16 Reasons Why People Quit Their Jobs Without Notice

Welcome, readers, to a captivating exploration of workplace anecdotes that reveal the moments when employees decided they had reached their breaking point. In this list, we delve into the experiences shared by individuals who chose to quit without notice, shedding light on the straws that broke the camel’s back. From unfulfilled promises to unprofessional management, these stories offer a glimpse into the challenges employees face and the decisions they make to prioritize their well-being.

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#1 No Reward For Efforts

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“I was one of about 6 people working at a computer repair shop. Boss told us that anybody who passes the A+ certification test would get a $1/hr raise. 6 people take the test, 5 pass it, and I got the highest score of us all. Boss didn’t give me a raise because ‘you’re a kid, what do you need with money, you gonna buy toys with it?'”

Kicking off the list, broken promises are sure to create disgruntled employees. Despite excelling in the A+ certification test, the reward was withheld due to an arbitrary justification. The final straw? A dismissive attitude towards a deserving employee’s achievements.

#2 Overnight Ordeal

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“Over a decade ago, worked at a chain coffee shop. I had been there for 6 years on overnight shift (11PM-7AM). We were always understaffed. Usually just two people; one in the back, one at front of house. Of course it is slower than during the day, that goes without saying, but there are a few “rushes” when certain places close.

Anyway, they hire back a guy who had previously been fired like 4 times for just not showing up. He was on the schedule on a Sunday morning with me. Needless to say, he doesn’t show up. Managers aren’t picking up either. I think I stayed for a few hours futilely trying to get everything done. I paused and asked myself- “how long do I want to work here?” And right then a bunch of drunk kids were knocking on the door, apparently confused why the lights were off and the door was locked, because that’s an enigma. I decided “6 years is enough” and went home.”

Poor people management, long hours and mismanagement cost this business a great employee.

#3 Unpaid Shift

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“They told me to clock out and work all night because regional was coming to inspect the store. So they wanted me to work for 8 hours moving around heavy stuff for free. Quit on the spot. Told me I wasn’t a “team player.” I asked the manager if he would pay me for not working. He said no. I asked him why would I work without getting paid, blank stare.”

In this user’s experience, the absurd request to work unpaid all night for an inspection became the last straw. Trying to exploit employees without fair compensation can only result in such a scenario.

#4 Commission Deception in Sales

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“I landed/closed a big deal with a nice commission check heading my way. Found out a week or so later that the client wasn’t mine, therefore, the check would be going to the correct sales rep. The “correct” sales rep just happened to be related to the boss and so they got a free commission check, without ever lifting a finger.”

In the cutthroat world of sales, this employee closed a lucrative deal only to discover the commission going to another, conveniently related, sales representative. The unethical distribution of rewards pushed them to quit and seek fair treatment elsewhere.

#5 Heartless Supervision

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“My dad had cancer – stage 4 lymphoma. We couldn’t have our phones on the floor unless we filled out some paperwork with HR for emergencies. A couple of weeks later I get called into the HR office when my sister called to tell me that my dad had died. My supervisor wasn’t there, but I left early. I took my bereavement and came back to work.

My co-worker pulled me aside to tell me that my supervisor had accused me of lying about my dad having cancer and dying, to the entire team, while I was gone. I hugged her and just left.”

The lack of empathy and support during a difficult time became the catalyst for this woman’s resignation.

#6 Verbal Abuse

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“I’m an extremely patient person but when every single word out of someone’s mouth is berating and condescending, there’s no price worth putting up with that, and no reason to subject yourself to it for longer than necessary.”

For one employee, the tipping point was reached when patience wore thin against relentless verbal abuse from a boss. Recognizing the value of mental well-being, they decided that no job is worth enduring continuous berating and condescension.

#7 Threats Over Dripping Water

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“I once worked as a landscaper, and during a slow month, some of us workers were asked to head to the boss’ brother’s property and help out there, which was fine. My boss asked that I pick him up in the morning and take him out there. The straw that broke the camel’s back was that while out there, I had filled some buckets with water, and while I did turn the tap off, it was slowly dripping. My boss noticed this and had a complete meltdown.

He made threats to harm the person who left it dripping (he didn’t know who it was at that point). I dropped my tools, told my boss to shove his threats, and left; leaving my boss in the middle of nowhere.”

Violent threats over a minor things are something that should never be tolerated at work.  Unwilling to tolerate such behavior, the employee left, leaving the boss to ponder the consequences of his outburst.

#8 Unfair Holiday Scheduling

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“Did everything they wanted; Jumped on a plane to another site on 1 day’s notice. I ended up working 16 days straight before coming back. We were told that half the team could have Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off and the other half could have Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Except me, who could only have Christmas Day.

