20 Mind-Blowing, Little-Known Facts That Will Change The Way You See The World

Prepare to embark on a journey into the realms of knowledge that defy expectations and challenge the way we perceive the world. From the cosmic drama of stellar origins to the whimsical scarcity of blimps, these revelations promise to captivate your imagination and leave you pondering the wonders that often escape our everyday awareness.

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#1 Benford’s Law

Handsome man counting cash
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“Benford’s Law. How large datasets of numbers behave in very predictable ways. It’s one of the easiest ways to detect if a company is cooking its books.”

Users discuss Benford’s Law, a fascinating phenomenon where certain digits appear more frequently than others in naturally occurring numerical datasets. The comment highlights its practical application in uncovering financial fraud, injecting a dose of intrigue into the world of data analysis.

#2 Near Extinction of Humans

Grayscale Photography of Chainmails and Helmets on Ground
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“At one point the human population was between 1,000 and 10,000; we came so close to going extinct.”

The precarious history of human population size is explored by users, revealing a moment in time when Homo sapiens faced the brink of extinction. The comment offers a humbling perspective on the resilience of our species and the twists of fate that shaped our existence.

#3 Stellar Origins of Elements

Gray and Black Galaxy Wallpaper
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“Every element heavier than lithium had to be created in the core of a star. Every element heavier than iron had to be created by a supernova.”

Users delve into the cosmic origins of elements, tracing their creation within stars and the explosive aftermath of supernovae. The comment adds a celestial dimension to the understanding of the building blocks of the universe, connecting the elements to the grand narrative of stellar life cycles.

#4 Moth-Rich Diet of Grizzly Bears

Big brown bear walking in autumnal forest
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“Grizzly bears in Yellowstone eat around 300,000 moths a month, and it accounts for 1/3 of their calorie intake.”

Yellowstone’s grizzly bears become the focus of users’ attention, revealing their unexpected reliance on moths for sustenance. The comment adds a quirky ecological detail to the intricacies of wildlife diets, showcasing the diverse ways animals adapt to their environments.

#5 Self-Contained Turkey Eggs

Two Black Turkeys
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“A female turkey can lay an egg that doesn’t need to be fertilized by a male turkey, and the baby that hatches will always be male.”

The reproductive uniqueness of turkeys takes center stage as users discuss the intriguing ability of female turkeys to lay unfertilized eggs that exclusively hatch into males. The comment adds a touch of avian wonder to the list, highlighting the diversity of reproductive strategies in the animal kingdom.

#6 Limited Blimps Worldwide

Modern airship in cloudy sky - blimp
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“There are only about 25 blimps in the world.”

The scarcity of blimps becomes a point of fascination for users, highlighting the rarity of these iconic airships. The comment adds a touch of whimsy to the discussion, drawing attention to the limited presence of these floating giants in the modern world.

#7 Inexpressible Knowledge

Handsome Male Teacher Formal Wear Holding Wooden Pointer Explaining Equations
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“You always have more knowledge than you can put into words (Michael Polanyi). You can never fully articulate, for example, all of the knowledge that you rely on in order to ride a bicycle.”

Michael Polanyi’s insight into the limitations of articulating knowledge takes center stage as users contemplate the vast reservoirs of unspoken understanding. The comment offers a philosophical perspective on the richness of personal knowledge, using the analogy of riding a bicycle to illustrate the point.

#8 Ancient Human Seafaring

sky and ocean beautiful sunset on the ocean. surfers waiting for a wave.
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“Just how capable ancient humans were. At least 50,000 years ago, humans crossed about 60 miles of open ocean and colonized Australia.”

Users marvel at the seafaring capabilities of ancient humans, highlighting their impressive navigation skills over open waters thousands of years ago. The comment showcases the resilience and adaptability of early human populations, challenging preconceptions about the limits of ancient exploration.

#9 Scarce Fresh Water on Earth

Iceberg in Fjallsarlon glacier lagoon in Vatnajokull National Park, Iceland
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“Only 3% of the Earth’s water is fresh water, and less than 1/3 of that isn’t frozen.”

The scarcity of fresh water on Earth takes center stage as users discuss the limited availability of this essential resource. The comment prompts reflection on the importance of water conservation and the challenges posed by frozen freshwater reserves.

#10 Origin of Fingerprinting

Person in Black Long Sleeve Putting Fingerprint on Paper
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“The use of fingerprinting can be traced back to China in the 700s for identification. It wasn’t used for forensics until the 1800s.”

