18 Scary Science Facts Very Few People Know About

In the world of science, some revelations might send shivers down your spine. From silent threats in the atmosphere to microscopic dangers lurking in freshwater, these revelations shed light on the hair-raising aspects of science that many of us rarely consider.

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#1 A Solar Flare Near Miss

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“For two days in September of 1859, a massive solar flare (coronal mass ejection), powerful enough to make hanging telegraph lines burst into flames from the induced current, washed over the Earth. Another massive burst in 2012 only just missed Earth, but it’s not going to be pretty when our luck runs out on this.”

The unpredictability of solar activity means that large flares could occur at any time, with little warning. The impact on essential services like electricity and telecommunications can disrupt daily life and pose risks to public safety. Additionally, the potential for radiation exposure during intense solar events raises concerns for astronauts and those in high-altitude flights. Overall, the combination of technological vulnerability and potential societal disruption makes solar flares a source of fear and apprehension.

#2 Alzheimer’s Disease: A Silent Onset

Frustrated senior man with alzheimer disease covering face
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“Scientific literature conclusion on Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases, in general, is that the diseases start decades before the first obvious symptoms and that we need to treat them at this stage. When you exhibit obvious symptoms, it’s too late, your brain is already mush.”

Alzheimer’s is a scary disease. Despite the potential for early detection, most people don’t undergo assessments, leading to missed opportunities for intervention. Research suggests that methods like cognitive assessments and biomarker tests hold promise for identifying early signs of the disease, yet they’re not widely utilized in clinical practice. This lack of assessment contributes to delays in diagnosis and treatment, emphasizing the need for increased awareness and access to screening tools for Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.

#3 Ocean Acidification: A Silent Threat

Beautiful sunset on the ocean
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“CO2 levels are causing the pH levels in the ocean to move towards an acidic level. No not like burn yourself acid, but just enough that it’s causing an already noticeable impact on microorganisms at the bottom of the food chain. This may eventually lead to an ecological collapse.”

Beyond affecting microorganisms, this acidification can harm shell-forming organisms like corals and mollusks, threatening entire marine food webs and biodiversity. The potential for an ecological collapse underscores the urgency of addressing carbon emissions to preserve the health and stability of our oceans, upon which countless species and human livelihoods depend. This sobering reality highlights the interconnectedness of human activities with the health of our planet’s vital ecosystems.

#4 The Mystery of Anesthesia

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“The last time I had to go under the knife I mentioned to the anesthesiologist ‘I read online that no one knows how anesthesia even works’ and he kinda just said ‘yeah….'”

Despite extensive research, the precise mechanism of action of anesthesia remains elusive. While it’s known to disrupt neural signaling, the exact processes by which it induces unconsciousness and loss of sensation are not fully understood. This mystery surrounding anesthesia underscores the complexity of brain function and highlights the ongoing scientific quest to unravel its mechanisms for safer and more effective medical practice.

#5 Water Planets

Beautiful splash of water falling into the glass
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“Europa, even though smaller than earth, has more water than all water bodies in the world combined.”

Europa is one of Jupiter’s moons, known for its icy surface and potential subsurface ocean. It’s considered a prime target for astrobiological exploration due to the possibility of hosting conditions conducive to life. Europa’s unique features make it an intriguing object of study in the search for extraterrestrial life within our solar system.

#6 Alcohol’s Unpredictable Influence

Man sitting at table with bottle and glass of alcohol at home
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“Alcohol increases the permeability of the blood-brain barrier by unpredictable factors, which is why people die from overdose on their normal drug dosages.”

This is why you should never mix drinking with prescription drugs. The implication is that alcohol can unpredictably enhance the permeability of the blood-brain barrier, potentially leading to increased drug concentrations in the brain. This heightened permeability may result in unexpectedly potent effects of drugs, contributing to overdose fatalities even at normal dosage levels. Understanding this interaction is crucial for assessing the risks associated with concurrent alcohol and drug use and for promoting safer consumption practices.

#7 The Unseen Spread of HIV

Blood Samples for HIV Test
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“By the time AIDS was first discovered in the United States in 1981, 250,000 Americans were already infected with HIV.”

As of January 2022, it’s estimated that around 1.2 million people in the United States are living with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Not to mention high rates of other STDs like HPV and Herpes are through the roof. It’s important to practice safety and get tested regularly.

#8 Oxygen’s Silent Exit

Breathing exercise Pranayama - Alternate nostril breathing, often performed for stress and anxiety relief. Calm. Woman.
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“Our bodies have no way of knowing that we’re breathing oxygen. If I could snap my fingers and replace all the oxygen in your room with another inert gas you wouldn’t notice. You wouldn’t start to choke or struggle. You’d just get sleepier and sleepier until you die.”