I signed out of the VPN, call blocked my managers, put my laptop in a box and posted it to head office with my resignation letter inside it.”

The struggle of balancing work commitments and personal time can drive people to the edge when work policies become unfair. The final straw for this employee was the realization that loyalty wasn’t reciprocated, prompting a definitive departure from a job that failed to prioritize employee well-being.

#9 Disregarding Personal Requests

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“I put in that I needed off a particular weekend 5 months in advance. That week comes and I’m still scheduled to work a shift. I call and say “Yeah I can’t work this, as I have someone in town from across the country staying with me. I put in a time off request 5 months ago.”

Manager replied, “You put in a request, and it’s just that. A request.” So even though I was seething angry, I said okay and then hung up. Day of the shift comes and I waited until 15 minutes before it started to leave a message, thanking them for the opportunity to cover everyone else’s shifts for 3 years, but I wouldn’t be in ever again.”

When a reasonable request for time off turned into an uncompromising stance from management, this employee decided that their commitment and efforts deserved more respect. Choosing personal needs over a job that failed to acknowledge them, they left without notice.

#10 IHOP’s Disregard for School Hours

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“I used to work at IHOP in high school, part time. They were literally scheduling me during school hours and calling me when I wasn’t showing up. I dropped off their stuff during the rush and left.”

In a blatant disregard for the employee’s school hours, IHOP’s scheduling mishap reached a breaking point. The absurdity of expecting an employee to attend shifts during school hours led to an on-the-spot decision to drop off their belongings and exit the premises.

#11 On-Call Exploitation

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“When I complained about being on call 24/7 and not being paid for it, they had me in with HR to discuss my performance. I walked out 2 weeks before Christmas.”

The expectation of being on call 24/7 without compensation became the breaking point for an employee who sought fair treatment. Unwilling to tolerate exploitation, they decided to prioritize their well-being over a job that failed to acknowledge their time and effort.

#12 Broken Promises and Criticism

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“They never gave me the raise they promised me 3 months before, then a manager tried to criticize me for not doing something that wasn’t even my responsibility. I cursed him out, then cursed the main plant manager out in our meeting and left. About 3 days later the Plant Manager called and asked why I haven’t been to work. He thought I was just venting and left for the day. I told him I said I quit. No sure how that wasn’t clear…”

Broken promises and unjust criticism culminated in a confrontational exit for this employee. The failure to fulfill commitments and the unjust treatment led to a heated confrontation with management before walking away from the job.

#13 Unprofessional Management

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“My boss continuously berated my performance. I got a similar job elsewhere. My new job was going to start in a couple of weeks and I was waiting to talk with my boss and give him 2 weeks notice. He started criticizing me again so I gave him my keys for the building and walked out.”

Enduring continuous criticism from a boss became intolerable for this employee. Recognizing their self-worth, they chose to walk away from a job where unprofessional management outweighed any job satisfaction.

#14 Disregard for Employee’s Convenience

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“When I got called an hour before my shift and was told to come in immediately because the manager didn’t schedule enough people. When I reminded her I needed to bus, I was told to “just take a cab.” Stupidly I did. And when I got in, she told me I should’ve made sure she did the schedule right. Then I was told I’d be opening the next morning… Even though I was closing the kitchen that night. I closed. I did not open. My apron and key were on the counter waiting for her when she went to work in the morning.”

In a scenario of disregard for employee convenience and abrupt scheduling changes, this employee decided they’d had enough. Leaving their apron and key on the counter symbolized the end of tolerance for a job that failed to prioritize reasonable work conditions.

#15 Immediate Shift Changes

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“My first job as a dishwasher and the owners were cheap. I got yelled at for emptying a metal container with a serving or two of marinara sauce at the bottom at the end of the night, because I was supposed to pour it back into the container for use later. He then freaked out and started throwing other food away in the fridge because “well we might as well not save anything.” So I quit on the spot.”

The world of dishwashing became too much for this employee when a boss criticized their actions over a minor incident. The immediate decision to quit highlighted the significance of respectful treatment and fair expectations in the workplace.

#16 Unannounced Changes and Insults

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“New boss completely changed hours/expectations without any notice or checking in with any employees, I got the worst of it and when I stood up for myself I was greeted with anything between crocodile tears to just full on insults. After 3 months of being miserable, I walked after one final scathing insult. I regret the lack of professionalism on my end, but I don’t regret leaving the job.”

Facing unannounced changes and relentless insults from a new boss, this employee decided they’d had enough. The lack of communication and respect for employees’ well-being led to a final walkout, leaving the job behind.

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