14 Hobbies That Are Instant Red Flags

Join us as we dive into the unexpected and eccentric pastimes that often leave us raising our eyebrows. As social media users candidly share their encounters with hobbies that set off instant red flags, we find ourselves in a landscape where dung photography, crystal collecting, and memorabilia from notorious figures intertwine. Join us as we unravel the mysteries behind each peculiar pursuit.

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#1 The Human “Project” Enthusiast

Man desperate about woman being silly. Couple. Fight.
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“A person in their life is their ‘project’; bonus flags if that person is you.”

Embarking on a journey of helping others is one thing, but when someone considers others as their personal “project,” it’s a red flag. It devalues individuals, reducing them to problems to be solved rather than respected for who they are. It creates a sense of distrust and discomfort, as people feel like they’re being constantly scrutinized or judged. This behavior can lead to manipulation or exploitation of others for personal gain, eroding genuine relationships and fostering a toxic environment. Ultimately, it undermines mutual trust and respect, making it difficult to form meaningful connections.

#2 Gambling

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While a friendly poker game or occasional visit to the casino might be harmless, a full-fledged gambling hobby raises eyebrows. Users delve into the risks associated with excessive gambling, both financially and in terms of addictive behavior.

#3 Dung Photography Dilemma

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“No joke, my college professor used to be close to this gorgeous girl…she likes to snap pics of animal dung for fun.”

Taking pictures of animal dung for fun may signal a fascination with unsanitary or unusual subjects, potentially reflecting skewed interests or priorities. This behavior might raise concerns about hygiene or social appropriateness, warranting further exploration into the individual’s motives and values. Users share laughs at the unexpected nature of this hobby, pondering the stories behind each snapshot.

#4 Trolling for Trouble

Young man with facial expression sitting at desk with laptop
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“I knew someone who would troll people online. They’d seriously get a kick out of going online and saying controversial things, just for funsies.”

The virtual realm has its share of red flags, and trolling for amusement is one of them. Users discuss the potential toxicity of intentionally sparking online controversies and the impact on online communities.

#5 Artistic Animal Carcass Collector

Beautiful mystic girl in black dress and red cloak walking in a forest
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“My friend goes out into the woods and collects animal carcasses to process into art.”

Art takes a macabre turn as a friend confesses to collecting animal carcasses for artistic endeavors. Users explore the fine line between creative expression and unsettling hobbies, contemplating the shock of discovering a friend’s secret fascination with the remains of nature.

#6 Watch Collector’s Arrogance

Father giving child antique pocket watch. Kid. Inheritance.
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“I’ve never met a man who collects expensive watches that didn’t think the sun rises just for him.”

Users delve into the world of luxury watch collectors, exploring the perceived arrogance often associated with this hobby. Obviously, a huge generalization to be taken humorously, the observation prompts reflections on the intersection of personal interests and self-perception.

#7 Reeling in Social Media Addiction

Happy attractive female video blogger recording vlog. Phone. Social Media.
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“Making reels, being excessively active on social media.”

The red flag is raised for those who can’t resist the allure of incessantly populating social media feeds. Users humorously discuss the fine line between sharing life updates and veering into the territory of social media obsession.

#8 Adult Content Enthusiasts

Happy senior man relaxing at home and watching television, he is watching a comedy movie and laughing
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Excessive consumption of explicit content can lead to desensitization, altering perceptions of healthy relationships and intimacy. It may also contribute to addiction, negatively impacting mental health and productivity. Additionally, prolonged exposure to explicit content can desensitize individuals to real-world consequences and foster unrealistic expectations.

#9 Cheers to Empty Alcohol Containers

Happy young friends lying on carpet with beer bottles and smiling at camera
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“Collecting empty alcohol containers.”

The unconventional hobby of collecting empty alcohol containers raises eyebrows among users. Delving into the potential implications, they explore whether it’s a quirky interest, refusing to grow up or indicative of a deeper relationship with alcohol.

#10 The Happiest Place on Earth… Too Often?

Mark Cuban and Pluto at the ABC Primetime Preview Weekend - Day One at Disney's California Adventure, Anaheim, CA. 09-11-04
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“I knew a 35 year old guy who’d go to Disneyland three to five times a year, alone.” 

An adult frequently visiting Disneyland alone may suggest a need for escapism or a desire to relive nostalgic experiences from childhood. It could indicate a lack of social connections or difficulty forming relationships outside of the theme park environment.

Alternatively, it might reflect a genuine passion for the Disney brand and its associated culture. However, excessive solo visits could also raise questions about the individual’s emotional well-being and fulfillment in other aspects of life.

#11 Macabre Memorabilia Collectors

Pen on Decorative Snake near Tray with Pocket Knife
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“Collecting memorabilia from serial killers and people on death row.”

The eerie hobby of collecting memorabilia from infamous figures like serial killers prompts a shiver-inducing discussion. Users grapple with the ethical implications of possessing items connected to dark histories, creating a captivating dialogue around true crime fascination and its limits.

#12 Binge Drinking Drama

Man sitting at table with bottle and glass of alcohol at home
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Users delve into the pitfalls of being close to someone who loves binge drinking, recounting personal experiences that raise concerns about excessive alcohol consumption. Spending time with a binge drinker may normalize excessive alcohol consumption and potentially lead to peer pressure to participate.

It could indicate a tolerance for risky behavior or an environment where substance abuse is accepted. This association may also reflect a lack of awareness or concern for the consequences of binge drinking, raising questions about personal boundaries and values.

#13 The Photographer’s Exclusive Focus

Casual man using vintage camera
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“Being a photographer, but you exclusively photograph women.”

A red flag is waved at photographers who exclusively focus their lens on women. Users discuss the potential objectification and ethical considerations surrounding this specialization, prompting a thoughtful exploration of gender dynamics within the realm of photography.

#14 Crystal Collectors in the Healing Realm

Clear Glass Figurines - Crystals
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“Collecting ‘healing’ crystals.”

The trendy hobby of collecting “healing” crystals sparks skepticism among users. Delving into the scientific validity of crystal healing, the conversation navigates the intersection of belief systems and the potential allure of pseudoscience.

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