14 Things No One Should Talk About Unless They’ve Been Through Them

We all want to be good friends and offer support, but sometimes, we might say things without meaning to because we haven’t walked in someone else’s shoes. This list explores 14 topics that can be tough to understand unless you’ve actually been through them yourself. Remember, sometimes the best way to show you care is to listen and be there for someone, even if you can’t fully relate to their experience.

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#1 Grief and Loss

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While everyone experiences loss at some point, profound loss, like the death of a loved one, can be an incredibly complex and isolating experience. The countless emotions, from initial shock and denial to anger and profound sadness, can be difficult to grasp for those who haven’t walked a similar path.

#2 Mental Illness

Depressed man with therapist
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Talking openly and honestly about mental health is important, but it requires sensitivity and understanding. It’s important to remember that mental illness manifests differently in each person. Without firsthand experience, it can be challenging to fully understand the daily struggles and triumphs individuals face.

#3 Addiction

Drug Addict
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Addiction is a complex disease, not a personal choice. While many may have heard stories or seen portrayals of addiction, only those who have battled it themselves can truly understand the powerful grip it can have on one’s life and the immense challenges involved in breaking free and staying in recovery.

#4 Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss

Pregnant woman and man in hospital
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The emotional toll of miscarriage and pregnancy loss is profound and often comes with feelings of grief, isolation, and unanswered questions. While friends and family can offer support, they may not be able to truly understand the unique emotions and challenges faced by parents.

#5 Poverty

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Living in poverty is about more than just financial limitations. It’s a complex web of challenges that impact every aspect of daily life, from accessing healthcare and education to securing reliable housing and food. Only those who have lived in poverty can truly understand the constant stress, insecurity, and lack of opportunities that come with it.

#6 Discrimination

Bullied boy feeling ashamed, depressed by classmates mockery, verbal abuse. Teens, Kids, Children. Bully.
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While we can all strive to be allies and fight against discrimination, fully understanding the extensive and sinister nature of prejudice based on race, gender, sexuality, or other identity factors needs firsthand experience. Did you know that witnessing or experiencing discrimination can leave lasting scars?

#7 Chronic Illness

Male patient in hospital
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Chronic illnesses are long-term conditions that come with their own set of challenges, from managing daily symptoms and medication to navigating the healthcare system and facing uncertainties about the future. Only those who live with chronic illnesses can truly understand the daily adjustments, anxieties, and moments of resilience that come with them.

#8 Parenting

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The joys and challenges of raising children are unique to each family and individual experience. While many may have preconceived notions or expectations, only those who have been parents can truly understand the emotional rollercoaster, the unconditional love, and the immense responsibility that comes with raising another human being.

#9 War

Lukyanivka, Ukraine: 25 March 2022: destroyed russian military vehicle
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Veterans carry unique experiences and insights from their time in service. The realities of war, the camaraderie built in difficult situations, and the invisible scars that can remain long after returning home are often difficult for others to fully understand.

#10 Immigration and Refugee Experiences

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Adapting to a new culture, language, and way of life can be incredibly challenging for immigrants and refugees. The adjustments required, from navigating bureaucratic processes to facing cultural and social barriers, are often only understood by people who have gone through the same experience.

#11 Incarceration

Prisoner in Jail
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The justice system and its impact can be difficult to fully grasp without experiencing it firsthand. Those who have been incarcerated have unique insights into the realities of the system, the challenges of reintegration, and the lasting effects it can have on their lives.

#12 Disability

Side view of senior disabled old man sitting in wheelchair on street
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Living with a disability presents unique challenges and perspectives that can only be truly understood by those who experience them firsthand. From navigating physical barriers to overcoming societal expectations and discrimination, individuals with disabilities face daily hurdles that may not be readily apparent to others.

#13 Trauma

Sad Woman Sitting on a Bed
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The effects of trauma, whether from a natural disaster, accident, or other event, are deeply personal and can leave lasting emotional and psychological scars. While others may offer support and understanding, only those who have experienced trauma can fully comprehend the individual journey of healing and the ongoing effects it can have on their lives.

#14 Abuse

child abuse
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Discussing the topic of abuse requires immense care and compassion. It’s crucial to remember that the long-lasting effects of abuse, both psychological and physical, can be deeply personal and difficult to comprehend for those who haven’t experienced it firsthand. The survivor’s journey of healing is unique and requires a supportive and understanding environment.

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