17 Most Out of Touch Things Heard from Older People

Navigating the generational gap can be a humorous journey, especially when older individuals share their pearls of wisdom. From housing advice to peculiar notions about the black market, social media threads are buzzing with tales of out-of-touch statements. Let’s dive into the anecdotes where the generation divide becomes a source of horror and amusement.

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#1 Starter Homes in LA

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“In Southern California, my aunt, who heard we still rent, was like, ‘You don’t have to buy a new home, just get yourself a $200k starter home and fix it up.’ I was like, ‘starter homes that need fixing up in LA are like $1.2M starting.’”

Users chuckle at the stark contrast between reality and the notion of a modest starter home in Southern California. The humor lies in the vast difference between generations regarding housing expectations and the economic realities of today.

#2 eBay, the Black Market Hub

Shocked senior disabled man in wheelchair using laptop
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“My dad. At Christmas: ‘if I need, I can sell my pain meds on the black market and make a fortune.’ Me: ‘Where is this black market?’ Dad: ‘EBay!’”

The idea of eBay as a thriving black market for prescription drugs adds a dash of absurdity to the conversation. Users share laughs at the unconventional entrepreneurial spirit displayed by the older generation, as they navigate the nuances of the online marketplace.

#3 Time-Traveling Parenting Advice

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“I’ve become the mediator between my boomer mom & millennial daughter. When my mom was complaining that my daughter never takes her advice on parenting, I asked her if she took the advice her older relatives offered when she was raising me. Her answer, without any irony, was ‘but their advice didn’t apply because times were different by then.’ You just answered your own question, Ma.”

The humorous realization that parenting advice might not be one-size-fits-all spans generations. Users share a smile at the irony of expecting timeless advice in an ever-evolving world.

#4 The “Move In After We Die” Plan

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“From a parent: ‘When we die, you can just fly over here and move in for 6 months while you figure out what to do with all of our stuff.’ Sure, and what income will I have after I need to quit my job to do this?”

The suggestion of a seamless transition into managing a deceased parent’s affairs leaves users pondering the practicality of such a plan. The interplay between financial realities and the casual nature of the suggestion adds a touch of humor to the scenario.

#5 Dad’s Peak Hour Visit

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“My dad visited me in the restaurant I was working in during peak hours and said, ‘just tell your boss you’re taking your break now and sit with me.’”

Users share a collective eye-roll at the well-intentioned yet impractical suggestion from a parent to take a break during peak hours. The humorous scenario highlights the disconnect between the older generation’s concept of autonomy at work and the reality of a bustling restaurant.

#6 Facebook Facts

Person Holding Silver Smartphone - Facebook
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“Every time my mother says I read it on Facebook and acts like it’s cold hard truth.”

The credibility of information sourced from Facebook becomes a source of amusement for users. The comment captures the skepticism of the younger generation towards social media as a reliable news source, creating a humorous commentary on the changing landscape of information consumption.

#7 Resume Realism

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“Just walk in and hand them a resume, they will hire you on the spot!”

Users share a laugh at the simplicity of the older generation’s advice on job hunting. The notion of effortlessly securing employment by merely handing in a resume reflects a bygone era, contrasting with the nuanced process of modern job applications.

#8 Minimum Wage Wisdom

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“‘Minimum wage jobs are entry level, mostly for high schoolers to get a foot in the working world. If you want a better job you have to work for it.’ – So, who’s making the coffee? Or fixing your hamburger for lunch?”

The question of who handles essential tasks during non-high school hours adds a comical twist to the conversation about the changing landscape of entry-level work.

#9 Intelligence and Romance

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“A woman told me ‘I always see you reading books. You’ll never get a man if you’re too smart. They don’t like that sort of thing.'”

Users share a laugh at the outdated belief that intelligence might hinder one’s romantic prospects. The humorous commentary on gender expectations adds a playful touch to the conversation about evolving perceptions of intelligence and relationships.

#10 Grandpa’s Budgeting Advice

Senior old man with flowers in hospital
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“Kids aren’t expensive at all! HAHAHHAA”

The grandparent’s assertion that raising kids isn’t expensive elicits knowing laughs from users who understand the financial realities of modern parenthood. The juxtaposition of grandpa’s nostalgic view with the present-day cost of childcare adds a humorous twist to the discussion.

#11 Pet Morality Musings

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“My grandmother didn’t like cats and dogs because they don’t have good morals and want sex all the time.”

Users shake their heads in amusement at the notion that pets are judged based on human moral standards. The anthropomorphic interpretation of animal behavior becomes a source of lighthearted commentary on generational perspectives.

#12 The Age of Independence

Young woman sitting in armchair
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“Young people have no pride left. Why do they think it’s okay to still live with their parents at 20?”

The older generation’s perspective on young adults living with their parents clashes with the economic realities of today. Users find humor in the suggestion that independence should adhere to a specific timeline, highlighting the evolving norms around housing and financial independence.

#13 Epilepsy Euphemisms

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“My boomer ex-father-in-law was ashamed of the fact that my son, his grandson, is epileptic. He tried to forbid me from referring to his seizures as seizures, and instead call them ‘episodes’, so people wouldn’t know.”

The attempt to rebrand epileptic seizures as mere “episodes” becomes a curious commentary on societal perceptions. Users share a smile at the older generation’s desire to alter language to navigate the stigma associated with certain medical conditions.

#14 Sportscasting Skepticism

Happy senior man relaxing at home and watching television, he is watching a comedy movie and laughing
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“My grandpa spent a good 15 minutes on Christmas Day having a rant about female commentators in sport. About how ‘they just don’t shut up’ as though it’s not literally their job to talk about football or something.”

Users find amusement in the older generation’s skepticism towards female sportscasters. The humorous rant becomes a snapshot of changing dynamics in traditionally male-dominated spaces, sparking reflection on evolving attitudes.

#15 Childhood Advice Gone Awry

Senior woman with cane in hospital
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“My great-grandmother told me how to give myself a knitting needle abortion. She thought that was important information for a 7-year-old to know.”

Users share a mix of shock and amusement at the great-grandmother’s inappropriate advice. The absurdity of imparting such information to a 7-year-old is a reflection on generational differences.

#16 When Being Gay Was “Invented”

smiling homosexual man
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“My Grandfather said that being gay was invented in the 60s.”

The sarcastic commentary on the notion of being gay as a recent invention prompts users to share wry smiles. The comment captures the absurdity of outdated perspectives on sexual orientation, creating a moment of levity in the discussion.

#17 Mental Health Stigma

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“I was told by my own 61 year old mom that I shouldn’t tell anyone that I have anything wrong with me, because if they found out I had mental problems they’d lock me up and never let me out.”

Users react with a blend of empathy and bemusement at the older generation’s stigma surrounding mental health. The comment becomes a platform for discussing the evolving understanding of mental health and the need for open conversations.

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