8 Unbelievable Stories Of Bad Parenting To Learn From

Delve into the unsettling world of bad parenting as we explore eight traumatic experiences some parents conveniently overlook or choose to forget.

Parenting is a journey filled with highs and lows, but what happens when those lows leave lasting scars? In a candid social media thread, users opened up about moments that have haunted them, even if their parents have seemingly forgotten. From abuse to premature independence, these stories shed light on experiences that shaped lives in unexpected ways.

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#1 Forgotten Battle Scars: A Father’s Lost Eye

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“My parents don’t seem to remember that my dad lost an eye as the result of my sister defending herself at sixteen after he physically abused us for years.”

In this gripping revelation, one user unveils a traumatic family secret where their sister defended herself against years of physical abuse. The startling element is the parents’ apparent amnesia regarding the incident, leaving the user to grapple with the enduring impact of a forgotten battle that forever changed the family dynamic.

#2 Belt Strikes and Hurtful Words: A Painful Past

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“My sister and I were hit regularly with a belt until around puberty and my mom also slapped me in the face and called me a s*** at 12 for coming home 30 minutes late from hanging out at the neighbors’ house. She claims to remember none of this. I don’t believe her.”

This user recounts a childhood marked by physical punishment and verbal abuse, emphasizing a specific incident that remains etched in memory. The mother’s selective amnesia introduces a layer of skepticism, challenging the user’s ability to reconcile their painful past with the apparent forgetfulness of her parent.

#3 Lingering Echo of Off-Hand Remarks

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“I find off hand remarks about something like your looks or intelligence can really stick with you, even if said just once. Don’t insult your kids, folks.”

This user’s insight resonates with many, highlighting the enduring impact of even a single off-hand comment on a child’s self-esteem. The comment serves as a universal reminder for parents to choose their words carefully, as the effects can be lasting.

#4 Disputed Homophobic Story: The Tale That Turned Fictional

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“I’m gay, and my dad used to tell a specific story about threatening a gay man with a hammer because the gay man looked at him the wrong way. He told it often enough that I could tell to you myself and do all the physical gestures that went with the story. He now claims that I made that story up.”

In this disconcerting revelation, one user unveils a tale of homophobic threats from his father, highlighting the father’s denial of the story’s authenticity. The discrepancy between the user’s vivid recollection and the father’s refusal to acknowledge adds a layer of complexity to their relationship.

#5 Abandonment

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“My mom left my sister(7) and I(9) at a park for 2 hours. Downtown Vancouver. Freaking scary. We hid every time a car drove by.”

This user unveils a harrowing experience of being left alone in a dangerous part of town, emphasizing the fear and anxiety they felt during those two hours. This story reflects the emotional toll of parental forgetfulness on a child’s sense of security.

#6 Body Shaming Echoes from Childhood

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“Making a “little” fun about my body when I was eight or nine cause I was a bit chubby. We were at a lake that day. I (didn’t) swim again in public till I was 20. (Still feel a bit uncomfortable without a shirt, although I’m 30 now). Of course they don’t remember and would’ve never done that.”

This user’s candid reflection on childhood body shaming speaks to the lasting impact of such remarks. The parents’ denial adds a layer of complexity, underscoring the challenge of reconciling the emotional echoes from the past.

#7 Brutal Punishment for a Four-Legged Friend

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“My abusive stepdad threw gardening tools at my dog and continuously hit him with a shovel until he was bleeding and injured. I’m pretty sure the reason was something along the lines of my dog getting into the trash bag in the backyard. This “punishment” was for the dog and for me, because I didn’t watch or prevent my dog from getting in the trash in the first place.”

This shocking revelation exposes a dark side of familial relationships, revealing the consequences of misplaced responsibility. The user’s account underscores the trauma inflicted on both the pet and the child in the name of punishment.

#8 Forgotten Adolescence: Left to Raise Oneself

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“Left me to raise myself in high school. Somehow my mom has completely forgotten that she left me alone at 15 and my brother moved out to boot. I had no job yet, wasn’t allowed to use the AC/heat, no simple luxuries like cable, and was given $50 a month for groceries. I soon got a job and supported myself, but I was constantly reminded not to use the utilities too much or run up her bills since I was the only one living there. She made it my responsibility to care for the home and then got mad when things went wrong and I had no idea what to do. It made me grow up quicker than I needed to. I didn’t get a childhood or adolescence, it was straight to adulthood for me.”

In this poignant account, the user unveils a period of abandonment during their high school years, emphasizing the responsibilities and struggles they faced. The user’s resilience shines through as they navigated the challenges of self-reliance, painting a stark picture of an adolescent lost to the weight of adult responsibilities.

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