15 Real Incidents That Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

As the world unfolds its peculiarities, sometimes the ordinary becomes extraordinarily creepy. A social media thread sparked a discussion on the eeriest things witnessed in the light of day. Let’s delve into the uncanny tales shared by users, providing a glimpse into the bizarre and unsettling moments that occurred when the sun was shining.

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#1: The Hot Sauce Stalker

hot sauce
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“I was taking the subway one day, a lady was walking around chugging a massive bottle of hot sauce. Bloodshot eyes, tears streaming down her face. Of course she sat next to me on the two seat bench. At first she was complimenting my nails and then she just started staring at me, much too close for comfort. She still had tears down her face, still chugging the hot sauce. I made a comment asking if it was good or something. She acted like I was crazy for noticing it? This was at least two years ago and I still can’t get her face out of my mind. Hope she’s doing well.”

#2: The Crow Conundrum

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“I watched a murder of crows follow a Toyota Corolla into a mall parking lot. The car parked, and a greasy-looking middle-aged man got out. He bee-lined for the mall entrance without once making eye contact with the crows who were now following him. At the last second before entering the mall, he tossed a big handful of peanuts over his shoulder and the crows went wild. It seemed less like the man was controlling the crows, and more like the crows were controlling him.”

A murder of crows orchestrating their own chaotic spectacle in a mall parking lot perplexed onlookers. This incident raises intriguing questions about the dynamics between humans and wildlife, turning a mundane parking lot into a theater for an unexpected and thought-provoking display of interspecies interaction.

#3: A Restaurant’s Unwelcome Farewell

Old Lady Posing
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“I went to eat at a restaurant, the hostess (elderly lady) sat us at our table, and said “enjoy your meal” and proceeded to drop dead right there.”

Dining experiences can be memorable, but for one user, it took a macabre turn. Here, the juxtaposition of the mundane act of enjoying a meal with the suddenness of mortality created an unforgettable and unsettling scene.

#4: Surfing with Surprise Guests

harbor seal
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“The creepiest thing for me was when I was out surfing in northern California. It’s really cold dark water and I was out by myself. I was sitting there waiting for a wave and my leash felt like it was caught up which it does sometimes. I like to fix it before a wave comes so there’s no hindrance when I go to stand up. Well I pull at it a little and it feels like seaweed or something’s on it.

I turn towards the back of my board and there is something on it, a harbor seal who’s sitting on the back of my board laying on my leash. Scared the f out of me but me screaming scared the f out of him and it went back into the water and I paddled in.”

A serene surfing session turned into a heart-pounding moment when a harbor seal decided to hitch a ride on the back of a surfer’s board. The unexpected encounter, though not the creepiest, delivered a shock that lingered, proving that even the tranquil waters hold their surprises.

#5: Tragic Echoes at the Hoover Dam

Distressed man has his lands covering his eyes. Sad / worried / upset.
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“I saw someone slip and fall at the Hoover Dam. He bounced all the way down.”

A grim reality unfolded when a witness recounted a fall at the Hoover Dam. The unsettling image of someone living their last moments left a haunting memory for those who witnessed the devastating event.

#6: Montana’s Eerie Abandonment

Cars in front of houses
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“I got lost driving through Montana and wound up in the middle of nowhere. Saw a small town (maybe like 15 buildings total) and figured I’d ask for directions. As I got closer, I saw that it looked like it was abandoned – houses all dilapidated and in disrepair. But every house had a shiny new car in front of it. Not sure what it was about, but my gf and I both got real bad vibes from it and just drove right past.”

#7: Lessons in Life and Death

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“I used to work in a hospital, delivering linen to all the wards. Our linen area and the morgue incoming area were nearby. Could see the bodies coming in and going out daily. I also had access to the morgue area as well and it was unsettling at first. The sight of death and the bodies. But it teaches you great lessons in life.”

#8: High-Speed Grocery Store Drama

Police officers with crossed arms looking at camera
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“I saw a man speeding around a busy grocery store parking lot, windows rolled down, screaming at the woman who was in the passenger seat. He kept speeding up, braking and was screaming at her the whole time. I called the cops and watched her do a rolling jump out of the lifted truck right when the cops pulled in to the parking lot.”

