11 Movies Voted Most Likely To Have Traumatized You As A Kid

As kids, we had vivid imaginations, and sometimes, a seemingly innocent movie could turn into a nightmarish experience. The following stories will remind you of those cinematic terrors that lingered long after the credits rolled.

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#1 – Chucky: The Nightmare-Maker

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“I remember watching it when I was 5 or 6. I begged my mom to let me watch it and ashamedly threw a tantrum because I wasn’t allowed to watch the “toy movie”. I guess at some point she gave in and just let me watch it with my brothers one day, and I cried the whole time. I had terrible nightmares and to this day at 23 years old I cannot sleep unless I am facing the door or the edge of the bed, unless someone is in the room with me.”

For many users, Chucky, the possessed doll, was a walking, talking nightmare factory. The series of movies featuring this malevolent toy left them fearing that all their innocent playthings were secretly plotting their demise. Blame it on Chucky, but it’s safe to say that many of these folks never looked at their toys the same way again.

#2 – Flying Monkeys and Wicked Witches

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“The Wizard of Oz” is a beloved classic, but for some, it was also a source of terror. The flying monkeys and the wicked witch, with her cackling laughter and pointy hat, haunted the dreams of many. This film showed that even in a colorful world, there could be elements that send shivers down your spine.

#3 – “Return to Oz”: The Mind-Bending Nightmare

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“Still freaks me out as an adult! That head room! And Dorothy stealing the key, and they all scream, omg nightmares!!”

For some users, “Return to Oz” was a cinematic acid trip that defied explanation. This surreal journey into the world of Oz was nothing like the original, filled with eerie imagery and bizarre characters. No wonder it left many wondering, “Just what the actual heck?”

#4 – Hook’s Kidnapping Nightmare

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In “Hook,” it wasn’t Captain Hook who frightened kids, but the opening scene where the children get abducted. The old housekeeper’s panic was palpable, and it struck a chord with young viewers.

#5 – “Large Marge” in Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure

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“This freaked me out as a kid. ‘There was this sound, like a garbage truck dropped off the Empire State Building…'”

Imagine watching a lighthearted movie like “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure” and suddenly, out of nowhere, you encounter “Large Marge.” This utterly bizarre and terrifying stop-motion face transformation scene was a jarring departure from the movie’s tone, leaving many kids bewildered and startled.

#6 – The Exorcist: The Classic Nightlight Request

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“I was a teenager when I saw the Exorcist and remember sleeping with my bedroom lights on for months afterwards.”

“The Exorcist” is a classic horror film, and for one user, watching it as a teenager was a life-altering experience. The terror induced by the possessed Regan was so intense that they resorted to sleeping with the bedroom lights on for months. That’s the power of a well-made horror flick!

#7 – Arachnophobia: A Creepy-Crawly Tale

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“I wouldn’t eat popcorn especially from a bowl for a long time after seeing this movie.”

As the title suggests, “Arachnophobia” was a spine-tingling journey into the world of eight-legged horrors. For those with arachnophobia, this movie was the stuff of nightmares. The fear of spiders went from manageable to terrifying after watching this film.

#8 – “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”: The Child Catcher’s Reign of Terror

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“Oh my god the child catcher… his awful long black hair, long pointy nose, scary eyes and his net! Gives me the chills just thinking about it… as a kid to make things worse my dad used to do impressions of him just to wind up me and my sibling.”

Who would have thought that a whimsical musical like “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” could harbor such dread? The Child Catcher, with his sinister appearance and the adults pretending to be wind-up dolls, sent shivers down the spines of many young viewers. This movie was an unexpected source of childhood nightmares.

#9 – “The Truman Show”: An Existential Crisis for Kids

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“This movie deserves a deeper suspense / thriller or even horror remake. I mean the guy finds out that nobody or nothing is real, his entire world is crafted, that GOD is a TV PRODUCER, and the MOON is a STUDIO. It’s absolute nightmare fuel.”

“The Truman Show” took reality television to a whole new level, and for one user, it triggered an existential crisis that lasted for years. The idea that your life might be a staged performance is enough to make anyone question their reality. This movie wasn’t just entertainment; it was a mind-bending journey.

#10 – “The Black Cauldron”: Dark Disney

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Disney movies are often associated with joy and laughter, but “The Black Cauldron” was a departure from the usual. With its dark and intense themes, it left a mark on many young minds. This animated adventure was more Grimm than Disney, and it still haunts the memories of those who watched it as kids.

#11 – “The Ring”: The Gateway to Horror

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“I was in 7th grade when this came out. Waking up after falling asleep to a VCR movie to the static on the screen had me absolutely terrified…”

“The Ring” is a chilling horror film that introduced viewers to the terrifying concept of a cursed videotape. For those who encountered it at a young age, the fear of televisions and VHS tapes was very real. It’s safe to say that after watching “The Ring,” nobody wanted to answer a phone call from an unknown number.

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