#9 Underwater Oil Spills

Background image of the turquoise sea. Deep sea and corals. Top view of beautiful Caribbean Sea
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“The actual amount of crude oil that’s been pumped directly into the ocean is likely scarily high. BP had high-definition 4K live footage of the pipe that ruptured and chose to censor it. And it’s not just BP that’s had an incident like that.”

Oil spills have devastating implications for ocean ecosystems, causing immediate and long-term harm to marine life. The toxic substances in oil can coat and suffocate marine animals, disrupt their habitats and contaminate food sources. Cleanup efforts are challenging and often incomplete, leaving lasting environmental damage and economic losses for coastal communities. Preventing oil spills through stringent regulations and investing in safer energy alternatives is crucial for protecting marine biodiversity and coastal economies.

#10 Microplastics Study Dilemma

Scientists working in lab
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“Scientists were trying to study the effects that microplastics have on the human body and brain but were unable to draw any reasonable conclusions because they could not find a control group.”

Scientists attempting to study microplastics struggled due to the absence of a suitable control group. That means that microplastics are already deeply entrenched in all of our bodies, leaving us with uncertainties about the impact of these tiny, ubiquitous particles on our bodies and brains.

#11 Lingering Lead Threat

Rusty Pipes
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“The greatest chemical contributor to IQ loss and violent behavior is Lead and it’s still in millions of people’s piping.”

Despite its known dangers, lead still lingers in millions of people’s piping, contributing to IQ loss and violent behavior. It’s like a toxic relic from the past, quietly affecting lives in ways we might not even be fully aware of. Lead pipes: the hidden architects of a less intelligent and more aggressive society.

#12 Arctic Ice Secrets

Aerial view of snow covered terrain in mountain area.
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“Tetra ethyl lead raised worldwide lead levels so significantly they had to drill into arctic ice to find an uncontaminated sample.”

Tetraethyl lead is a highly toxic compound formerly used as a gasoline additive to improve engine performance. Its use has been largely phased out due to health and environmental concerns, particularly regarding lead pollution and its harmful effects on human health. The Arctic ice serves as a frozen time capsule, preserving evidence of our past environmental missteps.

#13 Electrical Danger

Electricians Fixing the Electric Lines
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“If an electrical line is damaged and is in contact with the floor, even walking away from it with big steps can cause a huge electrical potential difference between your feet and kill you.”

In the event of encountering a damaged electrical line in contact with the floor, it’s crucial to stay still and avoid any movement that could further increase the risk of electric shock. Moving away with large steps can create a difference in electrical potential between your feet, potentially leading to a dangerous flow of electricity through your body. Instead, stay in place, avoid touching anything metal, and wait for professional assistance to safely resolve the situation.

#14 Inescapable Rabies Signs

Male patient in hospital
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“If you start showing any signs of rabies, you are going to die. Or at least in 99% of cases that happens.”

Users noted that once signs of rabies appear, the outcome is fatal in 99% of cases. It’s like facing a horror movie villain – once it shows up, escape becomes nearly impossible. Rabies, the silent predator lurking in the shadows of our nervous system.

#15 Arsenic in Permafrost

Woman In White Laboratory Gown
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“In Yellowknife, in northern Canada, there was a gold mine operating for 54 years, and a byproduct of that mining process was arsenic trioxide… 237,000 tonnes of it, enough to kill everything on the planet. They figured the best thing to do was to bury it in permafrost.”

An extreme case of playing Russian roulette with the planet, hoping that burying a toxic legacy won’t have consequences for future generations. The permafrost is a chilling burial ground for environmental sins. What happens when rising temperatures cause the ice to melt?

#16 Deadly Freshwater Amoeba

Riverside Pittsford town the oldest village in New York along Erie Canal in Monroe County with historic Schoen Place and colorful fall foliage. Aerial view suburb of Rochester travel destination
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“Swimming in freshwater could expose you to Naegleria fowleri — a brain-eating amoeba that is fatal 97% of the time, and is almost impossible to treat effectively.”

It’s a microscopic horror story lurking in seemingly innocent waters, reminding us that danger can be closer than we think. A watery realm where the smallest threats have the deadliest consequences.

#17 Silent Threat: Brain Aneurysms

Realistic rendering of the human brain anatomy - three dimensional model
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“Brain aneurysms can happen at any time, to anyone. No matter what age you are, or even how healthy you are, if you are currently alive, you have a chance of getting a brain aneurysm. When you do get one, there’s a 50 % chance you’ll just die immediately.”

The brain, an intricate mystery that can turn deadly without warning.

#18 Cosmic Dangers: Beyond Asteroids

Earth destroyed in collision - 3D artwork illustration of planetary collision
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“Take an Astronomy 101 course at your local community college. People have no idea the amount and variety of things that exist in space, that can and do happen, that would send us back to the Stone Age, or outright annihilate life on Earth.”

The universe has a repertoire of threats and close calls that we’re all blissfully unaware of. A galactic reminder that the vastness of space holds mysteries that may one day reshape life as we know it.

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