In Your 30s? 13 Pieces of Wisdom from 40-Year-Olds You Need To Follow

Navigate the transition from your early 30s to 40 with invaluable insights. Discover 13 pearls of wisdom shared by those who’ve crossed the milestone, offering life’s profound lessons.

Are you in your early 30s and feeling like you’re on top of the world? Maybe you’ve got your career on the upswing, you’re enjoying your newfound independence, and life seems like one big adventure. But, what if we told you that some seasoned 40-year-olds have some wisdom to share? In a social media thread filled with insights, these 40-year-old sages dropped some golden nuggets of advice for those in their early 30s.

From staying limber to cherishing your parents, investing wisely to embracing the reality that nobody really cares about you, their advice is both practical and humorous. Join us on a journey through these nuggets of wisdom and get ready to level up your 30s game with the kind of guidance that only comes from a decade ahead!

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#1 Age Is No Excuse

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“You’re not old yet. Quit using that as an excuse.”

Age is just a number, and excuses are like old socks – comfortable but not doing you any favors. So, don’t let your 30s become the excuse factory for all your “I’m too old for this” moments. After all, age doesn’t determine your capabilities; it’s the spirit, determination, and a dash of humor that truly matter.

#2 Cherish Your Parents While You Can

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“Your parents are about to get really old shockingly fast, so if you have good ones, enjoy them now.”

The aging remote control seems to have a sudden acceleration when it comes to parents. It’s like they hit the fast-forward button, and before you know it, you’re dealing with conversations about retirement funds and the best fiber supplements. So, make the most of your time with your folks now because they’re your best source of life advice, and who doesn’t want a little extra parental wisdom in their 30s?

#3 Invest in Your Health: Core, Joints, and Limberness

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“Work on your health, especially your core and joints. Stay healthy, my friends! Yoga poses, stretching, sit-ups, planks, running to a sustained pace. You don’t need a six-pack, just stay limber and no beer gut.”

Picture your 40-year-old self as a fine wine that’s aging gracefully. Your core and joints are like the corks that keep you from turning into the human version of a shaken soda can. So, embrace the yoga poses and planks like your joints’ best friends.

#4 Embrace Your Own Pace

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“Go at your own pace, not your peers’ pace. Be more content with where you are now.”

Life isn’t a competitive sport (unless you’re an athlete, of course). So, don’t let the societal pressure to keep up with the Joneses dictate your choices. Your 40-year-old self will probably look back and thank you for not succumbing to the rat race syndrome. If you work reasonably hard, don’t spend outrageously and invest your savings, you’ll be just fine.

#5 Beware the Consumerism Trap

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“Don’t fall into the consumerism trap that convinces you to always have the latest greatest thing. For example, if your car/phone/laptop is in good working order, you don’t need a new one.”

Yes, we all love shiny new toys, but remember, your 30s self doesn’t need to constantly upgrade to the latest and greatest. Think of your gadgets like loyal pets – they might not fetch your slippers, but if they’re in good working order, there’s no need to send them to the tech farm upstate. Plus, those tech bills can quickly turn into a scary monster under your bed. So, save your money for more important things, like that bucket list trip to the Maldives.

#6 The Magic Elixir: Sunscreen

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“Wear sunscreen!”

Sunscreen is like a magic potion that can help you defy the sun’s relentless quest to age your skin. You don’t need to look like a gloopy, white ghost, but a little sunscreen can go a long way. Remember, sunburns might seem harmless now, but they can lead to a future of “Is it sunny? I’ll pass” moments. So, dab it on and embrace your skin’s everlasting youth.

#7 Secure Your Future: Start a 401k

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“If you haven’t started a 401k or other retirement plan yet. Do so now. The earlier, the better.”

A 401k is a retirement nest egg that grows with time, just like your love for a good old-fashioned cardigan. Starting early ensures that your golden years will be, well, more golden and less, “Oops, I’m homeless at 50” bronze. So, set up that 401k, and let the magic of compound interest do its work. Your 40-year-old self will send a heartfelt thank-you card.

#8 Carpe Diem with a Side of Kindness

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“In 100 years, no one will even know you existed. Enjoy yourself. Be kind. Learn something new every day. Lessen the suffering of others, and don’t underestimate the effect of doing a little every day towards your goals.”

The grand lesson here is that life is fleeting. In a century, most of us will be long-forgotten like that viral video from 2009. So, seize the day, be kind, and make each moment count. After all, even the smallest acts of kindness and personal growth can create ripples of change in the world. Think of it as your way of leaving a time capsule for the future, filled with goodwill and life lessons.

#9 Embrace the Unapologetic Reality

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“Aside from your closest family and friends, no one gives a s*** about you. Live your life with that in mind, and don’t be a tool, and you’ll get by just fine.”

While it may sound a tad harsh, this advice can be liberating. It reminds you that you’re the star of your own show, and while your family and friends play leading roles, the rest of the world is just the supporting cast. 30s is the time of life when you find out who your true friends are. You will have to leave behind a lot of toxic folks, so be brave and keep moving forward.

#10 Debt: Molehill To Mountain

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“Don’t rack up debt. 40-year-old you will be paying for it.”

Debts are like unwanted guests that keep knocking on your door, even when you’ve changed the locks. Your 40-year-old self will thank you for not dragging around that heavy financial baggage. So, make financial choices that lead to a life free of unwanted guests and an endless cycle of interest payments.

#11 Love Is Worth the Wait

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“Don’t get married just because your friends are; Wait for the real deal, so worth it.”

It’s like waiting for the perfect slice of pizza when all your friends are gobbling down mediocre ones. Marriage isn’t a race, and it’s perfectly fine to wait for the real deal. The right or wrong life partner can make or break the rest of your life. So, keep your heart open and wait for the genuine article – it’s like finding that secret, off-menu item in the restaurant of love.

#12 Solo Adventures: Don’t Wait for a Plus One

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“For those who are single: Don’t wait until you’re in a relationship to do what you want (like buy a house, take that dream vacay, etc.).”

Life doesn’t require a relationship to unlock adventures. Think of your solo life as a choose-your-own-adventure book with endless possibilities. So, don’t hold back on your dreams until you find a plus one. Go ahead and buy that house, embark on your dream vacation, and write your solo adventure story. Your 40-year-old self will be grateful for the thrilling chapters.

#13 H2O: The Kidney Stone Preventer

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“Drink water. Kidney stones are no joke.”

Kidney stones are like tiny crystalline enemies that can wreak havoc on your otherwise peaceful urinary system. So, drink water – to flush out potential troublemakers before they organize a full-blown rebellion. It might not be the most exciting beverage, but your kidneys will thank you, and you’ll avoid those painful, rocky roads to the bathroom.

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