14 Hilarious Church Signs That Went Viral

Church signs have long been a platform for conveying spiritual messages, scripture, and announcements. However, some churches take a creative and humorous approach to catch the attention of passersby and online audiences. Here are 14 hilarious church signs that not only spread joy locally but also went viral, tickling the funny bones of people across the internet.

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#1. “Honk If You Love Jesus, Text While Driving If You Want to Meet Him”

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This clever sign combines humor with a safety message, encouraging drivers to focus on the road while eliciting a chuckle from those passing by.

#2. “Wal-Mart Isn’t the Only Saving Place!”

Walmart exterior
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Playing on the idea of saving money at Wal-Mart, this sign cleverly suggests that the church is another kind of “saving place” – one for spiritual salvation.

#3. “Don’t Let Worry Kill You, Let the Church Help”

Tired young woman car driver suffering from headache migraine driving vehicle sit at driver seat touch painful forehead. Unwell exhausted girl feeling sick and stressed with fatigue inside automobile. Car. Upset. Sad.
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Offering a tongue-in-cheek solution to life’s stresses, this sign humorously suggests that seeking the support of the church is a better alternative to letting worries take a toll.

#4. “Free Coffee, Eternal Life, Yes We’re Open Sundays”

Cropped View African American Barista Apron Holding Coffee Cup While. Restaurant. Cafe.
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This sign combines two universally beloved things – coffee and the promise of eternal life – to convey a light-hearted invitation to Sunday services.

#5. “We’re Prayer Conditioned”

Praying Hands Pointing To A Bible. Religion. Christianity.
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A play on the term “air-conditioned,” this sign adds a spiritual twist, humorously suggesting that the church is not just cool in temperature but also spiritually refreshing.

#6. “Need a Lifeguard? Ours Walks on Water”

Portrait of Jesus in robe, red sash and crown of thorns kissing rosary
Image Credit: VitalikRadko /Depositphotos.com.

This witty sign creatively uses a common need for a lifeguard as a metaphor for spiritual guidance, humorously referencing Jesus’s ability to walk on water.

#7. “This is a Church, Not a Drive-Thru”

First Presbyterian Church, Downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
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Addressing the hustle and bustle of fast-paced modern life, this sign gently reminds visitors that the church is a place for reflection and worship, not a quick stop.

#8. “No Cash? Free Grace!”

Upset woman in stress holds bank card and talks on phone. Phone fraud concept
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Combining a play on words with a message of inclusivity, this sign humorously suggests that spiritual grace is freely available, regardless of one’s financial situation.

#9. “Seven Days Without Prayer Makes One Weak”

Close up of bearded businessman sitting in armchair with praying hands 
Image Credit: AllaSerebrina /Depositphotos.com.

This pun-filled sign cleverly incorporates the importance of prayer into a play on the word “weak,” urging believers to stay spiritually strong through regular prayer.

#10. “Exercise Daily, Walk with the Lord”

Man in autumn shoes, walking.
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Blending a fitness tip with a spiritual call to action, this sign encourages a daily exercise routine that involves walking with the Lord, creating a light-hearted approach to a healthy lifestyle.

#11. “Church Parking Only. Violators Will be Baptized”

Aerial view of big parking lot with many cars
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Using a humorous take on parking restrictions, this sign adds a playful consequence for those who dare to violate the sacred parking space.

#12. “Too Hot to Keep Changing the Sign. Hell, Exists, So Does Heaven, Follow the Signs to the Good Place”

Cropped image of woman in ardha padmasana (half lotus pose). Yoga. Meditation.
Image Credit: AllaSerebrina /Depositphotos.com.

Embracing a bit of cheeky irreverence, this sign acknowledges the challenges of maintaining an outdoor sign while delivering a lighthearted message about heaven and hell.

#13. “CPR Training: Can People Resuscitate? Christians Proclaim Resurrection!”

paramedic performing cpr
Image Credit: Pexels.

This sign not only provides a clever acronym for CPR but also ties it into a Christian message about resurrection, turning a mundane topic into a playful reflection on faith.

#14. “God Wants Full Custody, Not Just Weekend Visits”

A group of young women bow their heads and pray with bibles.
Image Credit: justinkendra /Depositphotos.com

Addressing the idea of commitment in a humorous way, this sign uses the language of custody battles to convey the message that God desires a deep and constant connection with believers.

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