If You Practice These 18 Old-Fashioned Manners, You Were Raised Right

In the ever-evolving landscape of social etiquette, some manners of yesteryear seem to have faded into obscurity. From the art of the RSVP to the courtesy of standing when others enter a room, there are old-fashioned niceties that few seem to follow anymore. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and explore these forgotten manners through the lens of modern social discourse.

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#1 Neglecting the RSVP

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“RSVP. When someone asks for one, you should have the courtesy to reply and then actually show up if you say you are going to.”

In an era of instant communication, the simple act of responding to an invitation seems to have lost its significance. Yet, failing to RSVP can lead to logistical headaches for event planners and hosts. It’s a lesson in courtesy that some seem to have overlooked in today’s fast-paced world.

#2 Chair Pushing Oversight

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“Pushing chairs back under the table after you’re done. It always annoys me how people can just leave chairs there to be in people’s way.”

Leaving chairs haphazardly strewn about after a meal has become an all-too-common occurrence. However, taking a moment to push in one’s chair demonstrates consideration for others and helps maintain a tidy space. It’s a small gesture that speaks volumes about one’s manners and respect for shared spaces.

#3 Planning Punctuality

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“Making plans. As in, ahead of time. You know, a date. People have s*** to do, yo.”

In a world filled with competing commitments, planning ahead seems to have fallen by the wayside for many. Yet, setting concrete plans in advance allows for better coordination and ensures that everyone involved can allocate their time effectively. It’s a lesson in foresight that can save both time and frustration in the long run.

#4 Escorting Home

Side View of Woman Walking Alone at Night
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“When dropping a woman off after a date, make sure she gets inside the door before you pull away.”

The chivalrous act of ensuring a date’s safety by waiting until they are safely inside their home has become increasingly rare. However, this small gesture of consideration demonstrates respect and care for the well-being of others. It’s a tradition rooted in courtesy and concern that deserves a revival in today’s dating scene.

#5 Standing Greetings

Businessmen shaking hands
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“Standing up when other people enter a room to greet them. I was taught that it’s the polite thing to do, but I am often the only one who stands up.”

The practice of standing as a sign of respect when someone enters a room has largely fallen out of fashion. Yet, this simple act can convey warmth and hospitality, making guests feel welcome and appreciated. It’s a tradition worth preserving in an age where genuine human connection is increasingly valued.

#6 Thank You Wave

Pedestrian Crosswalk Button with Hand. Road.
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“The “thank you wave” when letting someone in whilst driving. Or even crossing the road. I could be standing at a pedestrian crossing, and still wait for the car to go and still thank them for letting me cross.”

The courteous act of acknowledging kindness on the road or in pedestrian crossings with a simple wave of gratitude has become less common. However, this small gesture fosters a sense of goodwill and civility among drivers and pedestrians alike. It’s a reminder that a little appreciation goes a long way in promoting harmony on the streets.

#7 Hat Etiquette

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“Removing of the hat at the dinner table.”

The tradition of removing one’s hat at the dinner table as a sign of respect has largely faded from contemporary dining customs. Yet, adhering to this practice acknowledges the formality of the meal and shows consideration for fellow diners. It’s a subtle gesture that harkens back to a time when etiquette played a more prominent role in social interactions.

#8 Covering Coughs and Yawns

Young man in pajamas yawning
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“Covering your mouth when you yawn or cough.”

In today’s fast-paced world, the simple act of covering one’s mouth when coughing or yawning has become a casualty of convenience. However, practicing basic hygiene not only prevents the spread of germs but also shows consideration for others’ comfort. It’s a small yet significant gesture that reflects one’s respect for communal well-being.

#9 Polite Interruptions

People in Train
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“My worst is when people can’t say ‘excuse me’. I commute via train and people cannot just say ‘excuse me please’ when trying to get past you.”

The art of politely excusing oneself when navigating crowded spaces seems to have waned in modern society. Yet, uttering a simple “excuse me” acknowledges others’ presence and shows awareness of personal space. It’s a courteous gesture that fosters civility and cooperation in shared environments.

#10 Flying Fashionably

Group of young friends with luggage in airport terminal
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“People used to dress up to fly on planes — it was a big deal, like going to a fancy restaurant.”

