11 Outdated Slang You Have To Stop Using

Slang is like fashion; it comes and goes with the seasons, but every now and then, a blast from the past resurfaces and refuses to fade into oblivion. Scroll through as users share their personal linguistic time capsules.

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#1 “Right On” in a Right Now World

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“I was at a grocery store a while back and the person working the register was a young 20’s woman. She said something and I responded with “Right on” and she responds with “Oh, I love old-timey sayings!” So I guess that’s my old-timey saying that I still use.”

In a world where new slang seems to pop up every day, holding onto a classic like “Right on” is like preserving a vintage vinyl record in the age of streaming. It’s a phrase that harkens back to a different era, when coolness was conveyed with a simple nod and a “right on.”

#2 “Sweet” Surprise

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“I was unaware ‘sweet’ was out of date. I said sweet to a customer and the tweens thought it was hilarious. Dad said, ‘dude.’ I said, ‘sweet.’ Dad said dude… back and forth until we laughed. Made my day but the tweens looked so confused.”

“Sweeeet!” was once the catchphrase of the effortlessly cool. It’s the kind of word that made everything, from a slice of pizza to an epic guitar solo, sound like the bee’s knees. So when a user found themselves in a playful linguistic showdown with a customer, swapping “sweet” and “dude” like friendly dueling banjos, it was a reminder that language can be a source of joy and nostalgia.

#3 Dude, Man, and the Art of Addressing

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“I finish every sentence with Man, and I call everyone Dude.”

The enduring appeal of addressing people as “dude” or casually tacking on “man” at the end of a sentence speaks to the versatility of these words. They’re like old friends who never go out of style. “Dude, pass the beer.” It’s a language that transcends age, making everyone feel like part of the same laid-back club.

#4 “Dope” – From Hip to Hip Replacement

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“Dope – especially feels weird now that I’m almost 40 and use it to describe mundane things like salad dressing.”

“Dope” has undergone a transformation from the epitome of cool to a term for everyday things. It’s like watching your favorite rockstar turn into a dad who enjoys gardening. The user’s experience captures the humor in this linguistic shift, showing that words can age like fine wine or, in this case, salad dressing.

#5 Jank and the Lost Art of Biting

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“I still use jank/janky/janked a lot, which I feel is a bit outdated. And the occasional ‘bite me’.”

“Jank,” “janky,” and “janked” are linguistic remnants of a bygone era, but for those who continue to use them, they add a splash of vintage flavor to conversations. These words, along with the occasional “bite me,” serve as linguistic time capsules, taking us on a journey back to a time when they were the embodiment of cool.

#6 The Negation Game

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“Negating a sentence by end the sentence with “not”. For example: I trust Social Security retirement to be there for the young workers today, not!”

Negating a sentence with “not” at the end may seem like a curious linguistic quirk. In the past, it was a way to express doubt or skepticism, and for those who still use it, it’s a glimpse into a time when language had its own unique twists and turns.

#7 “BRB” IRL

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“I say “brb” out loud a lot.”

The transition from online chats to spoken conversations can sometimes blur the lines between the digital and the real. “BRB” (Be Right Back) is a fine example of this, showcasing how our online world has influenced our everyday speech.

#8 Peace Out, Word!

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“I tell people ‘peace out’ and acknowledge things with ‘word’. I’m 43.”

“Peace out” and “word” are like timeless classics on the playlist of our language. They’ve transcended generations and continue to resonate with people of all ages. Using these phrases is like enjoying the greatest hits of language, providing a sense of connection and camaraderie.

#9 Yeet or Not to Yeet

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“Are the kids still saying yeet these days?”

“Yeet” burst onto the scene with boundless energy, but its staying power remains uncertain. The user’s question highlights how quickly slang can rise to stardom and then quietly exit stage left. It’s a reminder that language is a dynamic entity, with trends that wax and wane like the phases of the moon.

#10 Taking It Easy on Goodbyes

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“’Take it easy’ is my go-to goodbye. I’ve been told that’s outdated.”

“Take it easy” might be considered outdated by some, but it’s a phrase that radiates warmth and well-wishing. It’s like sending someone off with a cozy blanket and a cup of hot cocoa. Language may evolve, but the sentiment behind this phrase is as timeless as a starry night.

#11 The Dog Days of Speech

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“I still refer to people as ‘Dog’ or ‘Dawg.’ It started ironically at work, and somehow found its way into my every day speech. I don’t even realize I’m doing it anymore.”

Addressing people as “dog” adds a unique 90s flavor to everyday conversations. What started as a workplace joke became a linguistic habit, showcasing how our interactions can mold the way we speak. It’s a reminder that language is a living, breathing entity, shaped by the people who use it.

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