The historical origins of fingerprinting come into focus as users trace its roots to ancient China for identification purposes. The comment adds a historical layer to the forensic application of fingerprinting, showcasing its evolution over centuries.

#11 Impact of Love on Infants

Pretty woman holding a newborn baby in her arms
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“Babies can die from lack of love (human touch, cuddles, hugs, nuzzles).”

The profound impact of love on infants becomes a poignant topic as users discuss the potentially life-threatening consequences of a lack of human touch. The comment draws attention to the essential role of emotional connection in early childhood development.

#12 Coexistence of Mammoths and Pyramids

Four people riding on camels across the pyramids.
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“Woolly Mammoths still roamed when the pyramids were built.”

Users reflect on the coexistence of Woolly Mammoths and the construction of the Egyptian pyramids, offering a fascinating juxtaposition of ancient landscapes. The comment adds a prehistoric twist to historical timelines and makes us realize how impressive the construction of the pyramids really was in ancient times.

#13 Cosmic Abundance of Stars

Majestic night sky with stars
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“There are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on planet Earth.”

The vastness of the universe takes center stage as users marvel at the incomprehensible number of stars compared to the grains of sand on Earth. The comment fosters a sense of cosmic awe, inviting readers to contemplate the sheer scale of the cosmos.

#14 Energy Stored in Fossil Fuels

Fossil Fuel Pump in USA
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“The energy stored in all the oil and gas in the Earth is the equivalent of just eight and a half days worth of sunlight hitting the surface of the planet.”

The limited energy stored in fossil fuels becomes a focal point as users compare it to the daily influx of sunlight on Earth. The comment underscores the need for sustainable energy sources while offering a striking analogy to highlight the finite nature of fossil fuel reserves.

#15 Fax Machine’s Timely Invention

an old fax machine. Retro.
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“The fax machine was invented at the same time that the Oregon trail migration was occurring.”

Users are amused by the synchronicity of the fax machine’s invention and the historic Oregon Trail migration, highlighting unexpected technological advancements during pivotal moments in history. The comment injects a touch of historical humor into the discussion, showcasing the quirky timelines of technological progress.

#16 Genetic Similarity Among Humans

Woman In White Laboratory Gown
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“All humans share 99.9% of the same DNA. The .1% is what makes us different.”

The shared genetic heritage of humanity takes center stage as users reflect on the remarkable similarity in human DNA. The comment emphasizes the minuscule fraction that accounts for individual differences, fostering a sense of unity among diverse populations.

#17 Preference for Short-Term Pleasure

Face, selfie and smile with a black woman happy against a red background while taking a photograph. Social media, fashion and beauty with an attractive young female posing for a picture outdoor.
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“Most people value short-term ‘good feelings’ more than ‘long-term stability.’ If you understand this, much in the world will be better understandable to you.”

Users contemplate the human tendency to prioritize short-term pleasure over long-term stability, offering a lens through which to understand various aspects of human behavior. The comment provides a psychological insight into decision-making, prompting readers to consider the implications of this preference.

#18 Extinction of Earth’s Species

ISS043E080629 (04/01/2015) --- NASA astronaut Terry Virts, commander of Expedition 43 on board the International Space Station tweeted this beautiful image of our planet with this simple comment "Earth".
Image Credit: abidal /Depositphotos.com.

“Over 99 percent of all species to ever exist on Earth are extinct.”

The vast extent of species extinction throughout Earth’s history becomes a focal point as users grapple with the staggering percentage of extinct life forms. The comment invites reflection on the dynamic nature of Earth’s biodiversity and the ongoing challenges faced by living organisms.

#19 Million vs. Billion Comparison

US Currency in Closeup (selective focus)
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“The difference between a million and a billion. A million seconds is about 11 days; a billion seconds is about 31.5 YEARS. Now think about the billionaires.”

Users engage in a numerical comparison, illustrating the vast difference between a million and a billion seconds. The comment prompts readers to reflect on the immense wealth held by billionaires in the context of these time intervals, injecting a thought-provoking perspective into the discussion.

#20 Tree Abundance on Earth

Woods / forest
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“There are approximately 3 trillion trees on our planet Earth.”

The abundance of trees on Earth takes center stage as users share the staggering estimate of approximately 3 trillion trees. The comment highlights the importance of preserving forests and the vital role trees play in maintaining ecological balance.

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