11 ‘Old People’ Things I Do That Young People Ridicule (And I Don’t Care)

Getting older comes with a certain freedom to embrace life unapologetically. Seniors like me often indulge in habits and preferences that they find comforting or meaningful, regardless of modern trends or what others might think. Here are 11 things that “old” people proudly do without caring what anyone has to say about it.

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#1 Talking About “Back in My Day”

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Oh, you think today’s gadgets are impressive? Sit down, young’un, and let me regale you with tales from when TVs had knobs, and the internet made that funky dial-up sound. “Back in my day” conversations are my badge of honor.

Many seniors love reminiscing about the past, often starting conversations with “back in my day.” These stories, though sometimes repetitive, are cherished memories that offer a glimpse into a different time and reflect the richness of our experiences. If you listen closely, you might learn something too.

#2 Preferring Traditional Media

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Older adults like me might stick to reading physical newspapers, listening to the radio, or enjoying printed books instead of diving into digital media. This preference keeps us connected to the familiar and cherished ways of consuming information and entertainment.

There’s a certain charm in rejecting digital overload for the crisp, smudgy joy of traditional media. Plus, who needs streaming when I’ve got a perfectly good VHS collection?

#3 Using Outdated Slang or Phrases

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Ever heard someone say something that sounds straight out of a different era? That’s me using ‘outdated’ slang. That’s okay though, because I want to use the words that I understand. They were popular when I was younger.

While it may leave younger people scratching their heads, it’s only a matter of time before our sayings become ‘cool’ again.

#4 Being Technologically Challenged

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It’s true! Some older people find it tough to use modern gadgets like smartphones or computers. With technology advancing so quickly, it can be hard to keep up, and yes, something this can lead to frustration or feeling left behind. While some older adults are eager to learn, others feel overwhelmed and stick to what they know.

If I fumble with apps, just remember: our tech-savvy ancestors sent people to the moon with less computing power than today’s coffee machines.

#5 Wearing “Old-Fashioned” Clothes or Styles

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You might notice some older people wearing clothes that look like they’re from a different era. I prefer styles that were popular when I was younger. Sticking with what I’m used to gives me a distinct look that reflects classic fashion choices. Also, it’s only a matter of time before young people start wearing the same styles again.

#6 Having Set Routines

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Consistency is key, darling. Why mess with a perfectly good routine? Whether it’s a daily walk at dawn or tea at three, these habits are a testament to the beauty of a well-ordered life. Spontaneity is overrated.

Older people often like to stick to a routine in their daily lives. We have habits and rituals we follow every day, which helps us feel grounded. This does not mean we’re afraid of trying new stuff. I just prefer the familiar over the unknown.

#7 Preferring Traditional Forms of Entertainment

Monopoly Board Game on Brown Wooden Table
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Card games, board games, and classic films – who needs your fancy VR headsets? These timeless activities entertain me.

Some older adults may find comfort and enjoyment in familiar pastimes that remind us of simpler times. While newer forms of entertainment, like streaming services and video games, may be popular with younger generations, older individuals may prefer the timeless appeal of traditional entertainment options. I also don’t want to walk around wearing goofy headsets and glasses.

#8 Being Physically Slower or Less Agile

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Aging with grace means I take my time and savor every step. Slow and steady not only wins the race but does so with a lot more style and fewer broken hips.

Aging often brings physical changes that can affect mobility and agility. Old people may walk more slowly or have difficulty with tasks that require physical dexterity. These changes are a natural part of the aging process and can vary widely from person to person. While some older adults may remain active and agile well into old age, others may experience limitations that impact their daily activities. So if you don’t like it, feel free to pass me.

#9 Talking About Health Issues

Elderly wheelchair man in hospital
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When people get older, they tend to talk more about their health. It’s natural because our bodies change as we age, and we might have more health concerns. So, you might notice me chatting about my doctor’s appointments, medications, or how I’m feeling physically.

I do realize that there’s more to life than health problems, and I’m perfectly capable of discussing a variety of topics to keep conversations interesting and balanced.

#10 Complaining About Modern Music

Senior woman with cane in hospital
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Yes, I can’t stand today’s tunes and often complain that it’s just noise. I’m all about the classics from my youth and think everything else pales in comparison. That’s OK though, as I’m sure young people think that today’s music is the best as well. That’s the beauty of having different life experiences.

#11 Carrying Cash

Confident senior businessman holding money in hands while sitting at table near laptop
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I’m clinging to the old-school way of doing things, preferring the feel of cold hard cash in my hands. Older adults like me are not afraid of modern technology, but many of us also don’t fully trust it. While it’s good to know how to use Apple Pay and credit cards, I still prefer cash and don’t want to risk being scammed by fake card machines.

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