashion over function. Who needs clear vision when you can have a stylish blur?

#5 Dementia Denial: The Inconvenience of Reality

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My Dad has PSP/dementia. My Mom refused to acknowledge that it was a developing problem because it was an “inconvenience to their lifestyle.” I confronted her, because he needed to have his driver’s license taken away. He was dangerous on the road.”

In the face of a father’s dementia, a mother’s refusal to acknowledge the inconvenient truth becomes a family struggle. It’s a poignant reminder that denial, even when faced with a degenerative illness, can persist in the name of preserving a particular lifestyle.

#6 Adopting Adventures: When Age is Just a Number

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“(I have) a friend. He’s in his fifties and makes next to minimum wage; Drinks and eats too much. He and his girlfriend (late sixties) live with a mutual friend. They’re ‘discussing’ adopting a child.”

A middle-aged homeless friend making minimum wage contemplates adoption, prompting raised eyebrows from those observing the peculiar life choices. It’s a narrative that defies an understanding of the complexities involved in raising a child properly.

#7 Dating Dilemmas: Age-Appropriate Matches

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“My buddy keeps complaining that ‘normal’ guys won’t respond to him on dating apps. He’s nearly 60 and exclusively swipes on 25 year olds.”

A middle-aged man’s dating app woes become a reality check when users point out that not everyone wants to date ‘creepy old dudes.’ It’s an eye-opening glimpse into the digital dating scene, reminding us that age preferences and reality may not always align.

#8 Paradoxical Invincibility: The Alcoholic C****** Connoisseur

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“My friend is an alcoholic and (spends) nearly every day binge drinking and doing coke till 7am. He gets winded standing up for too long but says that he’s fine and not going to die because he is skinny.”

A friend’s self-assurance in the face of a destructive lifestyle becomes a paradoxical tale of denial. With daily substance abuse and a belief in invincibility, he is bound to learn a tough lesson that health doesn’t always align with appearances.

#9 Cane Pride Fumbles: The Perils of Male Stubbornness

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“My elderly friend who has fallen 4 times already broke 2 ribs once, a wrist once, and bruised up the other times. He still refuses to use a cane out of some male pride thing. He can’t understand that we all age, and if he keeps falling he will end up with a broken hip, bedridden and miserable.”

This relatable tale about the inevitability of aging and the detrimental effects of clinging to pride serves us all a cautionary lesson as we get older.

#10 Needle Phobia Tragedy: Blindness, Failure, and Transplant

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“My friend was diagnosed with diabetes 10 years ago. He has needle phobia and was afraid of pricking his fingers to monitor his blood sugar. So he refused to do so and just “ate healthy.”

Due to blood sugar fluctuations, he gradually went blind. His kidney failed and he spent 3.5 years on dialysis, followed by a kidney transplant. Home again with a new kidney, he is still afraid of pricking his fingers and once again decided to manage his diabetes by “eating healthy,” just like he did for the past 10 years.”

A friend’s decade-long fear of monitoring blood sugar takes a tragic turn, resulting in blindness, kidney failure, and a transplant. The refusal to confront a needle phobia becomes a cautionary tale about the consequences of neglecting necessary health measures.

#11 Abusive Denial: When Love Turns Toxic

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“My loving, yet abusive and alcoholic father telling me that he has no problems to fix.”

A user recounts the emotional complexity of dealing with an abusive and alcoholic father in denial. The refusal to acknowledge personal flaws adds a layer of tragic irony to the notion that the problem lies solely in the child’s “sick and twisted mind.” It’s a poignant reflection on the complexities of family dynamics.

#12 Matrimonial Blame Game: Four Marriages, One Scapegoat

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My brother is married for the fourth time, my mother blames all his ex-wives. I keep pointing out her son is the common link to all the divorces.”

In a familial blame game, a user’s brother’s fourth marriage becomes a point of contention, with the mother conveniently placing blame on all the ex-wives. It’s a poignant observation that highlights the dynamics of denial within families. After all, who needs introspection when you can blame the exes?

#13 Opiate Intrigue: Morphine Mysteries Unveiled

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“I have a close friend with an opiate addiction. Her husband enables her by thinking that she needs morphine infusions for a variety of magically appearing painful ailments.”

A close friend’s struggle with opiate addiction takes a surreal turn when her husband believes she requires morphine infusions for mysterious ailments. The narrative unfolds like a medical drama, blurring the lines between genuine concern and misguided intentions.

#14 Grade Denial Chronicles

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“I am a teacher- I have so many parents in denial about their children’s grades or behavior. I once had a kid headbutt me and break my nose because he couldn’t go to recess right then and there, “but he’s an angel at home!” (Where he’s only ever playing on a tablet).”

A teacher’s frustration surfaces as they share tales of parents in denial about their children’s academic performance and behavior. The absurdity of a child headbutting the teacher and breaking their nose becomes a symbol of the lengths some parents go to defend their angels’ halos, even in the face of clear evidence.

#15 LGBTQ+ Clues: A Sister’s Silent Identity

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“My sister doesn’t date guys, wears flannel shirts and has really short hair. My mom still hasn’t figured out she’s gay.”

In a lighthearted revelation, a user shares their sister’s clear signals of being gay, yet the mother remains oblivious. It’s a humorous take on the complexities of coming out in the context of familial relationships.

#16 Mumbling Blame Game: A Hearing Loss Comedy

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“Someone who has severe hearing loss but insists the reason he has to say “What?” all the time is because everyone (EVERYONE) mumbles.”

‘What?’ becomes a humorous exploration of the lengths people will go to avoid acknowledging their own physical limitations. Sometimes, denial becomes a convenient shield against inconvenient truths.

#17 HIV Silence: A Tragic Tale of Ignored Truth

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“I know a guy who tested positive for HIV about 11 years ago. He pretended it didn’t happen and did nothing about it. Today he is dying of AIDS.”

A poignant story unfolds as a user reveals the tragic consequences of a friend’s denial regarding their HIV-positive status. The journey from testing positive to facing the terminal stage of AIDS is a stark reminder of the importance of early intervention and acceptance.

#18 Wealth Delusions: A Friend’s Financial Fantasy

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“Had a friend who never held a job, their parents paid for their cars, for 6 years of college plus an apartment in a very expensive city for 3 of those years. They were convinced that their family wasn’t wealthy.”

The delusions of a friend living off parental support while denying their family’s wealth create a narrative that blurs the lines between privilege and obliviousness. It’s a unique perspective on the intricate dance of self-perception and financial reality.

#19 Weight Loss Whimsy: Hoping for Change Without Effort

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“Me, thinking I’ll get in better shape and lose some weight while doing nothing to make it happen.”

In a relatable confession, a user reflects on the universal struggle of hoping for physical improvement while making no actual effort. It’s a humorous take on the often misguided optimism we exhibit when faced with the daunting task of lifestyle changes.

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