10 Safe Things That Everyone Thinks Are Really Dangerous

In everyday life, there’s a curious phenomenon where our perceptions of danger often differ from reality. We tend to worry about things that aren’t as risky as they seem. To explore this concept, we’ve delved into a social media thread where users shared their thoughts on seemingly perilous situations that are, in fact, quite safe. Here, we break down the highlights of their conversation and offer some insights into why these fears may be overblown.

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#1 Small Bubbles in an IV Line

Male patient in hospital
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Small bubbles in an IV line aren’t going to kill you like the movies. The amount of panicked patients I’ve had is wild.”

Who would’ve thought that small bubbles in IV lines are not the ticking time bombs they appear to be in the movies? In reality, these bubbles are more like harmless floaties in your lemonade. No need to panic. It’s easy to see why so many patients tend to overreact when they spot them, but medical professionals often reassure them that these bubbles aren’t a real cause for concern.

#2 Trick or Treating

Elevated view of plate with spooky homemade halloween cookies.
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“I’m sure other people have said, but trick or treating. Any danger in drugs or razor blades in candy is wildly overblown. In actuality, I think there have been only one or two instances of someone actually being malicious with their candy handouts.”

Halloween tales of candies laced with drugs or razor blades have been haunting parents for ages. However, it’s time to take a chill pill because, as it turns out, there have been only one or two instances of candy foul play. Those candy bars are more likely to give you a sugar rush than any real danger. So, rest easy and enjoy the spooky season without unnecessary candy-induced paranoia.

#3 Quicksand vs. Riptides

Drowning man reaching for help in sea, closeup. Water.
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“Quicksand. We were misled by ’80s action films. It’s pretty hard to actually die in it. (Conversely, regular old riptides in the ocean are WAY more dangerous than people think).”

Quicksand isn’t as prevalent or as deadly as Hollywood would have you believe. On the flip side, real riptides in the ocean are the hidden sea monsters you should watch out for. So, don’t fret about quicksand, but do take those ocean safety warnings seriously.

#4 Wolves

Arctic White Wolf Canis lupus arctos aka Polar Wolf or White Wolf
Image Credit: veloliza /Depositphotos.com.

“Wolf attacks on people are so rare they have individual entries on the Wikipedia page.”

Wolves may have a fearsome reputation, but they’re not prowling around looking for human hors d’oeuvres. In fact, wolf attacks on people are as rare as spotting a unicorn in the wild. So, if you’re in wolf country, you’re more likely to have a “howling” good time than a hairy situation.

#5 Black Bears

Big brown bear walking in autumnal forest
Image Credit: zmachacek/ Depositphotos.com.

Black bears are pretty harmless. They can kill you, but usually would rather leave you alone.”

Black bears may look like formidable forest dwellers, but they’d rather not tango with humans. In the bear hierarchy, they’re closer to the gentle giants than the menacing monsters. So, when encountering a black bear, just remember to be “beary” cautious and give them their space.

#6 DIY Projects vs. Industrial Jobsites

Young builder in protective googles and hardhat carrying bag of cement at construction site
Image Credit: KostyaKlimenko /Depositphotos.com.

“This is kind of a meta answer, but I’ve injured myself a lot more doing stupid projects around the house than I have while on duty in an actual dangerous industrial job site. Universally because I didn’t do a proper pre-work analysis and ensure I was using PPE.”

Ah, DIY projects, where every homeowner turns into a fearless adventurer. But as this user highlights, the real danger is often closer to home than you think. It’s not the project itself but the lack of preparation and the absence of proper gear that can turn your living room into a DIY warzone. So, gear up, and may your home improvement quests be injury-free.

#7 Sharp Knives in Cooking

Top view of different kitchen knives arranged on black marble surface
Image Credit: VadimVasenin /Depositphotos.com.

Using a sharp knife in cooking. It’s actually far more dangerous to use a dull knife.”

You might think a sharp knife in the kitchen is a recipe for disaster, but it’s quite the opposite. A dull knife is like a foodie’s worst nightmare, making you more likely to slip and end up in a kitchen calamity. So, remember, a sharp knife isn’t just a cutting-edge tool; it’s also a safety essential in the culinary world.

#8 Sharks

A great white shark swimming at Guadalupe Island looking for food.
Image Credit: kelpfish /Depositphotos.com.

Movies really do sharks dirty. Wouldn’t say they’re completely safe, but definitely nowhere near as dangerous as perceived to be.”

Sharks have been typecast as the villains of the sea in countless Hollywood blockbusters. Yet, the reality is less “Jaws” and more “Shark Tale.” While you should still respect their personal space, sharks are far more misunderstood than menacing.

#9 Sending Kids Outside

Active kid playing with soccer ball on grass field
Image Credit: AllaSerebrina /Depositphotos.com.

“Sending your kids outside to play. Go outside. It’s good for them.”

In the age of screens and video games, parents sometimes worry about sending their kids outdoors. But, as many users suggest, the great outdoors is like nature’s playground, and it’s good for the young’uns. It’s where they can explore, build forts, and get some fresh air. So, send them outside with proper precautions and training, and let them have some natural fun.

#10 Flying on a Plane

View through an airplane window at sunset time with plane wing framing the shot.
image Credit: sinenkiy /Depositphotos.com.

Flying on a plane. You are more likely to die in a car crash than a plane crash.”

Air travel can be stressful for those who fear plane crashes, but the statistics tell a different story. Some users noted that you’re more likely to meet your fate in a car crash than on an airplane. Plus, you can’t beat the view from 30,000 feet! So, relax, fasten your seatbelt, and enjoy the in-flight snacks. The worst turbulence you’ll likely encounter is when the passenger in front decides to recline their seat.

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