17 Hidden and Unexpected Pleasures Everyone Needs To Experience

In a world filled with hustle and bustle, some social media users have shared their perspectives on the underrated pleasures that everyone should experience at least once. From the joy of a sabbatical to the thrill of unexpected encounters, these simple yet profound moments offer a refreshing break from the ordinary. Let’s explore these 18 gems of delight that might just become your next go-to source of happiness.

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#1 Extended Vacation

Brunette woman with book sitting in the airport. Travel.
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“A sabbatical or long stretch of vacation. Not one that is forced for medical reasons or to care for a child. But a several month or longer break without financial stress.”

As many users suggest embarking on an extended vacation, free from medical obligations or childcare responsibilities, can be a transformative experience. The significance lies in the opportunity to enjoy a break of several months or more without the burden of financial stress. This escape allows individuals to rejuvenate, explore, and rediscover themselves, contributing to overall well-being and mental rejuvenation.

#2 Movie Night Joy

Young couple holding bowl with popcorn and watching horror movie.
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“I had a reciprocated crush, years ago, insist on holding my hand during movies. It’s been like six years and I still vividly remember how great our interwoven fingers felt.”

The simple joy of someone you like being genuinely excited to watch a movie and hold hands is often overlooked. It’s underrated because, in the realm of dating, people tend to focus on more intimate aspects. However, the true beauty lies in finding someone who’s thrilled just to exist with you. This shared experience, like the memory of interwoven fingers during a movie night, creates a lasting connection, emphasizing the importance of these small, heartfelt moments in relationships.

#3 Tranquil Dark Showers

Beautiful african american girl taking shower
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“Dark showers are great. When I’m not in the mood for full darkness I swap out a regular bulb or two with the flickering fire light bulbs.”

The allure of dark showers goes beyond the ordinary, offering a tranquil and unique experience. By replacing regular bulbs with flickering fire light bulbs, individuals create an ambiance that fosters relaxation and introspection. This underrated pleasure allows for a break from the typical well-lit routines, providing a space for a soothing and peaceful shower that contributes to overall well-being.

#4 Growing Your Garden

Happy mother sitting in rocking chair and smiling daughter cultivating plant on porch
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“Waiting a couple of years and seeing all the amazing creatures that visit afterward. Not to mention enjoying fresh produce that you grew by yourself.”

Many users celebrate the joy of nurturing a garden from its inception to fruition. The process involves patiently waiting for a couple of years, witnessing the arrival of various creatures attracted to the blooming oasis you’ve created. Beyond the gratification of nurturing life, there’s the added delight of enjoying fresh produce that you’ve cultivated with your own hands. This experience not only connects you with nature but also provides a tangible reward for your efforts.

#5 Rainstorm Bridge Bliss

Senior woman is watching the rain from a window in her home while enjoying a cup of tea.
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“That split second of silence when you go under a bridge while driving in a nasty rain storm. .001 seconds of bliss.”

Experiencing that split second of silence beneath a bridge during a torrential rainstorm holds a unique charm for some users. It’s an underrated pleasure that highlights the beauty found in unexpected pockets of tranquility, reminding us to appreciate the calm within life’s storms.

#6 Unplanned Serenity Day

calm woman
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“Having a whole day where you cancel the world. No plans. No deadlines. No other people. No nothing except whatever the day brings. It can be hard to squeeze in, but it is worth it.”

This rare escape from the hustle and bustle may be challenging to squeeze into a busy schedule, but those who experience it find it to be absolutely worth it. This underrated pleasure is a precious moment to embrace spontaneity and let the day unfold organically, providing a rejuvenating break from the demands of everyday life.

#7 Crow Companionship

Grey crow foraging in kelp on rocky beach of Helgoland, Germany
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“I accidentally became friends with them by leaving cat food out for strays, but it turns out the crows would come and feast on them. After a couple of months, they kept coming back and with more friends. When I ride my bike around town, they follow me tree to tree. I can summon them by making a CAW noise wherever I’m at. They bring me change and random jewelry they find. Someone tried to steal my bike once, and they f***ed him up real good. I cut up a tilapia fillet for them that day.”

An unintentional friendship with crows, as shared by one user, highlights the unexpected joy of connecting with nature. From summoning them with a CAW to receiving gifts, these intelligent birds become loyal companions and even provide an unconventional form of security.

#8 Solitude Sanctuary

Young woman drinking wine at home
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“Living alone. I know it’s not as easy as it used to be, but if you can, do it.”

