12 Ways These People’s Lives Would Radically Change if They Married the First Person They Were With

Love and relationships often take unexpected turns, and we’ve all wondered at some point, “What if?” We dive into a social media thread where users reflect on the path they’re secretly relieved they didn’t take. From cult leaders to unexpected marriages, the revelations are as surprising as they are entertaining. Let’s explore the intriguing paths that could have been.

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#1 Addiction and Tragedy

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“He became addicted to drugs and then jumped off a building due to his mental health downfall. He was a really nice guy otherwise. So, I guess I’d be a widow?”

The reflection on an ex’s descent into addiction and tragic demise prompts this user to count her blessings. While life may not be perfect, the avoidance of heartbreak and loss becomes a poignant testament to the power of choosing a different path.

#2 Playing For The Wrong Team

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“Given that the first woman I slept with is now a lesbian, I’d either be someone’s beard or, more likely, still trying to recover from a divorce.”

In the unpredictable world of relationships, this plot twist straight out of the TV show ‘Friends’ is one that many users humorously related to. The road not taken could have worked out quite differently for each individual involved.

#3 Mother-in-Law Terrors

Prisoner in Jail
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“I’d be in prison for m*****ing my mother in law.”

The comical exaggeration of being imprisoned for mother-in-law troubles resonates with those who’ve danced through the delicate dance of in-law relationships. Dodging the hypothetical legal entanglement becomes a whimsical victory in the game of life.

#4 The Unwelcome Reunion

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“Terrible. She recently reached out to me after 25 years because she wants to cheat on her husband.”

Reconnecting with an ex after a quarter of a century, only to be drawn into a potential cheating escapade, brings an awkward twist to the “what if” scenario. Users express relief at sidestepping the emotional complexity of such a reunion, acknowledging that some doors are best left unopened.

#5 International Contrasts

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“She is a librarian in Norway. I am a lawyer in America. One of our lives would be drastically different.”

The prospect of a librarian in Norway entwined with a lawyer in America paints a vivid picture of the diversity of romantic potential. Users revel in the richness of their current lives, grateful for the unique tapestry that didn’t involve navigating cross-continental complexities.

#6 Chakras and Cults

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“I think he’s a cult leader or in a cult or something so very very different. Last time I tracked him down about 8 years ago, he was doing these classes on spiritual healing using chakras. This is after he failed out of chiropractor school.”

The revelation that an ex might be leading a cult adds an element of quirkiness to the narrative. Users express gratitude for the distance between themselves and the unconventional life paths their exes may have taken.

#7 The Criminal Ex

Portrait of criminal in golden mask and black coat
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“Mine was a serious criminal. So I’m guessing my life would have been significantly worse.”

In a more serious turn, one user candidly admitted to having an ex with a dark past. The relief is palpable as she acknowledges that her current situation, while not perfect, is far from the harrowing fate she could have faced.

#8 Millionaire with a Catch

Rich elderly man with Hispanic gold-digger companion or wife. Gold digger.
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“I’d be a millionaire, but I’d have HIV. No thanks.”

Dreams of millionaire status are tempered with the stark realization of contracting a deadly disease. This makes us reflect on the trade-offs between wealth and health, appreciating that not all golden opportunities are worth pursuing.

#9 The Academic Slacker

Man on his graduation day University with an expression of frustration and not understanding. Confused gesturing on grey background. College graduate.
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“He was expelled from college on academic grounds because he smoked weed constantly and didn’t go to class. I would be taking care of a man-child. Thankfully I’m now with a guy who is my equal.”

The idea of being tethered to a perpetual man-child due seems like a dodged bullet. Most people express gratitude for being with partners who share the journey as equals, free from the burdens of perpetual immaturity.

#10 Knife-Wielding Drama

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“Well she once pulled a knife on me and later lied about being pregnant and having a miscarriage, so not great.”

Stories of knife threats and fabricated pregnancies underscore the intensity of past relationships. This commentor conveyed a profound sense of relief at steering clear of such dramatic and unsettling scenarios, acknowledging the emotional turbulence he escaped.

#11 The Abusive Marriage

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“He was an abusive psycho – scientists would love to analyze his type of spoiled brat self absorbed crazy. We stayed married for 10 years and had 3 children. He went to jail multiple times. He just got out of prison for hitting our 18 year old (she’s ok). The irony of all of this is that I felt superior early on, because I married my “one and only” lol.”

Marriage to an abusive individual at a tender age paints a picture of enduring hardship. The resilience that brought this user out of such tumultuous circumstances should be celebrated, with a collective acknowledgment of the strength it took to escape cycles of abuse.

#12 Golden Anniversary Escape

Couple celebrating anniversary with champagne on a boat - Attractive caucasian man uncorking champagne and having party with her girlfriend on vacation - Two young tourists having fun on a boat tour in the summertime
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“I did. We just celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary.”

The thread takes a positive turn as a user shares a heartwarming story of celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary with their first love. This contrast to some of the darker stories in the thread adds a touch of optimism.

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