18 Movies That Are Really Sad When Told From the “Villain’s” Perspective

Movies often tell stories from the hero’s point of view, but what if we shift our gaze to the so-called villains? Turns out, many users agree that some movies become heart-wrenchingly sad when viewed from the antagonist’s perspective. Let’s dive into the darker side of these cinematic tales.

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#1 Dirty Dancing

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“You gotta feel sorry for Baby’s father in Dirty Dancing.”

In the iconic film Dirty Dancing, users empathize with Baby’s father, a man on a mission for a peaceful family getaway. Imagine planning a relaxing vacation, only to find your plans hijacked by dance lessons and unexpected romance. The users’ comments shed light on the comedic struggle of a father just trying to keep the family vacation vibe intact while surrounded by the rhythm of unexpected love.

#2 Meet The Robinsons

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“Goob just needed some sleep, that’s all.”

“Meet the Robinsons” follows Lewis, a young inventor, who meets the quirky Robinson family while searching for his birth mother. Goob, Lewis’ former roommate, becomes the villain due to unresolved resentment from losing a baseball game and missing out on getting adopted. We should feel sorry for Goob because his bitterness and desire for revenge stem from his difficult childhood and feelings of abandonment, highlighting the impact of unresolved trauma on individuals’ behavior.

Sleep plays a significant role in Goob’s story as it symbolizes his inability to move on from past grievances and find peace. Throughout the movie, Goob is often depicted as sleep-deprived, highlighting his obsession with seeking revenge on Lewis. His inability to rest reflects his restless and troubled state of mind, consumed by thoughts of resentment and bitterness. Ultimately, Goob’s redemption arc is linked to his ability to let go of his grudges and find inner peace, paralleling the importance of rest and mental well-being in overcoming adversity.

#3 Mrs. Doubtfire

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“Mrs Doubtfire because imagine how scared Pierce Brosnan was when Mrs Doubtfire tried to kill him with pepper.”

We should feel sorry for Pierce Brosnan’s character in “Mrs. Doubtfire” because he becomes unwittingly involved in a complex family situation and faces challenges in navigating his relationship with the protagonist’s family. Despite his genuine affection for the children and their mother, he is portrayed as the romantic rival who is ultimately deceived by Mrs. Doubtfire’s disguise. Additionally, his character’s vulnerability and confusion highlight the complexities of love and relationships, evoking sympathy from viewers who recognize his genuine intentions amidst the chaos.

#4 Hellboy: The Golden Army

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“Prince Nuada from Hellboy: the Golden Army. He’s the Prince of a dying race of fae, has to see his father lead his kind into darkness and obscurity, and THEN see humanity tear down everything he loved for their own greed/expansion.”

Prince Nuada is a tragic figure who is torn between his duty to his people and his desire for peace. Despite his noble intentions, Nuada’s actions ultimately lead to his isolation and downfall. Additionally, his deep-seated resentment towards humanity stems from a history of betrayal and loss, highlighting the complexities of his character and evoking sympathy from viewers. Ultimately, Nuada’s tragic fate serves as a poignant reminder of the consequences of pride and extremism, adding depth to his portrayal and eliciting empathy from the audience.

#5 Lion King

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“I’m not saying Scar was right for killing his brother and running the Pride Lands into the ground, but they call him Scar because he had a physical deformity. Before he was nicknamed Scar, his parents named him Takka… Which means garbage. ‘Oh hi. Let me introduce you to my sons ‘King’ and ‘Garbage.’ How is that not setting your youngest up for failure?”

In The Lion King, Scar’s backstory takes a humorous yet tragic turn. Some users pointed out that Scar’s original name, Takka, means garbage. Imagine growing up in a pride where your sibling is named King, and you’re stuck with a moniker that practically screams ‘trash.’ Scar’s villainy might have been an unfortunate self-fulfilling prophecy.

#6 The Grinch

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“Man, the Grinch just wanted to hang out with his dog on the mountain and asked his stupid neighbors to shut up.”

The Grinch’s desire for peace and quiet on Mount Crumpit is relatable to many. Some users emphasized his simple wish to enjoy solitude with his dog, Max. The noise from Whoville’s festivities becomes an unwelcome intrusion, turning the Grinch’s story into a comically desperate plea for some quiet “me-time.”

#7 SpongeBob SquarePants

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“Squidward from SpongeBob SquarePants. All he wants is some peace and quiet.”

Squidward’s quest for peace in the chaotic underwater world of Bikini Bottom is a struggle many can understand. Some users noted his constant battle against the exuberance of SpongeBob and Patrick. Picture Squidward’s life as a perpetual quest for tranquility, constantly interrupted by pineapple houses and jelly fishing escapades – a comedic tragedy beneath the sea.

#8 The Sound of Music

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“Sound of music — not the Nazis, obviously, but the baroness.”

In The Sound of Music, the Baroness finds herself caught in an unfortunate love triangle. Some users empathized with her situation, being a wealthy, child-free woman attempting to blend into a family-centric world. The humorous yet sad twist comes when her boyfriend’s super virginal au pair steals the show, leaving the Baroness as the casualty of a sudden change of heart – a poignant subplot amidst the hills alive with the sound of music.

#9 The Hunger Games

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“Cato from The Hunger Games. He’s been brainwashed to believe that the Games are an honor. He’s trained his whole life, but then he gets into the arena, and it’s a lot of killing and awfulness. Then he loses, dies a long death, and all his preparation and fanboying isn’t worth anything.”

