9 Compelling Reasons to Celebrate the Single Life

The debate about whether being single is worth it or not has raged on for ages. Some revel in the freedom of singlehood, while others may find it challenging. In this compilation of 11 different perspectives, we explore why being single can be incredibly rewarding and worthwhile.

#1 Have It Your Way

Being single offers unparalleled freedom and autonomy. Reddit user goldiemyra emphasizes that single people have the luxury of directing their energy as they please. As goldiemyra precisely mentions, “You can do whatever you want, whenever you want, with whoever you want.” As per the user, singles can guide their course in life without the demands and obligations of a committed relationship.

estrellaxallison, another user, highlights the value of self-discovery and independence with being single. Due to this, you can explore new places and gain a deeper understanding of yourself for substantial personal growth.

#2 Be Self-Reliant

User Active-Professor9055 shares a personal experience of having been widowed after a fulfilling marriage; she cherishes her independence. She has no interest in surrendering her hard-earned independence by remarrying to an unknown person. This viewpoint underscores the significance of self-approval and the value of not depending on others for validation.

#3 Avoid Toxic Relationships

Challenging the notion that being single is merely the default option, user TheDadThatGrills prompts us to question its worth. The purpose of asking it’s worth is particularly relevant because the fear of being single can lead individuals into destructive relationships. Toxic relationships can erode self-esteem and keep people trapped in unhealthy or abusive partnerships.

#4 Spend Less, Save More

Financial independence is often a welcome side effect of singlehood. With only themselves to support, singles typically have lower living expenses than couples. ElectrnicSinkS claimed this issue by saying, “15 years of a relationship $12k debt, 2.5 years single $12k saved. I still can’t figure out how it’s even possible”.

#5 Avoid Drama

User Safe_Butterscotch239 notes that being single often means avoiding the unnecessary drama that can accompany romantic relationships. This thought is echoed by user jakebliss86, who considers lack of drama as an underrated aspect of single life. Depicted from personal experience, jakebliss86, who was married for a decade, highlights the possibility of entangled relationships in various forms of drama, whether from a partner, their family, or friends.

#6 Spend The Holidays As You Wish

User pendent appreciates the freedom that comes with being single, particularly the ability to spend time as one sees fit. There’s no need to adhere to complex holiday schedules or in-law visits. As mentioned by the user, being single allows for the preservation of personal traditions and the pursuit of individual happiness.

#7 Enjoy The Loneliness

For some, being single is a choice driven by their innate nature. Introverts, in particular, find solace in solitude. As user The_Salty_Red_Head candidly expresses, there is a profound sense of peace that comes from being alone. They’ve truly fallen in love with the tranquility that solitude provides.

#8 Avoid The Pain

It’s not uncommon to lose faith in love due to past experiences. Whether it’s betrayal, infidelity, or deceit, these wounds can be deep. User ThatsItImOverThis has reached a point where they’re no longer willing to select through unsuitable partners to find a rare gem of compatibility. The scars from such experiences can lead individuals to prefer being single.

#9 Enjoy Your Best Years

While listening to many friends and colleagues who are raising their adult children, user Gibbygirl amusingly highlights a distinct advantage of single life: the absence of having to raise adult children. She suggests that being in a relationship isn’t the “prize”; rather, being single can be the true prize. Gibbygirl relishes the freedom to manage every aspect of her life without the added tantrums and responsibilities of a partner. For her, being single is liberating.

What’s your perspective on being single? Is it worthwhile, or demand you get hitched? Please let us know with your suggestions.

Featured Image Credit: IgorVetushko /Depositphotos.com.