15 Fakes That Are Better Buys Than The Original

In a world full of options, some brand loyalties run deep, while others have found value in lesser-known counterparts. Social media users chimed in on their preferred items that deliver quality without the hefty price tag. From everyday essentials to luxury items, let’s explore the brand choices that have won the hearts of many.

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#1 Costco/Kirkland Products

Men Going Around a Warehouse
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“Costco/Kirkland; A lot of their stuff is actually made at the same factories as other higher-end brands.”

For savvy shoppers looking for a sweet spot between quality and cost, Costco’s Kirkland brand emerges as a reliable choice. Many users agree that these products, often manufactured alongside pricier counterparts, offer a budget-friendly alternative without compromising on excellence.

#2 Trader Joe’s Skincare

female hands holding soap, cotton pad and cream
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“Trader Joe’s skincare products. It’s all white-label versions of very expensive stuff. $8 at TJ versus $70 at the retailer.”

For those seeking a skincare routine that pampers without breaking the bank, Trader Joe’s has become a treasure trove. Users appreciate the white-label versions of high-end products, making indulgence in skincare rituals more accessible to all.

#3 Honey Nut Os

Woman in Black Tank Top Eating Cereals
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“Honey Nut Os, at least like 10 years ago, was better than Honey Nut Cheerios. They just had that little extra subtle taste kick that drove them an extra mile, and I already love honey nut cheerios.”

Cereal connoisseurs found a surprise contender in Honey Nut Os, claiming that a subtle flavor twist set them apart from the iconic Honey Nut Cheerios. Sometimes, a little extra kick is all it takes to turn a breakfast staple into a fan favorite.

#4 Generic Drugs

Pile of scattered capsules with omega 3 medication
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“Not ‘fake,’ but generic drugs with the same medicinal ingredients as label brands.”

In the world of pharmaceuticals, users highlight the practical choice of opting for generic drugs with identical medicinal ingredients. This ensures the same relief and often comes at a fraction of the cost, making healthcare more accessible.

#5 Lab Grown Diamonds

Selective focus of jewelry appraiser holding gemstone / diamond.
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“Lab grown diamonds still look pretty, can’t tell the difference with the naked eye and are a fraction of the price.”

Shifting the focus from brand names to the sparkle itself, users advocate for lab grown diamonds that look just as enchanting without the hefty price tag. The naked eye often struggles to discern the difference, making this a practical choice for those seeking affordable elegance.

#6 Dremel Tools

Cropped shot of repairman in tool belt holding adjustable wrench
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“Norton sells very high-quality stones for half the price, and abrasive manufacturing is their entire business.”

Norton is often considered the cheaper alternative to Dremel when it comes to abrasive products such as grinding wheels and sharpening stones. They offer high-quality products at competitive prices, making them a cost-effective option for consumers and professionals alike. If you’re looking for affordability without compromising on quality, Norton is a trusted choice for abrasive manufacturing needs.

#7 Rubik’s Cubes

4x4 Rubik's Cube on a Man's Hand
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“Speedcubes. Original Rubik’s cubes are just slow.”

When comparing Rubik’s Cubes to other similar puzzles, the original 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube may indeed be perceived as slower due to its simpler mechanism and design. However, advancements in cube technology have led to the development of speedcubes, which feature improved mechanisms, smoother turning, and enhanced corner cutting capabilities.

Speedcubes are specifically engineered for faster solving times and are favored by speedcubers and enthusiasts for competitive solving. If speed is a priority, opting for a speedcube may offer a more satisfying solving experience compared to the original Rubik’s Cube.

#8 Aldi Gridlock Energy Drink

Man Pouring an Energy Drink in a Glass
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“Aldi’s Gridlock energy drink is under $1 and is exactly Monster Energy.”

When it comes to energy drinks, Aldi’s Gridlock emerges as a budget-friendly alternative that users claim is on par with the more renowned Monster Energy. Sometimes, the off-brand version packs the same punch without draining your wallet.

#9 Oreo Cookies

Sweet dark chocolate oreo cookies on wooden background,selective focus
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“Oreo cookies. Hydrox was first. Oreos are way better.”

In the realm of cookies, Oreo maintains its iconic status, winning hearts over its predecessor, Hydrox. Users express a strong preference for Oreos, showcasing that sometimes the first isn’t necessarily the best.

#10 Magic the Gathering Cards

Stylish women playing cards
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“Magic the gathering cards. Why would I pay $500+ for a card at a kitchen table with my buddies when I can pay $2.5 for a borderline indistinguishable proxy?”

Magic: The Gathering (MTG) is a collectible card game created by Richard Garfield and published by Wizards of the Coast. First released in 1993, MTG has become one of the most popular and enduring card games in the world. With a vast array of cards, formats, and gameplay styles, Magic: The Gathering offers endless possibilities for competition, creativity, and social interaction among players of all ages.

For avid card gamers, the focus shifts from expensive originals to cost-effective proxies. Users emphasize that the joy of playing the game shouldn’t be overshadowed by exorbitant card prices, making proxies a strategic and budget-friendly choice.

#11 Super Fakes

Leather Bags on Wooden Shelves
Image Credit: cottonbro studio /Pexels.com.

“Super fakes – Super, high-quality, designer purses that are exact copies of the brand name versions.”

In the realm of fashion, users delve into the world of “super fakes,” high-quality replicas of designer purses. This trend suggests that savvy shoppers can enjoy the aesthetics without the exorbitant price tags, redefining luxury with affordability.

#12 Beautyblender

Portrait of attractive young woman with stylish makeup
Image Credit: Y-Boychenko /Depositphotos.com.

“Beautyblender, I found the cheaper versions to be better quality.”

In the beauty world, users share their preference for off-brand beauty blenders that offer comparable or even superior quality to the well-known Beautyblender. This insight opens avenues for budget-conscious beauty enthusiasts to achieve flawless makeup application without breaking the bank.

#13 The Eagles Jersey

Woman holding her credit card as she looks at her laptop, sitting on the stairs.
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“The Eagles jersey I bought from a Chinese site is so much better than the pics of the ‘real thing’ I see in the team sub.”

Sports enthusiasts find surprising quality in unexpected places, with a user highlighting the superior quality of an Eagles jersey from a Chinese site compared to the images of the ‘real thing.’ This revelation challenges preconceived notions about authenticity and value.

#14 Microtech Clones

Top view of different kitchen knives arranged on black marble surface
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“Microtech clones have less blade-play and actually come with a tool to be user-serviceable. Also, $50 instead of $500.”

Knife enthusiasts explore the world of Microtech clones, discovering that these affordable alternatives not only offer precision but also come with user-serviceable features. The significant price difference further emphasizes that quality need not always come with a hefty price tag.

#15 Adobe Alternatives

Young man with facial expression sitting at desk with laptop
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“There are very few functions that Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom can do that Gimp and Capture One can’t. For an amateur photographer and graphic designer, they’re all I’ve needed.”

Some creative professionals find powerful alternatives to Adobe software. Some of these include software or apps like Gimp and Capture One, which are sufficient for their needs. This insight opens the door for aspiring photographers and designers to explore robust alternatives without committing to the high costs associated with Adobe products.

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