The users shed light on Cato’s plight in The Hunger Games. Trained to believe in the honor of the Games, Cato’s perspective takes a dark turn when faced with the brutal reality of the arena. His defeat becomes a tragic outcome of a life devoted to a cause that ultimately proves futile, a grim reminder of the consequences of a twisted society’s influence.

#10 Peter Pan

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“Poor Captain Hook. Constantly taunted by a group of hoodlums who never want to grow up. Imagine the PTSD this guy has from losing a hand to a crocodile! Then he’s constantly taunted by these kids and their clock-filled buffoonery.”

Some users point out the continuous torment inflicted upon Captain Hook by the perpetually youthful Peter Pan and his gang. Beyond the crocodile-induced trauma, Captain Hook’s life is nothing but a series of taunts and pranks. Picture a pirate captain constantly outwitted by a boy who refuses to grow up, with clock-related humor adding insult to injury in this whimsically tragic tale.

#11 Les Misérables

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“Les Miserables. Javert was born inside a jail, and we see repeatedly how unforgiving Paris is to children without a support system and the destitute.”

In Les Misérables, Javert’s journey from a troubled childhood to a respectable position is both inspiring and heartbreaking. Users highlighted his struggle against societal prejudices. Javert’s relentless pursuit of justice takes a toll, and his eventual demise becomes a tragic culmination of a life spent trying to find purpose in a world that often lacks compassion – a poignant exploration of justice and redemption.

#12 Billy Madison

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“Billy Madison. Eric Gordon might have been an a****** but he devoted years of his life working for Madison Hotels, working his way up to become the boss’s right-hand man, only for the boss’s idiot son to take over because he managed to get a basic education.”

Users empathized with Eric Gordon’s professional misfortune in Billy Madison. His dedication to Madison Hotels and years of hard work are overshadowed when the boss’s unqualified son takes charge. The users’ comments shed light on the bitter irony of Eric’s situation, turning a seemingly comedic rivalry into a tragic tale of workplace injustice.

#13 Titanic

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“The iceberg from Titanic. Imagine you are just chilling in the ocean, and a big boat comes and hits you, and the boat gets all the attention.”

In the epic tale of Titanic, users humorously spotlight the overlooked perspective of the iceberg. Imagine peacefully floating in the ocean, only to be rudely collided with by a massive vessel, stealing the limelight. The users’ comments add a whimsical touch to the tragic historical event, portraying the iceberg as an unsung hero overshadowed by a ship’s ill-fated fame.

#14 Planet of the Apes

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“Koba in Planet of the Apes. All he has been exposed to is cruelty and the worst of humanity. Then Caesar tells him he has to forgive humans and let them work on the dam. When someone has been abused and broken that badly, then told they have to ally and work with their abusers. It’s no wonder he snapped.”

Users shed light on Koba’s tragic journey in Planet of the Apes. Exposed to the darkest side of humanity, Koba’s struggle intensifies when urged to forgive and cooperate with those who have tormented him. The users’ comments provide a poignant perspective on the consequences of cruelty, turning Koba into a symbol of the breaking point in the face of relentless abuse.

#15 Thor

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“Loki in the Thor movie. His whole identity was turned upside down.”

Thor’s mischievous brother, Loki, takes center stage as users explore his character’s dramatic identity shift. The users’ comments delve into the emotional turmoil Loki undergoes as his understanding of self is challenged. In the cosmic drama of gods and realms, Loki’s internal struggles add a layer of complexity to his character, turning the film into a cosmic tragedy of familial dynamics.

#16 Kung Fu Panda

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“Kung Fu Panda. Po had built up his whole life to be the greatest kung fu warrior the world had ever seen, told by his father and mentor that his destiny was to be the dragon warrior. Then betrayed, imprisoned, and vilified when he just wanted what he’d been taught was his. Then dethroned by some outsider, and when he tries to win back his hard-earned place, defeated by dumb luck and magic.”

Many users highlight the rollercoaster journey of Kung Fu Panda’s Po, emphasizing his pursuit of recognition and acceptance. From being anointed the dragon warrior to facing betrayal and magical defeat, Po’s quest became a bittersweet tale of self-discovery. The users’ comments add depth to the animated adventure, portraying Po as a relatable hero navigating the complexities of destiny.

#17 Pirates of the Caribbean

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“Pirates of the Caribbean. This pirate crew found treasure, it was cursed. They became undead, feeling nothing, tasting nothing. A shadow of their former selves. For some reason, everyone was trying to stop them from becoming mortal, even though it would be easier for all parties to help them restore the treasure.”

The users bring a humorous angle to the plight of Pirates of the Caribbean’s cursed crew. Undead and deprived of sensation, the crew becomes a shadow of their former selves. The users’ comments playfully question the logic of preventing their return to mortality, adding a comedic twist to the supernatural predicament in this swashbuckling tale.

#18 X-Men

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“X-Men. Magneto was right, and his backstory was very sad.”

We should feel sad for Magneto from X-Men because his character is shaped by a history of persecution and trauma, including surviving the Holocaust. His experiences as a mutant and witnessing the atrocities committed against his people lead him to adopt a militant and often antagonistic stance towards humans. Despite his extremist actions, Magneto’s motivations stem from a desire to protect mutants from oppression and ensure their survival. His tragic backstory and complex moral dilemmas evoke empathy from viewers, highlighting the nuanced portrayal of his character as a victim turned anti-hero.

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