11 Small Indulgences These People Use To Feel Rich

Ever dreamt of living the high life, even when your wallet disagrees? Let’s explore the world of small splurges that make everyday life a tad more extravagant.

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#1: Culinary Adventures

Cutting board with spinach, dough and other pasta ingredients. Top view of the kitchen counter.
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“The other day I looked at expensive butter that I stock up on without even thinking twice and smiled.”

Many users agree that one area where they cut costs is by eating at home, but where they don’t skimp is on quality products. They indulge in buying quality food items and enjoy experimenting with new culinary creations. After all, there’s no need to wait for a Michelin star to enjoy good food.

#2: Kitchen Royalty

Smiling adult housewife holding jug of orange juice and looking at the camera. Kitchen. Retro.
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Some users have upgraded their kitchen equipment to feel like top chefs. Commercial-grade sheet pans and prep bowls might not be the prettiest, but they last forever and ensure that you don’t miss eating out. Who needs fancy when functionality reigns supreme in the kitchen?

#3: Free Trials Forever

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Image Credit: Rawpixel /Depositphotos.com.

“Believe it or not, Amazon Audible. I used it one time and forgot all about it. It was only like $4. That’s rich s**t to me.”

Forgetting to cancel free trials is a common nuisance, but many people admitted to feeling good about their finances when they don’t miss the small amount of money. Some users find themselves unintentionally subscribed to various services, enjoying extended access to premium content without feeling too bad about it. It’s a small step forward toward how rich people must feel about much more expensive subscriptions.

#4: The Laundry Rebel

Laundry basket, pile of clean soft towels and white socks hanging
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“I used to feel guilty asking family members if I could come do a couple of loads of laundry until I looked at my city’s price grid. Beyond the baseline fee, it’s in blocks of like 10-20 thousand gallons before the bill goes up…$17.”

While wasting water is certainly bad for the environment, many users admitted that they felt rich once they could stop worrying about saving the cost of every drop.

#5: The Unyielding Thermostat

Sick patient having online consultation with doctor on smartphone. Cold, chilly.
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“I’d rather pay the extra $20 and be comfy vs sweating in my own home.”

Your comfort reigns supreme, and some users make sure their thermostats reflect that. No matter the season, the thermostat stays firmly at the temperature that suits them best. It’s all about creating the ideal microclimate and feeling rich in your own home.

#6: Toilet Paper Standards

Exhausted young woman is cleaning a toilet on grey background.
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Cheap toilet paper simply won’t do for some users. They’ve upgraded their bathroom experience to avoid any unpleasant surprises. After all, no one wants a ‘poke-through’ toilet paper experience. The more luxurious, the better.

#7: The Weekly Maid

Portrait of cheerful senior woman with headphones and gloves cleaning indoors at home.
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Many users have realized that their sanity is worth the cost of a weekly or bi-weekly maid. Having a clean and organized home can be a real game-changer for mental well-being, no matter the budget.

#8: Double Sandwich Delight

Homemade Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup for Lunch
Image Credit: bhofack2 /Depositphotos.com.

While watching their colleagues stick to a single sandwich, some users opt for a two-sandwich feast. It’s a simple pleasure that brings a grin to their face, elevating their lunchtime experience.

#9: Clean Car Connoisseur

JEREZ DE LA FRONTERA, SPAIN - FEBRUARY 02: Symbol of Ferrari Symbol of Ferrari, a car exhibition in Circuito de Jerez on feb 02, 2015 in Jerez de la frontera.
Image Credit: kiko_jimenez /Depositphotos.com.

“Once a year, I get the premium package. Where they clean my car in and out. Including soap washing the interior.”

Why waste time washing your own car when you can have it professionally cleaned? Some users are willing to spend a little extra to keep their rides sparkling and pristine.

#10: The Name Brand Cheese Connoisseur

Piece of blue cheese, olives, and tomatoes close up
Image Credit: muzzoff /Depositphotos.com.

“I bought name-brand cheese this weekend because it was on sale. Just made pizza with it. Quality ingredients make all the difference. I’m a very full, and very happy man right now.”

#11: Garage of Beverages

Handsome mechanics with tablet drinking beer at garage
Image Credit: VitalikRadko /Depositphotos.com.

“It’s not the fridge itself, it’s keeping it stocked!”

Having a garage fridge full of various beverages is a luxury that some users enjoy. Whether it’s cold soda, beer, or other drinks, their garage fridge is like a treasure chest of refreshments, just a few steps away.