#9: The Enigmatic Orange Juice Exchange

Orange Juice
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“I don’t know about creepy but for sure shady: I was in an extremely uncrowded Chinese restaurant (it was just me and the staff, sit down place, not a strip mall joint) when a very large, very well-dressed man came in and went and sat at the bar. He ordered an orange juice and nothing else. The OJ never came but a minute later the bartender handed him a brown paper bag and he left.”

The simplicity of this situation took a mysterious turn, leaving a lingering sense of unease as patrons were left to wonder about the hidden dealings and intentions behind this peculiar  exchange.

#10: Kayaking Nightmare in the Bahamas

Image Credit: Uriel Castellanos /Pexels.com.

“I went on a school field trip as a teacher to the Bahamas. We took 16 students to the island and kayaked all over the place. At some point, our guides took us into open water and had us basically kayak between islands long distances apart. Not only was there a long sequence where the water was extremely choppy, but at some point it was decided I had to be the adult in the back of the party to watch all the students as they kayaked.

I was by myself in a two-person sea kayak behind all these other people and for whatever reason my foot slipped off the rudder. I could not get it back on easily — the kayak was a little short for me and I was spraining my ankle trying to just bend my leg in this small cramped space to get that foot back on the pedal. And while I’m doing this, my kayak was being pushed and turned by the waves as I watched almost everyone paddling further and further away into the distance.

I yelled, but the closest people to me were the youngest students and none of them heard. Watching them just going further and further as the sun started setting in the distance was the  scariest moment of my life. Yes, I survived. But I still have nightmares about that moment and have never felt comfortable around open water since.”

#11: The Shining Moment

Creepy girl
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“When I was in college, I think it must have been around 2008, I was driving to campus through a nice residential area, and there were two little girls in the middle of the road up ahead. I don’t remember specific details of what they looked like, but I remember them creeping me out (maybe because of The Shining). One of them lifted up a dead squirrel by its tail, like…clearly for me, in the oncoming car, to see. I turned down a side street and just went around them.”

#12: The Silent Mountain Lion

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“My friend and I were hiking in the woods. She ran ahead about 5 minutes up the trail from me. That’s when I noticed something peculiar. About halfway between my friend and me, a mountain lion was camouflaged among the trees, its gaze fixed on my friend ahead. I felt a chill run down my spine as I realized the danger we were in. Trying to remain calm, I called out to my friend, but she seemed oblivious to the lurking predator. Suddenly, she looked back and yelled my name loudly, urging me to catch up. In that moment, the mountain lion simply took a left turn and vanished into the trees. Terrified, I started making lots of noise and flailing my arms, and we both ran out of there. Since then, I haven’t dared to go hiking again. I still get creeped out thinking about it.”

#13: Schizophrenia’s Terrifying Transformation

Sad little child, boy, hugging his mother at home, isolated image, copy space. Family concept.
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“My good friend’s son has schizophrenia. He’s a wonderful, creative, caring individual… when he takes his medication. When he doesn’t, his smile, eyes, and speech are terrifying. It’s truly sad how much he struggles with this illness.”

#14: Festival Madness Unveiled

Creepy man
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“I was at a festival and a guy was standing right below the stage. There were like 30 people in total watching the band, so it was pretty empty. He was seemingly recording the band, but as I looked at his phone, he was recording two women who were behind us. I politely told him that’s not nice, and to stop. He started to record my girlfriend who was in front of us in the photo pit.

I took him by the side and tried to tell him to delete the videos. His eyes were muddy and his talking didn’t make sense, so I took his phone and deleted the videos myself. A couple of hours later, the guy was kneeling with his arms behind his back, in cuffs. Seemingly he barged into some woman’s tent and started to touch her. Festivals are wild.”

#15: Bar Room Brawl

Close up view of cross line and policeman standing behind on blurred ba
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“I was at a bar where my buddy was a bartender. A fight breaks out and my friend goes to break it up. The guy who started the fight pulls a gun, and shoots the guy he was fighting with. Then he shoots my friend. Then starts to run out. I run to help my friend and he turns the gun on me, which makes me stop. He, I guess, realized I wasn’t after him and left.”

This witness’s attempt to aid his injured friend was met with the chilling realization that he, too, was in the crosshairs, an ordeal that highlights the stark and sudden brutality that can unfold in the most unexpected places.

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