15 “Plot Holes” in Religion That Have Some Scratching Their Heads

Uncover humorous and puzzling perspectives on 15 perceived “plot holes” in religious narratives, sparking contemplation and discussions on the intricate aspects of faith and belief systems.

Religion has been a source of guidance, comfort, and curiosity for countless individuals throughout history. While many find solace in their faith, some curious minds have raised thought-provoking questions about certain aspects of religious narratives. In a recent social media thread, users delved into what they perceive as “plot holes” in various religious beliefs. Let’s take a lighthearted look at some of the intriguing questions that emerged.

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#1 Plight of Fresh Fish

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“What happened to all the freshwater fish in the flood?”

Many users agree that the Noah’s Ark story raises an interesting question – what happened to the freshwater fish during the flood? As the waters rose, did these aquatic creatures face their own ark conundrum? It’s a fishy situation that leaves us pondering the logistics of the great deluge.

#2 Cain’s Mystery Wife in the Adam and Eve Saga

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“‘In the beginning, there was Adam and Eve.’ OK, I’m following that. 2 people on the planet. They had 2 sons named Cain and Able. Yep, still with it. 4 people on the planet. Cain killed Able. Ok, that’s down to 3 people on the planet. Cain took a wife. Wait, what?”

In the tale of Adam, Eve, Cain, and Abel, some users suggested that things get a bit puzzling when Cain takes a wife. With only three people left on the planet after Cain killed Abel, the sudden appearance of a wife raises eyebrows. The question on many minds: where did she come from, and was there another garden with a separate family tree?

#3 The Complicated Afterlife Dynamics

Jesus Christ in blue sky with dark clouds - heaven
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“If good people go to heaven and bad people go to hell, and also we’ll see loved ones again after death, what happen when a good person loves a bad person? (Think a mother with a serial killer son, for instance) Is the good person condemned to spend eternity without their loved one? How is it fair?”

#4 Imperfection in Bible Authorship

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“If man is not perfect, but man wrote the Bible how am I supposed to trust what I’m reading from the Bible. How do I know they didn’t mess anything up?”

Users reflect on the paradox: if man is imperfect, can we fully trust a text written by humans – the Bible? Skepticism arises as they wonder whether the human touch may have introduced errors, leaving them to question the reliability of the holy scriptures.

#5 Judas Iscariot: Villain or Unsung Hero?

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“Judas Iskariot was essential to Jesus’ plan. If he didn’t sell Jesus out then the prophecy will not come true. Why, then, is he considered a villain? He should be at the top! He got the job done!”

Users don theological detective hats to reconsider Judas Iscariot’s role, debating whether he should be seen as a villain or an unsung hero. The suggestion that Judas might deserve a place at the top for getting the job done adds a humorous twist to the theological debate.

#6 God’s Wrath and the Seven Deadly Sins

Angry man, bruises
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“God is perfect and cannot sin. There exists “the wrath of God.” Wrath is one of the seven deadly sins.”

In a theological twist, users point out a potential contradiction: God is considered perfect and incapable of sin, yet “the wrath of God” is a concept that aligns with one of the seven deadly sins. It’s a divine paradox that prompts users to question the intricacies of the divine nature.

#7 The Unexplained Origin of the Omnipotent Being

Christian believer praying to God with rosary in hand
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“An omnipotent being is used to explain the origin of everything in this universe, but there’s no explanation for the origin of said omnipotent being.”

The infinite regress of existence takes users on a cosmic journey as they ponder the origin of omnipotent beings. It’s a metaphysical puzzle with no easy answers, leading the conversation into realms of existential contemplation.

#8 The Curious Case of Virgin Birth and Abstinence

Scene where Virgin Mary has given birth to Jesus and he is laying in cradle surrounded by people who came to celebrate nativity of Christ. Bible.
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“Virgin Mary had a child. Glances suspiciously at churches/catholic schools stating abstinence is 100% effective in avoiding a pregnancy.”

Users humorously glance at the Virgin Mary’s miraculous conception while side-eyeing statements on abstinence being 100% effective. It’s a cheeky observation that raises eyebrows and prompts users to ponder the divine intricacies of family planning.

#9 Divine Contradictions on Envy and Worship

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“God teaches us that it is a sin to be envious and to be prideful and that we must have compassion and understanding for others. And yet he will literally condemn someone to an eternity in hell for not worshiping him, even if said person has literally never heard of him.”

Users note a divine contradiction – while God teaches against envy and promotes compassion, not worshiping Him can lead to eternal condemnation. It’s a theological head-scratcher as users grapple with the apparent incongruity in divine expectations.

#10 Heavenly Bliss or Eternal Pet-dom?

A sitting on the grass smiling boy is hugging his pet dog. Kid. Child.
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“The concept of eternal peace and joy in heaven sounds very psychologically degrading long term. It sounds like living like a pet dog.”

Contemplating the concept of eternal peace and joy in heaven, some users find it boring and meaningless in the long term.

#11 Days Before Earth: A Time-Bending Conundrum

ISS043E080629 (04/01/2015) --- NASA astronaut Terry Virts, commander of Expedition 43 on board the International Space Station tweeted this beautiful image of our planet with this simple comment "Earth".
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“That the earth was created in 3 days. How were there days before the earth existed? Was God measuring ‘days’ based off another planet he created?”

Scrutinizing the biblical account of creation, users are puzzled by the idea of days existing before the Earth. Did God have another planetary calendar to measure these pre-Earth days? It’s a cosmic timeline mystery that sparks both curiosity and amusement.

#12 The Puzzle of Banning Homosexuality

smiling homosexual man
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“Homosexuality is banned. You’d think homosexuality is banned because it doesn’t allow for the expansion of the human race (reproduction), but it’s not banned to die a virgin.”

Users point out a seeming contradiction: if homosexuality is banned for not allowing the expansion of the human race, why is it not forbidden to die a virgin? It’s a tongue-in-cheek observation that adds a humorous twist to the discussions surrounding religious doctrines.

#13 Biblical Characters and Cultural Representations

Portrait of Jesus in robe, red sash and crown of thorns kissing rosary
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“Why do Christians think the characters in the bible are white or very caucasian looking?”

Reflecting on artistic depictions, some users question why characters from the Bible are often portrayed as white or very Caucasian looking. It’s a cultural observation that sparks conversations about representation and interpretation within religious narratives.

#14 Zeus’ Double Standard with Oedipus

Disapproving god zeus or jupiter against orange background
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“This isn’t my religion, but I always found it hypocritical that the gods punished Oedipus for sleeping with his mother without realizing it, despite the fact that Zeus married his own sister while being fully aware that they were siblings.”

Some users find it amusingly hypocritical that the gods punished Oedipus for his unwitting incestuous relationship while turning a blind eye to Zeus, who married his own sister fully aware of their sibling status. It seems even gods have double standards when it comes to matters of the heart.

#15 Sleipnir’s Lack of Sentience and Mead Mysteries

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“Why doesn’t Sleipnir have the same sentience as his half-siblings when they’re all children of Loki? where does all the extra mead from Heiðrún go? And that’s only the beginning.”

Delving into Norse mythology, users question why Sleipnir, the eight-legged horse born of Loki, doesn’t share the same sentience as its half-siblings. Additionally, where does all the extra mead from Heiðrún go? It appears the divine mead supply chain is another mystery waiting to be unraveled.

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