In the golden age of air travel, donning one’s finest attire for a flight was the norm rather than the exception. However, in today’s era of casual travel, comfort often takes precedence over formality. Yet, dressing up for a flight was once seen as a mark of respect for the occasion and a nod to the glamour of air travel’s early days.

#11 Mindful Mastication

Overweight businessman eating donuts at workplace
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“Chewing with your mouth closed and not talking with a mouth full of food. It baffles me how many people shamelessly smack, spit and just crunch away with their mouth wide open.”

The art of eating with manners seems to have fallen by the wayside for many, as evidenced by the prevalence of open-mouth chewing and talking with food in one’s mouth. However, observing basic table manners not only promotes a more pleasant dining experience but also shows consideration for others’ sensibilities. It’s a timeless practice that deserves a resurgence in today’s dining culture.

#12 Door Courtesy

Cropped view of hand adjusting thank you lettering in cookies
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“Not even bothering to say thank you when somebody holds a door open for you.”

The failure to express gratitude when someone holds a door open has become increasingly common in today’s fast-paced world. Yet, acknowledging this act of kindness with a simple “thank you” goes a long way in fostering a culture of courtesy and appreciation. It’s a small gesture that reflects one’s respect for others and contributes to a more polite society.

#13 Subway Seating

Senior woman with cane in hospital
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“Giving up seats in the subway/train for elderly women/men.”

The tradition of offering seats to elderly individuals on public transportation has diminished in recent years. However, this act of kindness not only demonstrates respect for elders but also promotes inclusivity and compassion in public spaces. It’s a simple yet meaningful gesture that honors the wisdom and experience of older generations.

#14 Parental Accountability

Grand mother and grand daughter
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“Parents being accountable for their child’s behavior. This is also most prevalent in school where a lot of parents just side with their kids and not the teachers.”

The notion of parents taking responsibility for their children’s actions seems to have eroded in modern times. However, supporting teachers and holding children accountable for their behavior fosters a collaborative and respectful learning environment. It’s a partnership between parents and educators that is essential for the holistic development of children.

#15 Sidewalk Salutations

Woman in Yellow Top Waving
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“Saying ‘hi’ when you walk past someone on a rural/suburban sidewalk.”

The friendly practice of exchanging greetings with strangers while walking on sidewalks has become less common in today’s urban landscapes. Yet, offering a simple “hi” or nod of acknowledgment fosters a sense of community and connection among neighbors. It’s a small gesture that brightens people’s days and promotes social cohesion in local neighborhoods.

#16 Respectful Address

A Woman in Black Dress Talking to the Woman in Gray Blazer while Sitting on the Couch
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“Addressing someone as ‘Sir’ or ‘Ma’am’ as a simple courtesy when you don’t know their name, without trying to turn it into some stupid age or power position label.”

The use of respectful titles like “Sir” or “Ma’am” as a sign of politeness has dwindled in contemporary interactions. However, employing these honorifics reflects an acknowledgment of dignity and respect for others, irrespective of age or status. It’s a nod to traditional etiquette that fosters civility and mutual regard in social exchanges.

#17 Elevator Etiquette

Closeup on business woman hand holding elevator door
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“Holding the elevator – especially when you make eye contact. Nothing pisses you off more than looking at someone on the elevator staring you right in the eyes and watching the doors close.”

The courtesy of holding the elevator for others has become less common in today’s hurried world. Yet, extending this small act of kindness not only demonstrates consideration for others’ time but also fosters a sense of community in shared spaces. It’s a reminder that a moment of patience can go a long way in promoting goodwill and camaraderie.

#18 Unplugged Hangouts

Smiling young friends looking at beautiful happy woman talking on smartphone
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“Being just with you when you hang out. It seems like the whole time I’m hanging out with someone, they’re on their phone, not even paying attention to me.”

The prevalence of constant digital distractions has led to a decline in the art of genuine, unplugged interactions. However, being fully present during hangouts, without the distraction of phones or devices, fosters deeper connections and meaningful conversations. It’s a return to the essence of human connection, where quality time is valued over constant connectivity.

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