17 Simple Things Most People Are Terrible At – Are You?

Ever feel like you’re struggling with everyday tasks that seem so simple? You’re not alone! From tying shoelaces to parallel parking, this slideshow explores common activities that many people find surprisingly challenging. Get ready to laugh, cringe, and maybe even relate to these everyday struggles.

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#1 Performance Anxiety in the Spotlight

sneak peeking
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“It makes me so nervous. If I’m alone, I’m as confident as they come. If I’m being watched, it’s like I can’t figure out how to work my own fingers.”

Performance anxiety in the spotlight can be incredibly daunting, causing a rush of nerves and self-doubt. Whether it’s public speaking, presenting, or performing, the pressure to excel can feel overwhelming. However, with practice, preparation, and self-confidence, it’s possible to overcome these anxieties and deliver a stellar performance. Remember, even the most seasoned performers have experienced nerves – it’s all about channeling that energy into a successful outcome.

#2 The Handwriting Dilemma

Hand Writing Isolated On Background
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“It doesn’t seem to matter how hard I try, it always looks like a drunk spider has stood in ink and wandered across the page.”

Handwriting can be challenging due to lack of practice and changing technology habits. Poor handwriting skills may stem from inadequate instruction or motor skill development. Some individuals struggle with hand-eye coordination, making it difficult to form letters consistently. Additionally, rushed writing or ergonomic issues can contribute to illegible handwriting. Overall, the decline in emphasis on handwriting in education has led to decreased proficiency for many people.

#3 The Forgetful Greeting

Handsome casual man thinking and looking away while wearing shirt, standing on white studio background
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“If a person comes up and says, “Hi, I’m Jim Peterson,” I will have forgotten it by the time I’ve said my name back.”

For many, remembering names is a universal challenge. Users confess to the fleeting nature of introductions, with the name slipping away by the time they respond. It’s a shared experience of a common memory lapse.

#4 The Silent Snapper’s Conundrum

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“People have tried their best to teach me how to snap. I do all the right movements, but no snapping noise ever happens. Makes me feel like something’s wrong with me.”

Inability to snap fingers is relatively common, affecting a notable portion of the population. Factors such as hand anatomy and dexterity influence one’s ability to produce the snapping sound. Some individuals may lack the coordination or strength needed to execute the snapping motion effectively. However, with practice and persistence, many people can learn to snap their fingers over time. Despite its prevalence, the inability to snap fingers typically does not impact daily functioning significantly.

#5 Comforting Sad People

High angle view of happy young couple hugging on bed in bedroom
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“I’ll literally just stand there and be like, ‘You want some water?'”

Offering solace to the sorrowful becomes an amusing challenge for some users. This candid admission sheds light on the diverse ways individuals respond to emotional moments, highlighting that not everyone can effortlessly handle such situations with conventional gestures.

#6 Sleeping Woes and the Exhausted Dreamer

Image Credit: SHVETS production /Pexels.com.

Sleeping should be a restful experience, but for some users, it’s an uphill battle filled with numerous challenges. From struggling to fall asleep to waking up wide awake multiple times a night and battling persistent nightmares, the quest for a good night’s rest feels like an exhausting journey. With various attempts at creating the perfect sleep environment, one user even pins his hopes on a sleep study. It’s a sleep saga that many can sympathize with.

#7 Sense of Direction: Memorization vs. Instinct

The man determines the direction of the arrow on the compass
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“I navigate around well with the help of map apps and memorization, but I have no feeling or instinct about directions. I can get lost after using the restaurant bathroom easily.”

Feeling lost? You’re not alone! Being directionally challenged is a common struggle for many. From getting turned around in familiar places to relying heavily on GPS, navigating can be a daunting task. Embracing tools like maps and landmarks can help conquer this challenge and find your way with confidence.

#8 The Conversation Conundrum

Women Talking
Image Credit: PICHA Stock /Pexels.com.

“Holding a conversation. It’s really a struggle. I sometimes can’t even hold full conversations with my friends who I’ve known for years and it’s not because I’m not comfortable with them either, I am just bad at coming up with things to say.”

Making small talk can be challenging for some, requiring quick thinking and social finesse. Finding common ground and keeping the conversation flowing smoothly can be daunting. Navigating topics without veering into awkwardness can also be difficult. However, practice and genuine interest in others’ experiences can help improve small talk skills over time.

#9 Mental Arithmetic Hurdles

The young female math teacher in front of chalkboard
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“I have a doctorate in applied mathematics and I’m horrible at mental arithmetic.”

