6 Things Most People Choose Not To Tip On

Tipping can be a confusing custom, especially when you’re expected to tip for every little thing these days. While leaving a gratuity is a way to show appreciation for good service, it’s not always necessary. In fact, tipping in certain scenarios can be unexpected or even considered rude. Review 6 scenarios where most people on social media refuse to tip, even if they keep getting asked for it.

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#1 Self-service Buffets

Woman Looking at Food on a Buffet Display
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Enjoying a delicious spread at a full-service buffet might involve a carving station or waiters clearing your plates, but at most buffets, you’re serving yourself food and drinks. Since there’s no table service, tipping isn’t expected and most people said they refuse to do so.

#2 Taxi Rides

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While tipping a taxi driver is customary in many places, it’s not mandatory. Most people agree that unless the ride is for business purposes or the driver went out of their way to help with luggage, there is no need to tip for a taxi ride. It’s a service that is already being charged at the appropriate rate. If you still want to tip, consider factors like service quality, distance traveled, and local customs when deciding whether to tip.

#3 Food Delivery Apps with Service Fees

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This one is a little controversial as people are divided on whether or not to tip food delivery drivers, when the cost of food is already sky high. When placing an order through a delivery app, a delivery fee, plus a service fee, is added to the bill. This fee is intended to compensate the driver and the delivery company, and already raises the bill by a huge amount. Do you think it’s necessary to tip the driver on top of these service charges? Many didn’t think so.

#4 Food Trucks

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Lining up at a food truck for a taste of delicious global cuisine or creative culinary fusions? The friendly vendor will likely take your order, prepare your food fresh, and hand it right to you through the window. While a tip might seem like a nice gesture, most people choose not to tip at these casual places.

#5 Roadside Assistance

towing services
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A flat tire on a deserted highway can be a stressful situation. If you receive roadside assistance from a service provider, like a tow truck company who already charge high prices for their services, tipping isn’t something most people consider in this situation.

#6 Fast Food Restaurants

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At most fast-food restaurants, you’ll order your food at the counter, pay for it, and then grab a seat to wait for your number to be called. Since you’re serving yourself drinks and condiments, and there’s no table service, tipping isn’t customary, even though most fast food places now ask for a tip.

What are some other places that you’ve been asked to tip, but you refuse to do so?

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