The beauty and simplicity of living alone, though recognized as not as easy as it used to be, provide a profound sense of independence and self-discovery. Users value the freedom to craft their own sanctuary and relish solitude when desired. This unique joy underscores the importance of personal space and the potential for profound self-growth, even in the face of the modern challenges associated with solo living.

#9 Blissful Running Form

Jogger on the beach
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“Going for a run while being in running shape. It takes a few months to get there, but you will be calmer, stronger, and happier afterward.”

The transformative benefits of running, beyond physical fitness, are praised by users. This underrated pleasure goes beyond the physical exercise, promising a state of calmness, strength, and happiness post-run. The transformative benefits highlight the mental and emotional rewards of maintaining a running routine, making it a fulfilling experience that contributes to overall well-being.

#10 Soaring Kite Fun

Side view of father and daughter sitting with kite
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“Flying kites. Call me childish, I’m 28 and probably set a world record for the highest altitude by a $1 dollar tree kite, never got Guinness to come out to confirm though.”

Engaging in the timeless activity of flying kites brings about a pure and simple joy. Regardless of age, the experience of guiding a kite through the sky elicits a sense of freedom, playfulness, and genuine delight. Simply put, this underrated pleasure taps into the carefree spirit of childhood, offering a brief escape and a connection with the skies that transcends age and brings joy in the simplest of moments.

#11 Warm Hug from Homemade Garlic Naan

Image Credit: Alberta Studios /Pexels.com.

“Eating homemade garlic naan. This is one of humanity’s oldest and most fundamental meals and when it’s made by hand and eaten warm it has this incredible quality like a warm hug.”

Indulging in the pleasure of cooking and eating homemade meals reveals a connection to one of humanity’s oldest and most fundamental pleasures. The joy is amplified when the meal turns out the way you expected it to, offering a comforting and heartwarming experience.

#12 Euphoric Ear Cleaning

Image Credit: Karolina Grabowska /Pexels.com.

“Trust me – getting your ears cleaned. I think it is called Chinese ear cleaning, but they literally dig out all the earwax in your ear, and then they use this feather thing to ‘stimulate your nerves, and oh my god, it was the most satisfying feeling in the world. Feels like someone scratching an itch that you didn’t know you had.”

#13 Beach Bliss

Beautiful model in elegant white dress at sunset with glass of wine on the beach.
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“Sitting in the warm sun on a beach with your eyes closed, listening to the waves, the sound of other people having fun, feeling the sunlight bathe your skin in heat. This is definitely one for people who live in darker/colder/gloomier northern parts of the world. Find your nearest beach and go.”

#14 Feline Affection Surprise

Black cat
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“A kitty that you’ve never met before running up to you, excited to meet you.”

The unexpected joy of a kitten’s warm hug is a heartwarming experience. The genuine enthusiasm and affection from a furry friend create a moment of pure joy. This simple yet delightful encounter highlights the power of spontaneous connections with animals, bringing a sense of warmth and happiness to any day.

#15 Bittersweet Book Closure

Side view of girl reading book on bed
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“Finishing a really good book with more than a hint of regret that it wasn’t at least 100 pages longer.”

This unique pleasure speaks to the immersive experience of getting lost in a narrative, where the desire for more becomes a testament to the author’s ability to craft a compelling and engaging tale. It’s a sentiment shared by many bibliophiles who find solace and fulfillment in the pages of a well-written book.

#16 Concert Tour Adventure

Silhouettes of concert crowd in front of bright stage lights
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 “I did Phish summer tour in 99 and some of 00 and 03. The whole experience of not rushing in and then out for one show. The camaraderie with the folks you keep running into and the sharing and caring. How can you end up projecting what the sets are going to be? Having all the time in the world… It’s a completely different experience than just catching a single show or two.”

Embarking on a concert tour brings a general sense of joy that goes beyond the ordinary concert experience. It involves more than just rushing in and out for a single show; it’s a holistic journey filled with camaraderie, shared moments, and a unique sense of community. This user emphasizes the joy of having all the time in the world—a sentiment that distinguishes a concert tour from the traditional concert-going experience.

#17 Solo Dining Joy

Side view of girl eating cactus with fork and knife at the dinner table.
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Amidst the shared pleasures, one user highlights the underrated joy of dining alone at a restaurant. While many associate restaurant visits with socializing, the experience of enjoying a meal solo brings its own unique charm. The solitude allows for a personal connection with the food, ambiance, and one’s thoughts. Simply put, whether indulging in a favorite dish or trying something new, dining alone becomes a moment of self-reflection and appreciation that many users find surprisingly delightful.

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