10 Spilled Secrets And Mistakes That Cost These Companies Big Time

In this list, we’ll uncover the shocking truths behind some well-known brands. Here are ten dirty little secrets that made users stop using these companies/services.

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#1 DoorDash’s Tip Troubles

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“They charge horrendous fees and keep most of it for themselves. They pay dashers $2-$2.50 per order. If it’s 1 mile or 10. They expect customers to tip to make the difference.”

DoorDash, a popular food delivery service, came under scrutiny when users learned that the company was keeping a portion of the tips intended for drivers. This practice didn’t sit well with many, as it appeared to be taking money out of the pockets of hardworking drivers. Such revelations have prompted some users to consider alternative food delivery services that prioritize fair compensation for their drivers.

#2 Ashley Furniture’s Dirty Secret: Abysmal OSHA Record

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“I assure you, it’s worse. That’s just what OSHA made public, but I live near their factory in Arcadia and know people who work there, or used to work there. Someone bled for your dresser.”

When you think of furniture shopping, you might have considered Ashley Furniture. However, many users were shocked to find out about Ashley Furniture’s abysmal OSHA record, including repeat and willful violations. It’s a fact that people are not expendable, and this revelation left a sour taste in the mouths of customers. Some users even shared stories of unsafe working conditions they’d heard about from former employees, prompting them to look for alternatives that put safety first.

#3 The Pink Ribbon Scam: Susan G. Komen

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“They wanted nothing to do with my mom after she was diagnosed. A rep basically said ‘We are famous for promoting awareness. You are now aware that you have cancer. Our job is done.'”

Susan G. Komen is a name synonymous with breast cancer awareness, and the pink ribbon has become an iconic symbol. But some users suggested that the pink ribbon campaign might not be all it appears to be. They revealed that behind the symbol lies what they consider a scam, citing concerns about how the organization allocates its funds. While Susan G. Komen has undoubtedly done some good, this discovery has led some users to reevaluate their support for the cause.

#4 BetterHelp’s Privacy Breach

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“Therapist here too! BetterHelp is total garbage. I feel bad for the clients who go through several green therapists to find someone who’s actually a good fit and then the therapist leaves (understandably) because BetterHelp treats and pays them so poorly.”

Mental health platforms like BetterHelp have become increasingly popular, offering convenience and support to many. However, some users uncovered a disturbing truth about BetterHelp – allegations of client data exploitation and privacy breaches. Reports of multiple lawsuits raised red flags, making many users question the platform’s commitment to safeguarding their sensitive information. This revelation has made people think twice about who they trust with their mental health needs.

#5 Crumbl Cookies’ HR Blunder

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“Even if one is excited for their company brand, like what they do, feels that it helps the world to be a better place etc, excitement and passion will not pay the rent and food.”

We all love cookies, but sometimes it’s the little things that can sour the experience. For some users, their distaste for Crumbl Cookies began when they stumbled upon a LinkedIn post by the VP of HR. In it, she explained why the company was consistently understaffed, pointing fingers at competitors who paid “above market value” for employees. This raised eyebrows, as users believed it meant Crumbl was paying below market value. The revelation, combined with a legal battle over cookie boxes, led some to reconsider their cookie cravings.

#6 Angie’s List: Review Manipulation

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“I’m sure it was a trustworthy company when Angie still owned it, but it’s scammy as hell now.”

Angie’s List has built its reputation on honest reviews, or so users thought. Some users were taken aback when a reviewer received a call from an Angie’s List call center, offering to boost their company’s positive reviews for a fee. This discovery undermined the trust many users had in the platform, highlighting a discrepancy between the company’s claims and its actual practices.

#7 BLUENOTES and Child Labor

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“I remember Bluenotes in my high school days, it was like a cheaper, s*****r American Eagle.”

Fashion retailer BLUENOTES, a part of YM Inc. in Canada, has a dark secret, according to a former lead designer. They claim that YM Inc. knowingly uses near slave and child labor while denying everything in the press. This revelation paints a troubling picture of the company’s ethical practices, forcing some users to reconsider their shopping choices.

#8 Nail Salon’s Dark Employee Treatment

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Nail salons can be a relaxing escape, but one user was horrified to hear from an employee that they had to sit in the backroom in the dark when they weren’t with a customer. The shocking working conditions revealed a disregard for employee well-being, leading this user to find a new place for their nail care.

#9 Toy Vault’s Disappointing Customer Service

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If you’re into toys and collectibles, you might have come across Toy Vault. But one user’s experience with a certain employee left them swearing off the store. This user felt disrespected and hasn’t returned since. It’s a reminder that customer service can make or break a business.

#10 HomeAdvisor: Horrible Work Environment

House and calculator, concept the calculation of the loan on the house
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If you’ve ever considered working for HomeAdvisor, some users might make you think twice. One former employee confirmed that it’s a horrible place to work and that they treat their customers awfully. This inside perspective exposes a darker side to a company that presents itself as a helpful resource for homeowners, leaving some users feeling deceived.

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