15 Pieces of History Deliberately Being Erased From Existence

In the vast tapestry of history, there are threads deliberately pulled, stories hushed, and chapters overlooked. A recent social media thread opened the door to discussions on the forgotten, and the deliberately erased. From geopolitics to human rights, here are some perspectives from users on what pieces of history are fading away, either by design or by the passage of time.

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#1 The Rohingya Exodus

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“The Rohingya is a very interesting one. They have been indigenous to the Rakhine state for centuries before being driven out in 2016.”

Many users shed light on the tragic expulsion of the Rohingya people from Myanmar’s Rakhine state in 2016. Indigenous to the region for centuries, their forced displacement remains a painful chapter in modern history, often overlooked on the international stage.

#2 The Business Plot

US Government's Pentagon seen from above
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“The Business Plot. Yes, a group of powerful Wall St. types tried to raise an army of 500k men to take the White House by force, overthrow FDR, and put a fascist government in his place.”

A forgotten plot with echoes of secrecy and powerful interests, the Business Plot involved Wall Street figures attempting to raise an army to overthrow FDR and install a fascist government. While Congress investigated, the conspirators were never named, leaving a historical mystery reminiscent of modern-day enigmas like Epstein.

#3 Expanding the Axis Force

KYIV, UKRAINE - February 26, 2022: Fight of planes in the sky over the Kiev region, as a result of which a plane of the Russian army was hit.
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“There were more countries in the Axis force than just Germany, Italy, and Japan.”

Contrary to popular belief, the Axis force during World War II included more countries than Germany, Italy, and Japan. Some users point out the lesser-known members, like Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Finland, shedding light on the broader geopolitical dynamics during this tumultuous period.

#4 Collusion in Northern Ireland

Bridge in Belfast
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“The British and Irish governments are desperately trying to forget collusion in Northern Ireland during the troubles.”

Collusion in Northern Ireland during the Troubles refers to alleged cooperation between British security forces and paramilitary groups. Accusations involve intelligence sharing and support for loyalist paramilitaries. Both the British and Irish governments face criticism for their roles. Investigations into collusion have been hindered by a lack of transparency, leading to a contentious and unresolved issue.

#5 Human Zoos

Shocked young man covering mouth by hand. Surprised.
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“We had “Human Zoos” until 1958.” 

A shocking revelation comes from the mention of “Human Zoos” lasting until 1958. Users discuss this unsettling part of history where individuals were put on display, challenging the notion of progress as late as the mid-20th century.

#6 Overlooked Atrocities of Expansionist Japan

People Walking on Street Near Buildings
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“Expansionist Japan and the atrocities they committed during the 1930s are completely skipped over in most school curriculum even though it was less than 100 years ago.”

Japan’s atrocities in the 1930s, particularly during the Second Sino-Japanese War, include the Nanking Massacre where widespread rape and mass k******s occurred. The use of chemical weapons, forced labor, and biological warfare experiments on civilians are documented atrocities. These events are often overlooked in school curricula, overshadowed by other World War II narratives.

#7 France under Nazi Occupation

Panorama of Paris. View from Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris, France
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“In WW2 how French people in general were pretty ok and open to Nazi ideals. Under occupation, shipping people to camps, etc. But they pretty much rewrote the history glorifying the resistance force who were just a little group of individuals resisting Nazi occupation.”

The nuanced history of France during World War II comes to light, where a considerable portion of the population seemingly accepted Nazi ideals under occupation. Users point out how history was later rewritten, glorifying the resistance force over a more complex reality.

#8 Denial of Serbian Atrocities

Serbian Flag on Ship
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“Serbs desperately try to negate all the atrocities they did all over Bosnia.”

During the Bosnian War (1992-1995), Serbian forces were involved in numerous atrocities, including ethnic cleansing and mass k******s. The Srebrenica massacre in 1995, where Bosnian Serb forces killed over 8,000 Bosnian Muslim men and boys, stands out as one of the worst incidents. Serbian paramilitary groups were also implicated in widespread rape and torture. The conflict saw the forced displacement of hundreds of thousands and the destruction of cultural heritage.

#9 Injustice to Sami People

A swedish flag flying in the air with trees behind it
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“Sweden tried to assimilate Sami people by outlawing their language in schools and outlawing yoiking (traditional chanting) and drumming. Sami women were secretly sterilized by the Swedish government — and that program lasted until the 1970s.”

#10 The Securitate in Communist Romania

Police officers with crossed arms looking at camera
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“The secret police in communist Romania – the Securitate, who would arrest, beat and torture those who opposed the regime, and its numerous collaborators who stabbed their neighbors in the back for benefits.”

The dark history of communist Romania’s secret police, the Securitate, and their collaborators who betrayed neighbors for personal gain is explored. Users reflect on the consequences of political oppression and betrayal during that era.

#11 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Radical Politics

Close Up Shot of a Statue of Martin Luther King
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“The radical politics of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., particularly toward the end of his life. In his writings and speeches, he was far more radical than what is conventionally touted. Corporations wrap themselves in MLK quotes on January 15th and April 4th, but I would imagine that if Dr. King were alive today, he would be horrified at the level of wealth that these private-sector entities have accumulated while we continually fail to provide the basic necessities for human dignity, such as affordable housing and living wages.”

Users shed light on the often-overlooked radical political views of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., particularly toward the end of his life. They discuss how his more progressive ideas are sometimes overshadowed by mainstream narratives.

#12 Korean Comfort Women

young sad and depressed Asian Korean student woman or bullied teenager sitting outdoors on street staircase overwhelmed and anxious feeling desperate suffering depression problem. teen.
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“Korean Comfort Women used by the Japanese Occupation force during WW2.”

The history of Korean Comfort Women used by the Japanese occupation force during World War II resurfaces. This painful chapter spotlights the exploitation of women during wartime, raising questions about accountability.

#13 The Labor History Struggle

Laborers Working on Ship
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“The labor history of most of the world. People have little idea that things people today take for granted or even scoff at were fought for with blood. Those who brag about working long hours or laugh at safety regulations spit on their graves.”

Users emphasize the often-overlooked labor history struggle worldwide, where basic workplace rights were fought for with blood. They highlight the importance of understanding the sacrifices made for today’s workplace standards.

#14 The Mormon Church’s Hidden History

First Presbyterian Church, Downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
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“The Mormon church has spent 75 years obfuscating their own history of racism, sexism and fraud.”

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon church) has faced criticism for its historical stances on racism and sexism. For many years, the church maintained discriminatory practices, including denying priesthood to Black members, before officially reversing these policies in 1978. Criticisms also involve allegations of historical fraud, such as the authenticity of certain religious texts. While the church has taken steps toward transparency, debates continue regarding the extent of acknowledgment and accountability for past practices. Understanding the complexities of the church’s history requires examining a range of perspectives and sources.

#15 Vanishing Native American Languages

Portrait of Three Men in Traditional Native American Clothes Playing Guitar
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“Others have said Native American history, and that’s certainly true, but I want to specify something important about this, their languages. Many tribes of selected tongues have only a handful of speakers left, and many of them are elderly, and before too long, after they pass, these languages will be dead.”

The importance of Native American languages, facing extinction with only a handful of speakers left, becomes a focal point. Users stress the urgency of preserving these linguistic treasures before they disappear entirely.

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