What If You Could Have Only 1 Drink Forever? Here Are 10 To Choose From

If there’s one thing the internet is great at, it’s sparking lively debates about unrealistic, but humorous, topics. Recently, a social media thread ignited a passionate discussion on the one drink people could enjoy endlessly without ever getting bored. As we delve into the diverse preferences of the users, you’ll find some unexpected choices and delightful quirks that make these drinks the object of endless affection. Which one would you choose?

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#1 Water

Beautiful splash of water falling into the glass
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For many users, the answer is simple and timeless – water. It’s the elixir of life, and some find its pure simplicity to be the key to everlasting satisfaction. Water is a universal choice, and its versatility and health benefits make it hard to argue with. It’s also the base for all beverages, making it the unsung hero of the drinking world, and it’s always refreshing.

#2 The Blood of My Vanquished Enemies

Cropped view of vampire holding wineglass with blood. Halloween.
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Well, this one certainly took a humorous turn. It’s not a typical drink choice, but it adds a whimsical touch to the list. After all, a little imagination can make anything seem more intriguing, even a mythical beverage like the “blood of vanquished enemies.”

#3 Beer

Beer in two glasses on wooden table, oktoberfest concept
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The world of beer is like a global treasure hunt. From pilsners and IPAs to stouts and sours, the diversity in styles keeps the beer aficionado endlessly engaged. With each glass, they explore new flavors, aromas, and brewing techniques, ensuring their beer journey is a lifelong adventure.

#4 Tea

Happy elderly couple drinking tea and smiling each other at home
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Tea, with its diverse range of flavors and types, offers a delightful sip for every palate. Whether it’s the gentle embrace of herbal tea or the robust awakening of a strong black brew, there’s a tea for every mood and moment. It’s a comforting choice for those who want to enjoy a warm cup in solitude or share a pot with friends.

#5 Dr. Pepper

MOSCOW, RUSSIA-APRIL 4, 2014: Can of Dr Pepper soft drink on ice. Dr Pepper is a soft drink marketed as having a unique flavor. The drink was created in the 1880s.
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Dr. Pepper stands out in the world of sodas with its unique blend of flavors. For those who love it, there’s no substitute. Its taste, reminiscent of cherry and cola, has a dedicated following who could enjoy it endlessly. After all, there’s no mistaking that distinct flavor.

#6 Coffee

Man pouring coffee
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Coffee is the unsung hero of productivity, the magic potion that transforms morning zombies into functioning adults. The coffee world is a realm of enchantment, where lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos reign supreme. Its beans are grown in diverse regions worldwide, and each cup tells a story of flavor, aroma, and the perfect caffeine kick. For coffee devotees, every cup is a unique experience, a ritual to kick-start the day, and an endless journey through the wonderful world of coffee.

#7 Milk

Glass of milk and cookies on wooden table on brown background. Food.
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Milk’s timeless appeal lies in its versatility. From adding a creamy texture to coffee and tea to being the perfect partner for cookies, it’s a beverage that adapts to every situation. Some even opt for a glass of warm milk to lull them into sweet dreams at bedtime. If there’s one thing milk enthusiasts know, it’s that this drink’s potential is endless, making it an eternal favorite.

#8 Lemonade

Cute little girl with natural lemonade in park. Summer refreshing drink. Child.
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Lemonade is the epitome of a summer day – refreshing, zesty, and sweet. It’s a drink that evokes memories of lazy afternoons and childhood lemonade stands. With the right balance of tartness and sugar, it’s no wonder that many find it irresistible and could happily sip it forever.

#9 Wine

Happy adult woman with wine glass talking to senior mother
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For the wine connoisseurs, the allure of this age-old drink is undeniable. With its rich history and countless grape varieties to explore, it’s no surprise that some users have chosen wine as the drink they’ll savor for a lifetime.

#10 Whisky

Stylish young redhead man drinking whiskey. Bar.
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Last but not least, we have the whisky enthusiasts, who shared their unwavering affection for the amber nectar. With its deep, complex flavors and the unique character of each bottle, whisky is the drink that continues to intrigue and delight its loyal fans, providing a timeless journey of discovery sip by sip.

So? Which drink could you exclusively have for the rest of your life?

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