Mental math can pose significant challenges for many individuals, regardless of age or background. Juggling numbers in one’s head requires strong cognitive skills and concentration. Factors such as anxiety or pressure can further hinder mental calculation abilities. While some may excel naturally, others may find even basic arithmetic daunting. However, with practice and strategies like breaking problems into smaller steps, mental math skills can improve over time.

#10 Peeling a Hard-Boiled Egg: A Delicate Art

Funny Easter Eggs
Image Credit: Elena_Bessonova /Depositphotos.com.

Peeling a hard-boiled egg might seem like a simple task, but for some users, it transforms into a delicate art they struggle to master. The seemingly straightforward act of removing the eggshell without turning it into a mangled mess is a humorous challenge. It’s a kitchen escapade that many can nod in agreement with.

#11 Throwing: The Not-So-Speedy Arm Dilemma

Portrait of interracial teen boys with rugby ball isolated on white
Image Credit: IgorVetushko /Depositphotos.com.

“I can throw a ball, but not far or fast. Never been able to. I’m in good shape, I got a good build, but don’t count on me to be QB in your football game or pitcher on a baseball team. Something about my arm, I just can’t get it very fast.”

Throwing a ball might be a fundamental skill, but for some people, achieving distance and speed remains an elusive goal. While most of us may never want to try out for a professional sports team, it still leaves many embarrassed on the playground.

#12 Studying: A Return to the Academic Arena

Sad student sitting on stairs
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“I just started taking classes after being out of school for 15 years and I feel destroyed. Like I wasn’t even good at studying back then. Meanwhile, my husband is just in the other room basically memorizing textbooks as a hobby.”

Pursuing advanced studies is not something that everyone enjoys. Returning to the academic realm after a 15-year hiatus would be a formidable challenge for many, but for those of us who were never good at studies, it’s a massive undertaking. It’s a candid acknowledgment of the diverse experiences one can have with studying.

#13 Signature Struggles: Not Your Average Autograph

Image Credit: energepic.com /Pexels.com.

Crafting a signature that doesn’t resemble a child’s forgery is a common hurdle for many people. Despite various attempts, the result often lacks the sophistication expected of an adult signature. It’s a quirky yet relatable challenge in the realm of personal markings.

#14 DIY: More Like Drill-It-Yourself

Cropped shot of repairman in tool belt holding adjustable wrench
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“Any DIY. I grew up with a father who could do anything and really well; electric, plumbing, plastering, carpentry, mechanics, you name it. I can drill a hole in a wall, and that’s about it.”

DIY tasks can be daunting for many individuals, regardless of gender stereotypes. Wrestling with unclear instructions and unexpected hurdles is a common struggle. Feeling pressure to excel in traditionally masculine DIY domains can exacerbate feelings of inadequacy. Society’s expectations often unfairly burden men with the assumption of innate DIY prowess.

#15 Message Reply Woes

Curly businessman in suit and glasses using smartphone near laptop in cafe
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“I’m just really bad at reading a message in the middle of doing something at work and then forgetting to message back. Some of my friends have gotten really mad at me for this and I don’t have many friends.”

Multitasking can be challenging for many individuals, despite societal expectations suggesting otherwise. Juggling multiple tasks simultaneously often leads to decreased efficiency and increased stress. While some may excel at multitasking, others struggle to maintain focus and productivity when dividing attention, including forgetting to reply to friends’ messages. Recognizing personal limitations and prioritizing tasks sequentially can lead to more effective time management and reduced stress.

#16 Pancake Predicament: Flipping Fails

Pan cake
Image Credit: Pixabay /Pexels.com.

Cooking might be a breeze, but making pancakes turns into an unexpected challenge for some users. Despite proficiency in other culinary tasks, the art of pancake-making remains elusive. It’s a breakfast mystery that adds a touch of humor to their culinary adventures. Can you flip a pancake perfectly?

#17 Bike Riding

Riding a bicycle
Image Credit: Andrea Piacquadio /Pexels.com.
Not being able to ride a bike is relatively common, affecting a notable portion of the population. Factors such as lack of opportunity, fear, or physical limitations can contribute to this inability. Some individuals may have never had the chance to learn as children, while others may struggle with balance or coordination. However, with patience and practice, many people can overcome these challenges and learn to ride a bike later in life. Despite its prevalence, not being able to ride a bike typically does not significantly impact daily life for most individuals.
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