12 Modern Food Trends We Can’t Wait To Die

Food brings excitement to our plates, but some trends definitely need to fade away. Scroll to find out which modern food trends overstayed their welcome.

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#1 2-Ingredient Desserts

Couple are sharing a dessert in a restaurant on Valentine's Day in a restaurant. Food.
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“2 ingredient desserts (with 7 “optional” ingredients that appear once you read the actual recipe).”

Most commenters on social media are perplexed by the 2-ingredient dessert trend. It starts simple, promising quick and easy treats. But as it turns out, these “2 ingredients” often hide a multitude of optional add-ons. The 2-ingredient dessert trend promises simplicity but often adds complexity, with numerous optional ingredients lurking in the recipe.

#2 Overpriced Food Trucks

A business woman / owner holding a clipboard in front of a food truck.
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“Food trucks that charge the same price as a premium restaurant but serve half the size on a floppy plate that I have to stand up to eat.”

Food trucks have long been a beloved way to savor delicious dishes on the go, but some have taken a rather expensive turn. Food trucks, once a budget-friendly choice for delicious street food, are raising eyebrows as they demand premium restaurant prices while serving smaller portions on flimsy plates.

#3 Fancy “Street Tacos”

Mexican food - delicious tacos with ground beef
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“Fancy restaurants that say they serve “street tacos” and proceed to charge $18 for three.”

Upscale restaurants advertise “street tacos” at fancy prices that leave diners wondering if they took a wrong turn. It’s like dressing a street performer in a tuxedo; it’s not the same as authentic street food.

#4 Wasteful Food Trends

Portrait of excited bearded man with paper package full of food. Groceries.
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The stupid food wasting trends on YouTube and TikTok etc.”

Many users agree that these viral videos of massive food wastage for the sake of content are cringe-worthy. Food is precious, and while a little fun in the kitchen is fine, over-the-top destruction of it just seems, well, silly.

#5 Food in Wine Glasses

Cropped shot of woman cooking pasta
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“For some reason putting food in wine glasses.”

Plating regular dishes in wine glasses might seem like a sophisticated move, but to many, it’s just a puzzling choice. It’s akin to serving everyday meals in a vessel designed for wine as if it adds a touch of elegance to your mac ‘n’ cheese.

#6 Uniform Fast Food Buildings

Overweight businessman having lunch with hamburger and fries. Food.
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Making all fast-food buildings look like cookie-cutter beige/grey boxes. They all used to have their own distinct personalities.

Remember when fast-food joints had character and charm? Some users suggested that the trend of making all fast-food buildings look like cookie-cutter beige/grey boxes is quite a downer. Gone are the days when each place had its unique personality. Now it feels like you’re ordering burgers from the same bland-looking place no matter where you go.

#7 Food in Sinks

Young woman holding her phone and looking at it in disbelief. upset / shocked.
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“The videos of people making food in sinks. Gross.”

Some users find it bizarre and unappetizing to see folks preparing food in kitchen sinks. While it’s meant to be a quirky approach to cooking, many agree that the hygiene factor doesn’t quite add up. After all, who wants to eat food made near a drain?

#8 Excessive Sweets

Cropped image of female holding milkshake with chocolate shaving and pistachio nuts, sweet straws, currants, walnuts and mint
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“Sweets on top of sweets. A milkshake with a donut, lollipop, and cupcake attached.”

The trend of overloading sweets with more sweets has left many overwhelmed. Ordering a milkshake shouldn’t feel like a dessert marathon, where you need a ladder to reach the top.

#9 Misuse of Yuzu

Fresh raw oysters with lemon slices on wooden board
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“Everything being called Yuzu when they’re really just using lemon.”

Yuzu, a unique citrus fruit, is frequently labeled on menus, but some feel it’s merely lemon in disguise. It’s as if the word “Yuzu” has become a culinary buzzword without a distinct flavor. Users are left questioning whether Yuzu is truly a distinctive ingredient or just a marketing ploy.

#10 Detox Foods

Hummus with fresh vegetables, healthy vegetarian food concept, top view
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Detox” foods. Just eat food and let your liver do its job.”

Many users agreed that detox diets and foods often come with big promises but little scientific backing. In reality, our bodies have efficient natural detox mechanisms, and a balanced diet is usually all it takes.

#11 Cauliflower Craze

Toasts with cauliflower and sauce on plate
Image Credit: FineShine /Depositphotos.com.

“We are asking quite a lot out of Cauliflower lately…”

Cauliflower has certainly had its moment in the spotlight, from cauliflower rice to cauliflower pizza crust. Some users are starting to wonder when this cruciferous obsession will finally subside. It’s as if cauliflower has infiltrated every corner of the culinary world, leaving some users yearning for a little more variety.

#12 Pricey Oxtails and Flank Steaks

Man in stylish green velvet jacket eating meat cheburek at table
Image Credit: VitalikRadko /Depositphotos.com.

“Back in the day, oxtails and flank steaks were cheap cuts of meat. They are expensive as hell now. I’m just waiting for Vienna sausages to be turned into ironic hipster food.”

In the world of food, trends aren’t limited to recipes and restaurant aesthetics; they extend to the price and popularity of various cuts of meat. Some users have noted how oxtails and flank steaks, once considered cheap cuts, have become surprisingly expensive. This shift in meat pricing has left many scratching their heads.

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