Not Just Boomers – 10 Obsolete Things That Even Millennials Grew Up With

Witness rapid change; forget Boomers, even Millennials recall these fading elements as our world transforms in the lightning-paced digital age.

In our fast-paced and ever-evolving world, change is the only constant. As technology advances, societal habits shift, and new trends emerge, we often find ourselves saying farewell to the familiar elements of our past. In this slide show, we’ll explore a range of things that are quickly becoming obsolete, from once-ubiquitous technologies to traditional practices, revealing how our lives are transforming in the digital age. So, let’s take a nostalgic journey through time and examine what aspects of our world are fading into history.

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#1 Photo Centers: A Trip Down Memory Lane

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“Photo centers. I used to go to the Costco one when it still existed to get prints. It’s hard to find any in my area now.”

The comment about the scarcity of photo centers hits home for anyone who fondly remembers taking rolls of film to be developed. In the age of smartphones, where we capture thousands of photos daily, it’s no wonder that physical photo centers are becoming scarce. For film lovers, it’s hard waving goodbye to the era of printed memories and saying hello to the cloud, where your photos are just a click away.

#2 Electronics Repair

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Electronics repair. I joined the army in 08 as a radio repairman. I thought the experience would be useful. 15 years on, and tech progression has made the job as useful as wet cardboard.”

This radio repairman’s story is a humorous take on how quickly technology evolves. It’s like trying to fix a typewriter in the age of laptops or sharpening quills in a world of ballpoint pens. The rapid progression of technology that is designed to be upgraded or replaced, rather than repaired, has made yesterday’s experts look like they’re trying to decipher hieroglyphics.

#3 Toll Booth Attendants: A Disappearing Act

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“Not many toll-booth attendants left.”

Toll booth attendants are on the fast track to extinction, much like the dodo bird of the highway. The days of handing over cash and receiving a friendly smile from a toll booth attendant are fading away. Automated toll collection systems not only expedite traffic flow but also save us from having to dig for change or toll tickets, making it a win-win situation. So long, toll booth attendants – it seems the machines are here to stay.

#4 Home Telephones: Calling It Quits

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“Home telephones”

Goodbye, landlines, and the nostalgic ‘ring-ring’ that we grew up with. Home telephones are indeed becoming a relic of the past. Why have a phone tethered to the wall when you can have a device in your pocket that can also order pizza, call a cab, and tell you the weather forecast? The home telephone is like a distant relative at a family reunion – a symbol of the past but not really relevant in today’s fast-paced digital world.

#5 Ownership: The Era of Subscriptions

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“Ownership. Everything is a subscription.”

Our love for ownership is slowly transforming into a love for subscriptions, turning us all into ‘subscription addicts.’ We used to buy DVDs, but now we stream everything. We used to own software, but now we lease it. Even our cars are becoming part of the subscription revolution. It’s as if we’re renting our entire lives – who would have thought that renting could be so popular?

#6 The Fax Machine: Hanging By A Thread

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The fax machine’s struggle for relevance is almost like a daily soap opera – you know it’s still around, but you’re not quite sure why. With email, scanned documents, and digital signatures, fax machines are becoming the ‘retro’ choice for communication. Using a fax machine today is like insisting on sending a handwritten letter via carrier pigeon when there’s email. It’s a relic of a bygone era, and it seems like it might be time to pull the plug on faxing.

#7 Changing Office Landscape

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“Working in an office and the 5-day work week.”

The 5-day work week, once as predictable as the changing seasons, is undergoing a metamorphosis. The pandemic hit the snooze button on the traditional office workweek, and now we’re experiencing a ‘work-from-anywhere’ revolution. It’s like the office culture had a makeover, and the result is a more flexible and remote-friendly work environment. Say goodbye to the daily commute and hello to working in pajamas – a change many are adapting to with open arms.

#8 Magazines: Turning The Page

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Magazines, those glossy treasures of yesteryears, are facing a real page-turner – an existential crisis. In a world where digital content is at our fingertips, print magazines are like vinyl records in the age of streaming services. While some enthusiasts may still cherish the tactile experience of flipping through pages, the broader trend suggests that magazines are becoming a collector’s item for the nostalgically inclined.

#9 Travel Agents: A Disappearing Guide

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The travel agent’s tale is akin to a ‘choose your adventure’ story, but it seems like more people are opting for digital adventure guides. With online booking platforms and travel apps that provide instant access to flights, accommodations, and even travel itineraries, the need for a travel agent’s services is waning.

#10 Cursive Handwriting: A Lost Art

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“Cursive handwriting. Kids aren’t being taught how to read and write it.”

Cursive handwriting, once a skill everyone had to master, is now becoming more elusive than a unicorn sighting. Kids these days might look at cursive script and wonder if it’s a secret code. In a world where keyboards and touchscreens have become our primary means of written communication, cursive is starting to seem like the ancient language of long-lost civilizations. So, while we may miss the elegant flourish of cursive, it’s time to face the digital future of writing.

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