11 Hidden Secrets Of Hospital Life

Peek into the hidden moments of hospital life, revealed by users on a social media thread. Gain insights from hospital workers, offering a glimpse into concealed aspects.

In the bustling world of hospitals, where lives intertwine with the ebb and flow of health, there are moments hidden from the public eye. Many users on a social media thread have shared insights into the concealed aspects of hospital life. Here’s a glimpse into the revelations that hospital workers believe you should know.

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#1 The Art of Concealing Departures

Group of doctors transportating patient on gurney
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“Sometimes when people die, we just put an oxygen mask on them and wheel them through the corridors. Less distressing for other patients and visitors to think they are asleep rather than see a body with a sheet over it.”

In an effort to preserve the tranquility of hospital corridors, workers adopt a subtle approach to moving deceased patients. This revelation sheds light on the delicate balance between respecting the departed and minimizing distress for those still navigating the halls of the hospital.

#2 Ambulance Rides and the Waiting Game

Male and female paramedics closing ambulance doors
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“An ambulance ride is not a one-way ticket to the front of the line. You still get triaged and could be rolled right to the waiting room if you’re non-emergent.”

Contrary to common assumptions, ambulance arrivals don’t guarantee immediate attention. Hospital workers emphasize the importance of triage, emphasizing that non-emergent cases may find themselves in the waiting room, challenging the belief that sirens ensure swift care.

#3 The Untouched Trays and Silent Goodbyes

Crying lady with oxygen nasal cannula looking at camera, worrying before surgery. Hospital.
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“I deliver food to patients, and it’s not hard to tell when someone is on their way out. Could be simply not being hungry, or could be the inability to eat. Had one patient who hadn’t eaten anything off their tray for 3 days straight. The last time I delivered to them, they smiled and gave me a wink. Next day, they were gone.”

Behind the scenes, hospital workers, like the food delivery personnel, witness subtle signs that foreshadow the end of a patient’s journey. The emotional toll is evident as untouched trays replace hopeful offerings, leaving a lingering sense of emptiness.

#4 Your Right to Refuse

Male patient in hospital
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“You, as a patient, have every right to refuse any test or treatment or even leave. At any time. For any reason. Leaving against medical advice DOES NOT mean insurance will not pay for the care you’ve received.”

Empowering patients with the knowledge that they can decline treatments or leave against medical advice, this insight dispels misconceptions about insurance repercussions. However, it humorously notes that leaving with an IV may warrant a search by the authorities.

#5 Operatic Surgeries and Soundtracks

Portrait of team of surgeons at work at the hospital in the middle of a surgery.
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“Surgeon here. We listen to music in the OR. Most people seem surprised when they hear that.”

The revelation that surgeons have their own soundtracks while performing surgeries adds a touch of humanization to the medical field. It’s a reminder that behind the surgical masks and sterile environments, there’s a rhythm that accompanies the delicate dance of healing.

#6 Lab Tests: More Art than Exact Science

Serious clinician studying chemical element in laboratory using a microscope
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“Hospital lab worker here – Not particularly scandalous, but most people don’t realize their lab tests are just very accurate guesses, and have an error range. When we say your ‘X’ is 10g/L, we might actually mean it’s 10g/L ± 10-20%.”

Lifting the veil on lab tests, this revelation highlights the inherent margin of error. The precision of results is nuanced, cautioning against undue alarm over minor fluctuations in blood test values.

#7 Full Code Dilemmas: A Hard Truth

Selective focus of sad senior woman with husband in coma in clinic
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“You are doing your 90-year-old grandmother a great disservice by making her a full code; she will not survive CPR, and her death will be significantly more traumatic because of it.”

A sobering truth surfaces as hospital workers express concerns about the impact of full-code status on elderly patients. If a patient is designated as “full code,” it means that healthcare providers are expected to perform all available resuscitative measures, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), defibrillation, and other life-saving interventions, in an attempt to revive the patient and restore normal bodily functions.

This revelation encourages a reconsideration of end-of-life decisions for a more compassionate approach.

#8 Bathroom Etiquette Matters

Elderly wheelchair man in hospital
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“I help patients to the bathroom nonstop all day. The amount of patients that just leave the bathroom without washing their hands is disgusting.”

Hospital workers shed light on the less glamorous side of patient care—personal hygiene. The plea for patients to wash their hands reinforces the importance of basic sanitary practices within healthcare settings.

#9 Labor Room Drama: Phone Etiquette

Woman giving birth in delivery room of hospital
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“If you sit there on your phone the whole time the mother of your child is in labor, such that a nurse has to step in and fulfill the supportive role instead, yeah everyone knows and you’re getting judged by the whole unit.”

In the intimate space of the labor room, a humorous yet revealing observation surfaces. The importance of emotional support during labor is highlighted, emphasizing that the eyes of the hospital unit are keenly observing the dynamics of the birthing experience.

#10 Nurse Safety and Accountability

A nurse holding up her pen while holding her clipboard. Excited.
Image Credit: EdZbarzhyvetsky /Depositphotos.com.

“People abusing nurses and when the nurses report it, nothing happens. Nurses deserve safety and the attackers deserve accountability.”

A more serious note strikes as hospital workers address the issue of nurse abuse. This insight sheds light on the importance of creating a safe environment for healthcare professionals, emphasizing the need for accountability in cases of mistreatment.

#11 Medical Professionals: Truth Seekers, Not Judges

Happy female doctor in white coat with clipboard looking at camera
Image Credit: Y-Boychenko /Depositphotos.com.

“Most don’t judge as much as you may think. As for myself, a (former) medical professional, I don’t care what drugs you take or how much you drink—I just want the truth so I can provide the best plan of care for you.”

Dispelling the fear of judgment, this perspective from a medical professional emphasizes the collaborative relationship between healthcare providers and patients. The call for honesty underscores the shared goal of crafting effective care plans based on accurate information.

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