15 Widely Believed Health Myths Debunked

When it comes to health and wellness, misinformation often spreads like wildfire, fueled by misconceptions and half-truths. Recently, a social media thread ignited a lively discussion on some of the most widely accepted health myths. Many users chimed in with personal anecdotes and insights, shedding light on these misconceptions with humor and candor. Let’s take a closer look at some of these myths and debunk them with facts.

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#1 Organic Food is Always Healthier

Organic Vegetables
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“There is nothing definitive saying organic food is better for you or the environment. In fact, more pesticides and fertilizers have to be used because the organic ones are less potent. And the number of people that thinks ‘organic’ means ‘chemical free’ is shockingly high.”

While the allure of organic food is undeniable, many users agree that the belief in its inherent health benefits is somewhat overblown. Contrary to popular belief, organic produce isn’t necessarily more nutritious, and its cultivation often requires more pesticides and fertilizers.

#2 Age Determines Health Conditions

Confused woman
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“You’re too young to have ______.”

“I feel like people under the age of 40 are told this so often. I had abdominal pain a few months back. With the location and type of pain I was in, it sounded exactly like diverticulitis, despite never having a diverticulosis diagnosis. When I shared my thoughts at urgent care, I was told I was “too young” to have that kind of problem – I’m 29. Went to the ER the next day where they did a CT scan and yep, diverticulitis.”

The notion that certain health conditions only affect individuals above a certain age is widespread but unfounded. As some users suggested, dismissing symptoms based on age can delay crucial diagnoses.

#3 Exercise During Pregnancy

Pregnant woman
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“Pregnant ladies should not exercise.”

Some users highlighted the misconception that pregnant women should avoid exercise altogether. Contrary to this belief, staying active during pregnancy can have varying benefits, including improved mood, reduced risk of gestational diabetes, and easier labor.

#4 Iron in Food is Harmful

Kidney Beans
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“There’s this health fad now where “experts” are telling people that iron is bad for you. They grind up Cheerios and run a magnet over top, and show that they collected a bunch of iron flakes. First up, your body needs iron to live. You literally cannot live without iron in your body, and part of that comes from the food you eat.

Secondly, if you have massive iron flakes in your Cheerios, you got a bad box of Cheerios.”

The trend of demonizing iron in food has raised eyebrows among many users. Iron is vital for various bodily functions, including the transportation of oxygen. While excessive iron intake can be harmful, the notion that all iron in food is detrimental is simply misguided.

#5 Essential Oils as Cure-Alls

Essential Oils
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“Essential oils cure illnesses. Too many people have this misconception.”

Many users cautioned against the widespread belief that essential oils can cure illnesses. While these oils may offer certain benefits, relying on them as a sole treatment for serious medical conditions can have grave consequences. It’s crucial to approach essential oils with caution and consult healthcare professionals for proper guidance.

#6 Spot Reduction for Weight Loss

Sit ups
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The myth of targeted weight loss, such as doing sit-ups to reduce belly fat, persists despite ample evidence to the contrary. Spot reduction is a fitness myth; instead, achieving overall weight loss requires a combination of a balanced diet, cardiovascular exercise, and strength training.

#7 Nosebleed Remedies

Nose Bleed
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“Tilt your head back if you have a nosebleed.

Do not do this because the blood could drain down your throat and make you sick or into your airways and obstruct them. Instead, you should sit upright, hold a tissue under your nose, tilt your head slightly forward, pinch the soft part of your nose just forward of the bone, and keep pinching for 10-15 minutes.”

#8 Addiction and Willpower

Selective focus of woman looking at glass of alcohol in hand
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“Addiction is just lack of willpower. Couldn’t be further from the truth. Addiction is a very complex physiologic, psychological, and psychosocial process. It takes an enormous effort on the afflicted person as well as support from doctors, family, friends, and sometimes mental health counselors to overcome.”

Dispelling the myth that addiction is solely a lack of willpower, users emphasized the complex nature of addiction. Overcoming addiction requires multifaceted support, including medical intervention, therapy, and a strong support system.

#9 Morning Sickness Misconceptions

Morning Sickness
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“Morning sickness ends within a specific time frame, solutions include saltines, ginger ale, and Gatorade. Also, your next pregnancy won’t involve morning sickness.

Not true. I vomited for 9 months straight, and that includes hours before my child was extracted through the sunroof via emergency c-section. No one believed me. I suffered, I struggled, and before my daughter was even born, people (including nurses and doctors) were already talking about my “future pregnancies” not being so bad. HG in a subsequent pregnancy has over a 75% recurrence rate. You could have serious health complications, and so could your baby. It is dangerous, and it used to kill women (and still could in bad enough circumstances).

It is not morning sickness and there is no cure, and no OTC remedy is going to make it go away.”

The misconception that morning sickness is a temporary inconvenience during pregnancy was challenged by one user who shared her harrowing experiences with hyperemesis gravidarum (HG). Characterized by severe nausea and vomiting, it can pose grave health risks to both mother and baby.

#10 Eating Disorders and Weight

Skinny Girl
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“You can only have an eating disorder if you are underweight.”

Contrary to popular belief, eating disorders can affect individuals of all body types, not just those who are underweight. This misconception can contribute to delayed diagnosis and inadequate support for individuals struggling with eating disorders.

#11 Moderate Alcohol Consumption

Vodka shot
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“Alcohol in small quantities is beneficial to your health.”

While some tout the health benefits of moderate alcohol consumption, users cautioned against overlooking its potential risks, as alcohol consumption can have detrimental effects on both physical and mental health, outweighing any potential benefits.

#12 Tanning and Skin Health

Sun Bathing
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“That having a tan is healthy. You’re just wearing your skin damage.”

The belief that a tan equates to good health was debunked by users who emphasized that the sun exposure, whether natural or artificial, intensifies the potential of getting skin cancer and accelerates skin aging.

#13 Superfoods and Instant Health

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“There is such a thing as ‘superfood.'”

No, there is no miracle food that makes you instantly healthy just because suddenly you eat it. You’re healthy because of a healthy diet, not because you eat a fruit that was “discovered” by a white American doing an expedition in the middle of the Amazon.”

Users debunked the notion of “superfoods” as miracle cures, emphasizing that overall dietary patterns determine health outcomes. Rather than seeking out individual “superfoods,” focus on a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins.

#14 Sweating Out Sickness

Sick girl looking at camera while measuring temperature
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“You should cover yourself in a blanket and force yourself to sweat when you’re sick, so all the sickness leaves your body.”

Contrary to popular belief, sweating out sickness by covering oneself in blankets can do more harm than good. While sweating can help control body temperature, it doesn’t expel illness from the body. Instead, staying hydrated and getting adequate rest are key to recovery.

#15 Exercise vs. Diet for Weight Loss

Depressed slim woman with piece of broccoli on plate
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“Weight loss is primarily achieved through exercise.

The truth is that weight loss is almost entirely driven by behaviors surrounding feeding. It’s very difficult to change these behaviors, which is why so few people can lose weight with traditional interventions. The strongest data point for this is that medications that suppress appetite like GLP-1RAs have come out and are insanely effective for weight loss.”

While exercise is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle, users stressed that weight loss is primarily driven by dietary habits. Changing behaviors surrounding food consumption is crucial for sustainable weight loss.

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